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If you’re a Sagittarius man, you probably don’t need someone to tell you that you’re an easygoing guy with a generally positive outlook. You can take on a lot. In fact, you blossom when you’re having a wild adventure. That could be a skydiving excursion or an exhilarating love affair.

It’s not easy for you to feel settled, and you don’t want to. No one can pin you down.

You’re willing to take risks, but that’s mainly because everything seems to work out for you in the end. Challenging situations become adventurous quests in your eyes. There’s nothing that you can’t handle.

Your Spontaneity Rules Your Life

The Sagittarius man is self-sufficient. Independent and free, you make decisions based on your current desires. That can change in an instant, driving you down a completely different road.

This quality attracts others to you. It’s fun to hang out with you because you’re always ready for a new experience, and you can get folks who are more cautious to break out of their shell. Most adults are taught to swap play for responsibility as they get older, but you’re not a rule follower. Entertainment and indulgence keep you young at heart.

Some people may call you unreliable, and that offends you. (You hate being insulted).

You’re well-meaning, and you care deeply about people; you’re just a little unpredictable. If something comes up that seems more meaningful, fun or exciting than the status quo, you’re eager to switch gears.

You’re glad to drag those who care about you along. However, if they’re not ready for a big adventure, you could leave them in the dust.

You’re One Of The Most Honest People

Brutal honesty is one of your best qualities, but it can make you a little awkward. You love people and are very social, but you don’t sugarcoat things. Therefore, you might let your thoughts slip out without considering whether they’ll hurt someone. Unfortunately, you can’t take back what you say, and you may end up insulting those around you without meaning to be cruel.

Your honesty makes you a great friend, though. You don’t play games or beat around the bush. You tell it like it is. Suspicion and deception are not factors in a relationship with you because you’re wide open.

If you’re friends with a Sagittarius man, you should value his opinion. He can help you decide what to wear or what to do with your life. Just don’t ask him whether those pants make your hips look big if you aren’t ready to change your outfit.

What Does The Sagittarius Man Like And Dislike?

You have the passionate, intense element of fire on your side. With Jupiter as your ruling planet, you have plenty of good fortune. This makes you optimistic even when you’re in situations that others might view as negative. It also leads you to lead a more precarious life than the average person. You’re the type of guy who lives on the edge.


  • Travel
  • Speed
  • Risk
  • Entertaining
  • Animals


  • Feeling stuck
  • Being forced to do something
  • Deception
  • Insults
  • Obligation

The Sagittarius Man Is Friendly And Flirty

The Sagittarian’s charm is another valuable quality. He can make conversation with his seatmate on the bus or the cranky teller at the bank. He’s not in a rush to get through the checkout line and will likely strike up a dialogue with the cashier.

If this describes you, you’re probably aware that this can help you get ahead in life. From networking opportunities to rare discounts on your shopping excursions, you often walk away from an encounter with something that makes your day a little brighter. You also cheer up the people who interact with you with your gleaming smile.

Men who are in relationships should know that this trait can get them in trouble. Your significant other might think that you’re flirting with other people when you’re really just trying to make them feel at ease.

You’re not one to cheat on your lover, but you might not commit so that you can keep your options open. If you’re dating other people, you won’t hide it from your partner. If you are in a monogamous relationship, your flirting is completely harmless.

Your socially awkward friends love hanging out with you because you make them feel like conversationalists. You know the right questions to ask to engage them. If they accompany you to a party, you break the ice. You’re not an attention hog, though. You’ll bring everyone into the conversation to make them feel heard.

You’re A Hunter

The symbol of the Sagittarius is the archer. When this glyph is depicted, it is usually pointing skyward. This indicates that you’re constantly searching for higher spiritual ideals.

Your head isn’t in the clouds, though. You pursue your objectives in the real world. You enjoy anything that enhances your physical energy. Therefore, you’re often playing sports, hiking or doing activities that involve moving your body.

The Sagittarius man is usually on the hunt for something to keep him stimulated. He gets restless when surrounded by dull people or run-of-the-mill happenings.

He doesn’t favor physical experiences at the expense of his intellect, though. He’s highly inquisitive. He would just rather learn about the world by doing things firsthand. He’s an optimistic learner and is hungry to broaden his horizons.

