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If you were born between October 19 and 26, you’re on the Cusp of Drama and Criticism. This Libra-Scorpio cusp is a powerful place to be. You have the dramatic personality of a Libra combined with the statement-making authenticity of a Scorpio. In other words, you give life everything, and you don’t hold back.

You’re a communicator, but you have no filter. You’re not afraid to be honest even if your openness gets you in trouble.

Your critical nature isn’t as negative as it sounds. Someone on the Libra-Scorpio cusp is simply observant and analytical. You’re so good at reasoning that you can’t stop yourself from explaining your views even if they might hurt someone’s feelings.

Behind your strong judgments is a sharp mind. People seek you out for your straightforward perspective. Beyond that, others are attracted to you because you’re so powerful and appealing even though you’re completely unconventional.

Living on the Libra-Scorpio cusp can be intense. Awakening to and accepting your truth can help you harness the energy of the zodiac in a way that propels you on a meaningful journey.

Libra and Scorpio Share Forceful Traits

The Libra is dramatic and is motivated by attention. The Scorpio, whose zodiac symbol is the scorpion, can sting. Together, those qualities can bowl people over before they have a chance to blink.

You’re not afraid to say what you think. You don’t intend to be hurtful, but you can’t hide your thoughts. The more strongly you feel about a situation, the more likely you are to put in your two cents. You have a deep sense of morality and justice, and if you witness inequity, you’re going to say something about it.

Libras and Scorpios are both emotional. Libras are in tune with their deepest desires but sometimes allow their need to please others to dictate their actions. Scorpios are guided by their emotions. Their passion can be intimidating, but they often cover it up with logic.

Being born on the cusp, you are likely to listen closely to your feelings. You might even respond strongly to certain emotions before you have time to let your mind catch up.

Learn How To Speak The Truth Constructively

The fact that you speak the truth makes you unique. Most people have self-defense, fear or compassion mechanisms that prevent them from saying exactly what’s on their minds. The fact that you don’t censor yourself makes you appear beyond confident. You’re charismatic to the point of being intimidating.

Your loved ones know that they can come to you to get your honest perspective. Your opinions may sting others, but if they really know you, they understand that you’re not trying to hurt them. It just so happens that life doesn’t always feed people what they want to hear. You have a charming way of bringing clarity to the hurdles that people are facing and doling out tough-love advice.

If your criticism isn’t dealt out with a healthy dollop of kindness, though, it could come across as cold. You can stir up drama in your effort to be straightforward.

Don’t Lie To Yourself

Although your honesty seems to be your superpower, you don’t always apply it to yourself. In a world where your ego reigns superior, you might neglect to use the same observational mind when it comes to your own traits and actions.

You’re wary of others, and you become jealous easily. If you let envy rule your life, you won’t live authentically.

Have you ever taken a certain action in response to your jealousy? Maybe you’ve said something that you shouldn’t have. Maybe you’ve ended a relationship. In either case, you may have lied to yourself about what you really wanted because your ego was offended.

You don’t always trust yourself, and this can make you ignore your intuition. But your gut feelings are usually more accurate than the thoughts that come from your ego brain. Practice paying attention to those deep inner desires instead of staying detached from yourself.

Water And Air Create Hurricanes

Water and air, beauty and beast—these are both polarities of the Libra-Scorpio cusp. Regarding your guiding elements, you have the Scorpio water combined with the Libra air. When these fuel each other, they create storms.

You don’t do much quietly unless you’re deliberately trying to be sneaky or manipulative. You like to let your presence be known.

Like a hurricane, you may pass through quickly without causing destruction, or you might damage things in your path. If you’re surrounded by people who support you, you’ll often pick them up and pull them under your wing as you breeze through life. When you come across adversaries, you might dredge up some tornadoes to keep them in their place.

Blending your opposite natures can be a struggle. Sometimes, your head takes over when your heart should be leading, and vice versa. When your logic and reason can’t cooperate, you tend to feel off, and you might isolate yourself even though you’re normally quite social.

This can cause the Libra in you to become complacent. Some say that Libras have a tendency to be lazy. That’s inaccurate, though. You only fall into inaction when you’re feeling indecisive.

So when your Scorpio and Libra qualities are battling one another, you can feel hesitant to move in one direction or another. Detaching yourself from others can be helpful during these times because it allows you to turn inward and explore your deep-seated needs.

Just make sure that you don’t form unwavering opinions while you’re in this mode, or self-care could turn into self-destruction. You can be especially critical of yourself. Conversely, connecting with others allows you to see the positive sides of yourself, and that reassurance motivates you to stay out of hiding.

The Libra-Scorpio Cusp Must Blend Determination With Compassion

Determination is in your nature. You can be bossy and competitive because you know what you want. This powerful characteristic helps you succeed in almost every situation.

Scorpio skill makes you excel at almost everything that you do. People don’t always recognize how capable you can be because you seem so flamboyant and fiery on the outside. These qualities make you insanely attractive and charismatic, but they don’t change the fact that you’re incredibly intellectual and talented.

You’re independent, and you don’t always realize that you need interpersonal connection because you can thrive on your own. Don’t let this attitude impair your ability to make friends and find lovers.

If you can focus on your heart center as you move through life, you’ll be less likely to have reactionary responses when you feel threatened. You can use your ability to magnetize people in a more sincere way, creating solid connections with others who are as passionate as you.

Instead of letting jealousy and suspicion bring up angry feelings, focus on expressing love when you’re feeling volatile. You’ll find that it allows you to speak your truth constructively. You’ll burn fewer bridges and bring on more accomplices. With your fervor and ambition, you can use this support to change the world.

The Libra-Scorpio Cusp In Love

Part of your appeal is your utter sexiness. This has nothing to do with the way that you look. You exude sex appeal whether or not you try.

Romantic and sensual, you may let your sensuality lead the way in relationships. Although this can bring you great satisfaction, it can also lead you to pair up with a partner who might not be ideal for you from a practical point of view.

When you’re not feeling good in a relationship, you tend to pick it apart. This, combined with your inability to hide your feelings, can quickly sour a partnership. When you’re less cynical and dictatorial, you can listen to your partner’s needs better and come to a resolution instead of running the show.

Let Go To Bring More Spontaneity Into Your Life

Although you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go after it, you may be a bit of a perfectionist. Because you’re so intuitive, you can recognize when it may benefit you to veer from your path. Your ego might try to prevent you from taking a detour, but let your instincts drive you from time to time.

Life can be messy. Allowing some chaos instead of driving toward precision can let you chill out a bit. Imagine how whimsical and fun life could be if you let go.

This involves relinquishing past stories that have limited your ability to move forward. At times, renouncing your strong opinions can clue you in to a new way of being that you may never have considered. You’re not afraid to take on new experiences. Therefore, allow yourself to stray from your own dominating ways to see what magic you might bring in.

Success is a given for you. With your motivation and communicative spirit, you’re a great leader, teacher and facilitator. You work well with others as long as you’re in a directorial position. You don’t need to focus on this area of your life because it will happen naturally.

Therefore, allow yourself to go with the flow. When you follow your instincts and let other people and points of view into your bubble, you’ll be amazed at how completely fulfilling life can be.

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