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Last Updated on April 18, 2021

You might have heard recently that Facebook has gone wild with the privacy issues. Facebook is plain evil, they now allow third parties to get your information with no strings attached. While its the second most visited site on the planet, the reputation of Facebook is going down. More and more people want to jump off the facebook ship and find a more secure alternative. I personally want to leave, because I feel like i am being taken advantage of.

Facebook is making money of me and my personal info, like I’m their little puppet. This is just plain crazy and scary. Just like Myspace died, soon Facebook will too. The only way facebook can keep all its users is if they give us back the privacy rights. Also i would like to give you a glimpse of what CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks of us. With Facebook’s current valuation, the investors should be thinking about replacing him. This doesn’t help Facebook’s public image at all.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. Facebook helps me stay connected to my friends and family, which is extremely important. I acknowledge that Facebook is privately owned, so they can do what they want and don’t have to answer to shareholders. I honestly feel that they should respond to us and give us more options. We are all the people that made Facebook successful, but we can also all destroy it and leave it behind. So if you’re sick and tired of Facebook, and are willing to switch, we got some great alternatives.

1. Brightkite – is a simple way to keep up with friends and places. We created a product that lets you instantly see what’s going on with the people who matter most to you, your friends. So check out what they’re up to, meet new friends along the way and get out and enjoy your neighborhoods.

2. Friendfeed – is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends. Its very similar to twitter and the downside is that its owned by Facebook.

3. Jaiku – brings people closer together by enabling them to have conversations. It offers a way to connect with the people you care about by sharing updates with them on the Web, IM, and SMS – as well as through third-party applications built by other developers using the Jaiku API.

4. 12seconds – is the best place online for video status updates. It’s a super easy way to share what you’re doing with your friends and family using short video clips. You can use your web cam or mobile phone. Show your friends where you are, share your thoughts, or tell them how you’re doing. Something different, but worth a try.

5. Dailybooth – Document and share your life with others. Get real time updates on what your friends and family are doing every day. A fun social network that shows what you’re doing, but with pictures.

6. Plurk – A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life in deliciously digestible chunks. Low in fat, 5 calories per serving, yet chock full of goodness. A very different and cool approach for social networking.

7. Bebo – It is your life online — a social experience that helps you discover what’s going on with your world and helps the world discover what’s going on with you. Bebo combines community, self-expression and entertainment, enabling you to consume, create, discover, curate and share digital content in entirely new ways. Is owned by AOL and is steadily rising in popularity.

8. Friendster – With more than 115 million members worldwide, Friendster is a leading global online social network. Friendster is focused on helping people stay in touch with friends and discover new people and things that are important to them. Friendster is one of the best sites that allow people to meaningfully participate with others in exciting and fun ways.

9. Hi5 orkut- is a global destination where young people meet and play. As the world’s largest social entertainment destination, our focus is on delivering a fun, interactive, and immersive social experience online to our users around the world.

10. Ordiasporakut – makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts. You can also create and join a wide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old school mates or even exchange your favorite recipes. Is owned by Google, and is very similar to Facebook.

11. Diaspora – will be launching soon, and is looking like the next Facebook. Its a new social networking startup taking aim at Facebook. Check out more info about it at techcrunch.

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Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, were not included in this roundup for a reason, in case you were wondering.

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