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What do you get when fiery aggression meets shy sensitivity? When Mars is in Cancer, all bets are off as water and fire create a sizzling, sensitive woman. From fierce protector to moody creative, there’s a lot to learn (and love) about Mars in Cancer women!

The Basic Concepts of Astrology

Since ancient times, humans searched the skies for answers to the questions they could not answer. Creation stories, explanations for natural events, and even heroic myths revolve around the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets.

People from all cultures around the world can tell a story tied to at least one celestial body. These stories gave way to astrology; the study of how shifts in the alignment of celestial bodies affect life and events on Earth.

For some, astrology involves a sign of the Zodiac and brief horoscopes. However, for astrologists, it generally consists of a lot more.

A Brief Astrological Glossary

Astrology focuses on energy from celestial bodies. Each of the celestial bodies affects a different aspect of our lives.

The Zodiac

One of the most popular aspects of astrology is the Zodiac, but there are many misconceptions about what it is. The Zodiac refers to a section of the sky that mimics the path of the Sun over a year.

Astrologists study the specific part of the sky at a certain time, usually a birthdate. They determine which stars and planets were most visible at that time to make their predictions.

Stars and Constellations

As the Earth rotates around the Sun, different stars and planets are more visible for set periods. When you think of your sign of the Zodiac, it means that your constellation, or sign, was most visible in that segment of the sky on your birth date.

A constellation is a grouping of stars that creates an imaginary picture. Usually, astrologists consider twelve constellations, known as the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These twelve signs remain visible for a set amount of time each year.

Your sign of the Zodiac is also known as your Sun sign. Astrologists believe that each sign has a broad personality profile with shared characteristics that can provide guidance.

The Moon

Every month, the Moon orbits the Earth one time. During that rotation, the Moon aligns with each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac for approximately two days.

The sign most visible at your precise time of birth is your Moon sign. Astrologists believe that Moon signs tell a lot about a person’s inner self, primarily their emotions and instincts.

The Planets

Planets are also celestial bodies that orbit the Sun, meaning they also move through the Zodiac. The inner Planets (Mercury, Mars, and Venus) move through the Zodiac faster than the outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

The Planets have unique effects on people, usually depending on their position at the time of your birth. However, the alignment of each Planet on a given day can also affect your behavior and reactions.

Digging Deeper on the Planets

Now you know that your sign of the Zodiac is only part of your astrological chart. Your Sun sign plays a big part in any astrological reading, but the Planets also affect you.

More specifically, the position of the Planets in relation to each other, the Sun, and the Moon affects you. Each Planet affects a different aspect of who you are.

The Inner Planets

Astrologists believe the inner Planets have a more profound effect on us because they move through the Zodiac faster. Each planet rules at least one sign of the Zodiac, but they affect people of every sign in some way.

  • Mercury rules over communication, reason, and intellect. It is associated with the signs of Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love, is appropriately associated with romance, beauty, money, and pleasure. It rules over Taurus and Libra.
  • Mars is fierce, aggressive, and bold like it’s namesake, the Roman god of war. Associated with the sign of Aries, Mars represents action and sex drive.

The Outer Planets

Though the impact of the outer planets is less frequent, it is usually on a larger scale. Astrologists attribute generational movements (like the Roaring ‘20s) to the outer Planets since they take several years to move through the Zodiac.

  • Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is often associated with abundance or optimism. This cheery, pleasant Planet rules over the sign of Sagittarius.
  • Saturn is associated with boundaries and life lessons. It rules over the sign of Capricorn.
  • Uranus is the planet of progress, originality, and often leads to the unexpected. It rules over the sign of Aquarius.
  • Neptune is all about intuition and dreams. Like it’s associated sign, Pisces, Neptune represents the dreamy, spiritual nature in people.
  • Pluto, though not always considered a Planet in some circles, affects transformations and the subconscious mind. It rules over the sign of Scorpio.

The Meaning of Mars in Cancer

Opposites collide when Mars is in Cancer. The blending of these two celestial bodies creates interesting energies.

Mars rules our most basic instincts, our animalistic side, including aggression and sexuality. Cancer is all about emotions and sensitivity. When you blend the fiery nature of Mars with the shyness of Cancer, you end up with passive-aggressiveness.

Cancers tend to back away from conflict, which tempers the natural instincts of Mars to jump on the offensive. However, the fierceness of Mars also stokes the natural emotions and protectiveness of Cancer.

Those born under Mars in Cancer are generally cautious and dependable, but some people may find them erratic and moody. They are fiercely protective of loved ones.

Understanding the Mars in Cancer Woman

Though Cancer tempers the aggressive nature of Mars, there’s still plenty of fire left in a Mars in Cancer woman. The energy of Mars in Cancer means this lady can accomplish a lot, and she’ll fight for her loved ones.

Mars in Cancer women are creative and passionate. They exude confidence and generally present as calm, though emotions bubble just under the surface. These ladies may be moody because of their intense feelings.

The Mars in Cancer Woman and Work

Work-from-home positions are ideal for a Mars in Cancer woman. The comfort and security of a cozy home office enhances productivity for this lady. It also allows her to avoid office conflict that would easily ruin her day.

Family Life for a Mars in Cancer Woman

Mars in Cancer women gain energy from their families. They love to nest and nurture their loved ones. These ladies build cozy homes where children flourish. Plan on home-cooked meals, family dinners, and movie nights.

When things are rocky on the home front, Mars in Cancer women really struggle. They are emotional and protective, so family troubles cause them emotional pain that they tend to internalize.

Loving a Mars in Cancer Woman

Mars in Cancer women often get a bad rap as being passive-aggressive, and that they may be, but there’s a lot more to the Mars-Cancer blend than that. Cancer mellows the brashness of Mars without extinguishing the steamy sex drive.

Cancers feel most comfortable at home. When you add in the fiery, hypersexual Mars, you get a sexy siren behind closed doors. No aspect of the home is off limits to the Mars in Cancer woman as she rules every inch of her house.

Remember, Cancers are natural nurturers, so as long as she feels safe and secure, you can expect some steamy love sessions. A Mars in Cancer woman will also give as good as she gets, so prepare for a marathon.

Best Matches for a Mars in Cancer Woman

Mars in Cancer women love sensitive partners. They seek a strong emotional attachment in romantic partners and need somebody who makes them feel safe and secure.

Love with a Venus in Cancer

Pairing a Mars in Cancer woman with a Venus in Cancer partner makes for a loving, romantic partnership and a healthy sex life. The couple may encounter some ups and downs with mood swings, but it is a generally positive pairing.

A Venus in Scorpio Partner

Talking about an exciting couple, a Mars in Cancer woman can find excitement and depth with a Venus in Scorpio partner. Though the flirtations may be subtle, the romantic energy sizzles between these two.

Pair Up with a Venus in Capricorn

Opposites attract when a Mars in Cancer woman pairs off with a Venus in Capricorn. If these two can find a balance between their closeness as a couple and individuality, their relationship will be vibrant and harmonious.

Mars in Cancer Woman: The Fierce Protector

Count yourself lucky if you have a Mars in Cancer woman in your inner circle. She makes for a loyal friend and lover, even if she’s a bit moody sometimes.

If you’re ever in trouble, a Mars in Cancer lady will do her best to bail you out. Just be sure to show your gratitude and return the favor!

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