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Last Updated on April 8, 2016

What is success to you? For many it’s having more; more money, more cars, bigger houses, things you don’t need and so on. The problem with this is having more doesn’t mean you’ve got success or are going to see success, this is down to the simple fact that quality beats quantity every time.

As a human being you’ve only got so much mental capacity and physical ability to do a number of things effectively but the problem arises when we are tasked with letting go of a task or duty. If you’re passionate about something or feel the personal need to do something it inevitably becomes hard to let go – business owners and entrepreneurs are the prime example of this problem.

When a company expands or needs to expand the owner/entrepreneur will be faced with a dilemma; do they hire staff and hand over duties or do they hire staff but keep the same duties for themselves. The company is the owner’s baby so making any sort of decision that takes them out of full control is going to be a very hard ask, they’ll probably be very undecided too.

In order to be successful in the future with professional or personal projects you need to realise that you need to shut off those other desires that will inevitably take you down a different path. These desires and distractions are just the by-product of taking on too much and refusing to let go, you can’t put your full focus into one project as you’ll have the tendency to mental wonder.

Letting go however can be easy, here are 4 tips to try out when you begin to find it difficult:

Saving Time & Energy

Being a business owner or entrepreneur will generally mean one universal thing – you’ll be working long hours & working hard too. When you have a lot of responsibilities you tend to get into the process of finding any free time you may have and giving yourself a task to complete.

I’m sure this won’t be the first time you’ve heard it as it’s been widely recommended and proven to be true but you need to rest and relax. Resting your mind for a day can do wonders for productivity for the week ahead as the clouding for judgement and creativity is caused by long periods of work without rest. You brain can only sustain 90 minutes of work before it needs a break, powering through work or projects will only lead to mistakes and problems further into the task.

Focus your productivity in 90 minute cycles, set an alarm and ensure you stick to you. Go for a walk or complete a simple task as these are the things that give your brain the rest it needs to maintain productivity throughout the day.

Delegation is Success

As a manager, business owner or entrepreneur you were probably the person that did everything at the beginning; answer phones, arranged meetings, completed sales, made coffee, completed the accounting and so on. To be the best owner or manager you need to remember that as the company grows your ability to let go should too, you competency to do all of these tasks will slowly deteriorate and this is fine because realistically the people who will be taking on those tasks are going to be much more competent at completing these tasks.

Success is driven by having the right people around you, delegating tasks from a manager’s point of view may be difficult but in the long run you’ll have the right people around you to fully grasp the task and take it further then you ever could.

You Can Do Anything, Just Not Everything

Having that hunger for success is great, however that same drive and determination can in fact be the reason you never reach that success you’re after. This hunger is generally what drives you need to learn new processes that may bring wealth and happiness to you, these are all new avenues and directions that you’re opening but not entirely focusing on.

Without focus these tasks will just become a never ending list, you won’t be striving for the best in them all and after a while you’ve gone from constant progression with every task to ‘just get it done’.

Planning out what you truly want to achieve and having a step by step action plan will give you the direction you’re seeking but it will also allow you to fully focus your time and energy into one task – ultimately increasing the potential for success in the long run.

Create Solutions for Yourself

A business is a creator of solutions for a customer’s problems, that’s business 101, but we always seem to forget to create solutions for ourselves. The most stressed out people have the inability to construct or find a plausible solution that will in all eventualities make life easier for them.

If you can see a weakness in your approach for one task search the internet or download an app, find something that will construct this solution you undeniably need. 37 Signals is a great example of this methodology, the majority of their products they sell to the public have been constructed because they needed a solution for their in-house problems.

Little things like getting a telephone answering service for automation purposes can do wonders for your stress levels and productivity. The important thing to remember is that many duties you carry out in the beginning are all mundane but build up to cause stress and take focus away from the bigger tasks and needs of your company.

Take into consideration all of these points, think about how bad you are with letting go as many of us fail to realise that we have this ‘problem’. We create businesses, services and products to simplify the world for our customers however we fail to realise that we need to do it for ourselves. Time is our biggest asset and it’s one thing we can’t get back, this itself should drive your desire to make life easy and let go of duties and tasks in the long run.

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