Looking For The Best Magento Form Builders? We’ve Got You Covered


Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Forms are one of the most important parts of your e-commerce site. Today, we’re looking at the best form builders for Magento.

If you run an e-commerce site on the Magento 2 platform, then you’re going to need a good form builder. While you could spend hours custom-coding them, this usually ends up in time being wasted, and can also cause unwanted bugs if you’re not experienced in writing a form builder.


Why Third-Party Form Builders?

A third-party form builder is an extension that works with your Magento 2 platform and allows you to create custom forms. Forms are an essential part of e-commerce since they allow you to capture user data. Customers will use them to sign up for newsletters, put in their payment data, and contact you with complaints and questions.

If you want your visitors to fill out the forms, then you need to make them attractive and intuitive. That’s where a good third-party form builder comes in handy. They automate the process and create great custom forms based on your preferences.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best Magento form builders on the market.


Amasty Custom Form ($189 / $489)

Amasty’s Custom Form extension is one of the highest-rated form builders for Magento. However, it’s also the most expensive ($189 for community, and $489 for enterprise). The user interface is great, though, and it allows you to create multiple forms within seconds. You can even collect customer info each time that they fill out the form which is great if you’re performing a business analysis in the future. The primary selling point of Custom Form is its usability and simplicity. You don’t have to read a manual to figure out how to use this one.


NextBits Form Builder ($39)

If you want a great product at an even better deal, then NextBits Form Builder is a solid choice. At just $39 (plus a $19 fee), you can be making your own custom forms in minutes. This extension offers unlimited forms with unlimited fields. You can also upgrade the program for free anytime that you want.


Ves Form Builder ($99)

If you like drag-and-drop style form builders then the Ves Form Builder is a great option for you. It’s $40 more than the NextBits Form Builder, but some would argue that the ease of being able to drag each form item into a virtual box makes it worth the price. The Ves Form Builder also allows for multiple input types such as Google maps, subscriptions, multiple choice answers, and more.


MageMe WebForms Pro ($99)

MageMe WebForms Pro is a really decent form builder. The nice thing about this product is that it’s almost completely bug-free. The developers wrote this program with ease-of-use and user compatibility in mind. It’s also been around for a long time which means that its best Magento form builders in terms of getting community support or help should you need it.


Ghuwad Free Form Builder (Free)

If you’re looking for something that’s simple and sweet, then the Ghuwad Free Formbuilder is a great option. One of the most attractive features is that it’s 100% free with no hidden fees. However, it doesn’t have any advanced functionality. Your forms will be functional, but they’ll be pretty bland.

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