You Chase Romance

When it comes to romance, the Sagittarius man never backs down from a good chase. He will often overlook the potential partners who are right in front of him so that he can track down a moving target. This can leave him disappointed in love. He might go after someone who isn’t right for him just because he loves the thrill of the pursuit.

He isn’t against being in a committed relationship. This guy is not afraid of marriage; he is terrified of feeling smothered.

He understands that marriage is a cultural norm, and he’s willing to adapt to societal customs because they balance out his seeming recklessness. He would love a partner to share his life with. But that means that his companions need to keep up with him.

If you’re interested in a Sagittarius man, you have two options to keep him satisfied. You can do your own thing, or you can go along with him.

He appreciates dating people who have their own passionate interests. He might even learn something new from someone like that. The Sagittarius man also likes being in the lead. As long as you say “yes” to his lofty ideas, he’s glad to whisk you away.

What he doesn’t like is feeling like he has to conform to your way of being. If you’re decidedly different from him, that’s cool. Just don’t expect him to change himself for you.

He might—he is keen about trying on new personas and testing the waters of transformation. But if he feels like you’re trying to modify him into something that he’s not, he will resist.

Who Is Compatible With The Sagittarius Man?

It seems like this guy might be tough to date or bring home to your mother. Will he ever slow down long enough to show devotion to one person?

The male Sagittarius does become entranced with other captivating individuals. The Aries is equally as adventurous as the Sagittarius. Both of these zodiac signs find it hard to sit still, and they make a great team together because they will never try to hold the other one down.

Dating an Aries will actually keep a Sagittarius on his toes. The Aries lover has such a strong, competitive personality that he or she will encourage the Sagittarius to keep up. That’s intriguing to the Sagittarius, who is used to being in the lead. As long as the Aries doesn’t try to restrict the Sagittarius in any way, they can have a beautiful relationship that’s based on testing boundaries and exploring themselves and their connection with the world.

A Libra might also be a great partner for the Sagittarius man. Eager to please, the Libra will go along with the Sagittarian’s whims. Libras can also hold their own in social settings and will not have to be entertained by their partner.

If you’re a Sagittarius man, dating a Libra can bring you balance without making you feel confined. The Libra might encourage you to take a breath and explore your inner strengths as well as the exhilarating opportunities that surround you. Dating someone with this zodiac sign can help you become more well-rounded.

You Favor Change

The Sagittarius man isn’t averse to change, however. Sagittarius is a mutable sign. This means that these people go with the flow. They’re not very stubborn, and they don’t hold fast to any ideal.

This is true for the Sagittarius. The one constant in this man’s life is the desire for change. That seems contradictory, but he feels most stable when things are quite volatile.

The advantages of being so flexible are that this guy can adapt to any circumstance successfully. He might even try to take the lead in situations that are totally new to him. He can also be friends with various types of people and hold down a variety of jobs.

When does this personality trait get in the way? When he uses it to try to please people.

He can lose himself by playing into what other people want instead of holding strong to his wants and needs. He usually realizes his mistake when he starts to feel restricted, and he’ll break free and search for something new.

This can also be a disadvantage when he stretches himself thin. His multiple activities, friends and projects compete for his attention. The Sagittarius man is so driven to seek out novelty that he might flit from one thing to another without delving deep.

Look For A Creative, Challenging Job

Because the Sagittarius is idealistic and trustworthy, he’s a great addition to any team. He is a creative thinker, but that doesn’t mean that he should restrict himself to a career in the arts. Any job that requires him to think on his feet and come up with new ideas is perfect for him. It’s a bonus if the position allows him to travel, work an unconventional schedule or do something different every day.

The Sagittarius man loves to learn, and he’s good at sharing his knowledge. Working as a teacher would be fun for him because his daily routine would vary. He would also be an exceptional coach for a sports team.

What this guy might want to look for is a variety of seasonal jobs. Heading to the mountains to teach skiing in the winters would be great if he could spend his summers as a sailing instructor on the coast. He is likely to start his own business if the opportunities available through other jobs don’t meet his needs.

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