Living and Working Healthy: How Does Health Affect Your Performance at Work?


Last Updated on November 26, 2021

You may be intelligent and hardworking, but if you are unhealthy, you cannot fulfill your job. Work needs dedication and your full attention. Nonstop work negatively affects long-term health as much as poor health conditions affect your performance at work. Life isn’t meant to be all about work. You must maintain a balance

What happens when your health is in poor condition?

When your body is not in its best condition, you can get sick easily. Colds, cough, and fevers are among the most common sicknesses you can acquire if you have a weak immune system. There are times when you cannot even get up and prepare, making it hard to report for work.

You being sick could result in used up sick leaves, which are limited depending on company’s policies. Your workload would also tend to pile up every time you return to work.

You are given enough time to do a specific task, but you just can’t finish it on time. Instead of allotting your full attention to doing your assigned work, you devote it to addressing concerns such as blowing your nose when you have colds or frequently going to the restroom when you have an upset stomach. Aside from this affecting you physically throughout the day, these inconveniences are also time-consuming and can be a lot of hassle.

Work should be your top priority once you enter the office, but it’s hard to do so when you have other things inside your head. You may find it difficult to concentrate on your work because you are simultaneously dealing with your health issues. Also, when you suspect that it’s something more serious, you tend to over think and lose focus on what you should be doing at the moment.

The quality of work is compromised when you have health issues to be concerned about. You produce half-baked results because your condition hinders you to do it to the best of your efforts. It’s not that you’re bored or you don’t want to do it; it’s just that you physically cannot.

What should you do to be healthier?


Stop munching on junk food every break time, and incorporate fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. Eat freshly prepared meals rather than sticking to fast food regardless of how convenient it might be. Food with high salt and MSG content can harm your body in the long run, so staying away from them is necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Prepare a hearty breakfast. You need energy to help you survive throughout the day, and eating the most important meal is what you need. Eggs, oats, sausages, and bacon paired with milk or coffee are also popular  energy sources, so having them on your table is a must.

  • Don’t go on a crash diet

You may have gained a few pounds since you started working, but crash diets are ineffective and will only deprive you of the right calories and nutrients your body needs. Starving yourself is not the solution to achieving your dream weight and size. Skipping meals will only unlock more illnesses if you submit yourself to this kind of diet. There are plenty of healthier and more effective regimens out there, such as meal replacement shakes, so you can lose weight without sacrificing nutrition.

There’s no better way of recharging than getting the proper rest that you need. Sleep at least six hours a day to boost your energy. Getting enough rest is essential to your mind and body.

Proper diet should be coupled with exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body. It also helps you release stress brought by work. Regular exercise, from brisk walking to using gym equipment, helps decrease the risk of developing heart ailments and strengthens your immune system.

Sitting all day in front of a computer can give you back pain and wrist injury if not taken care of properly. Do not slouch, sit up straight, and make sure that the office furniture you are using is ergonomically designed. To reduce back pain, take regular breaks and stand up or walk. Take a small break every 45 minutes or so.

When you think positive and maintain a happy disposition in life, you tend to be more relaxed and comfortable. Feeling good about yourself fights stress, and thus prevents diseases from developing further. Happiness radiates from within, making you more physically fit and leaves you feeling better with your appearance.

You should never sacrifice health for work because it will only take a toll on your performance.

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