Leo and Libra Love Compatibility


And there’s that idea that falling for someone—the other—is also about falling in love with yourself. Leo and Libra find in each other the adoring gaze of the beloved. Each sees in the mirror of the other, a master/mistress of appearances, and the conclusion is, “you’re gorgeous!”

Libra and Leo

  • Leo is impressed by Libra’s easy charm and aura of popularity and enjoys the ego boost of having Venusian eye candy by their side. Both are social signs which get up to a lot of fun together! Flirting and being admired widely, solo and as a pair can be an aphrodisiac. They’re both signs that look intently for approving eyes. If this need for affirmation isn’t over-the-top, Leo and Libra understand this and dole out just the right amount of compliments.
  • Libra is dazzled by the leonine self-confidence, secretly admiring the certainty with which Leo speaks. Their dates are exciting, a sampling of luxuries and high-spirited play. Leo and Libra walk arm-in-arm, both turning to see their reflection in the shop window—but will they see the obstacles ahead?
  • Leo in Love is proud, jealous and demanding of respect.
  • Libra in Love is gracious, sensitive to reactions and extroverted. 

Royal and Iron Fist in Velvet Glove

Leo and Libra are both different elements and different qualities—in astrology, this makes them inconjunct. It can be hard to understand each other and get in synch. Leo as a fixed sign can be very firm (a.k.a. stubborn) in their opinions. This is foreign to Libra, who is always pushing the envelope, as more info comes in. Leo is stubborn, to Libra’s sometimes over-willingness to compromise.

Friction comes up because of mental differences, with Libra the synthesizer of ideas, and Leo more firmly fixed (a.k.a. dogmatic) in their thinking. Libra may feel consistently thwarted in their effort to balance and harmonize, which robs them of the way they feel confident.

Leo rules and was born to express the self-unrestricted, and Libra’s effort to find the happy compromise may seem threatening or tedious. Libra’s partnership model, one of shared power and vision, intrudes on Leo’s need to shine as a bright singular entity.

Leo and Libra are popular people, together creating a large social network and throwing fun parties. They’ll never complain that the other made them look bad in public. Libra supports the creative spark in Leo and offers inspiring feedback that has priceless clarity. Leo knows the value of a partner with such obvious charms and admires Libra’s ability to direct the show by guiding the flow of ideas.

But Libra will have to live with a less than perfect peace, somehow absorbing Lion’s bluster without growing resentful. And Leo has to find ways to satisfy the Libran need for mental harmonizing, without raging over the constant disruption of Selfhood. The bottom line is, once you get past the surface glamor and mutual respect, it’s an awkward fit that will take an effort to keep from imploding.

Compatibility of Leo and Libra

If you’ve got juicy love chemistry, check other harmonies, like the Moon or Venus. There are some notable long-term Leo-Libra romances, like former President Jimmy Carter (Libra) and Rosalyn Carter (Leo). Both signs like their love life to be dignified and a union to be more than the sum of its parts.

  • Leo and Libra Upside: bons vivants; stylish pair; love luxury and leisure time; creative gifts; ardent lovers; art appreciators; wide social circle.
  • Leo and Libra Downside: instinct (Leo) and intellect (Libra); showy and overly dramatic; extravagant.
  • Element and Quality Fixed Fire (Leo) and Cardinal Air (Libra)

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