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When you pair Mars and Capricorn together, you get a man who is both strong and driven. These men are not afraid to take whatever life throws at them and make something from it. Many might say that everything a Mars in Capricorn man touches turns to gold. Many don’t realize he sacrificed his morals to obtain that level of success.

The goal of this article is to help you understand how Mars impacts the Capricorn man and how this zodiac’s personality and behavioral traits affect the world.

Understanding a Mars in Capricorn Man Overall

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at some of his personality traits as a whole. Here they are:

  • He is fiercely competitive and will do whatever it takes to win
  • These men are not afraid to switch over to the dark side
  • While he is healthy and usually thin, he is not the most athletic person
  • Material gains may take center stage in his life
  • He possesses a powerful sex drive with constant lust
  • He is most compatible with a partner who likes being role-playing as the dominant one

He Has Questionable Morals

These men don’t often come from affluent backgrounds, so they need to push and shove their way to the top, and they usually end up there. They’re methodical with the steps they take, and it’s okay if someone knocks them down. They’ll get back up and work twice as hard, so no one ever gets the upper hand on them again.

Due to his extreme drive and unwillingness to fail, he will step on anyone’s toes if it means he comes out on the other side. These men do not view morality, like many others do. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “business is business,” that is how Mars in Capricorn men approach their lives.

They are not ashamed of what they want, and they will tell you directly and honestly, everything that is on their minds.

Once a Mars in Capricorn man achieves success is when their morals really come into play. These men may get involved in illegal activities such as gambling, drugs, and prostitution. They’re always chasing the next high and that bigger burst of adrenaline. You’ll often find him indulging in some of life’s most taboo luxuries.

He’s a Bit of a “Trickster”

If you try to confront a Mars in Capricorn man about something he did, good luck. He is cunning and charismatic enough to talk you out of it in a second. He’ll try to trick and con you into believing you are the one with the problem and that you shouldn’t dare try to blame him for it.

He has a knack for getting into people’s head, and some might label him a “master manipulator.” While many might see this as a negative trait, he sees it as quite the opposite because it’s an excellent way for the Mars in Capricorn man to get what he wants from his life.

If you really get under his skin, he will go out of his way to get back at you no matter the cost. He is a great example of what happens when you play with fire. This is especially true if you try to get in the way of his money or career success.

They Have a Strong Commitment to Nature

Interestingly enough, while he does engage in activities that some people would consider unacceptable, he is truly in touch with nature due to his Capricorn sign. These men are very in touch with the Earth, and they are usually talented with cooking, farming, and caring for animals. They enjoy the presence of animals and are likely to have a lot of land to share with pets.

Some might say that Mars in Capricorn men have a green thumb because they’re great at taking anything and turning it into something beautiful, whether it be vegetable gardens, flowers, or landscaping. These men are talented when no one tells them what to do.

Some May Call Him “Mr. Scrooge”

Scrooge is a great example of the Mars in Capricorn man. These men are usually sitting far away from the crowd, trying to keep whatever they’ve earned to themselves. Don’t expect to enter the home of this man and be greeted with a drink and hot meal because they’d prefer to keep it all to themselves.

That said, it might sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t always. These men are simply in touch with the ticking clock of life, and they try to conserve every last dollar, so they’re always prepared. If you can manage to work your way into the life of a Mars Capricorn man, he will take good care of you.

Once you win his heart, he’s sure to shower you with gifts, spend a lot of money on you, and make sure you always have what you need. The problem is, it’s not easy to get him to that point.

Sex, Drugs, and Promiscuity

One of the reasons people have a hard time getting any commitment from the Mars in Capricorn man is because of his lust. He is always lusting for the next arousal, and he’s not afraid to look elsewhere if you’re not providing it. These men are incredibly sexual, and they will show that sexuality to anyone. This can sometimes become a problem and come off as weird or even offensive.

He has little control over his urges, which leads to infidelity in relationships. Even if you do end up in a commitment with this man, he may objectify you and make you fulfill him with little concern over how you feel. You might find yourself constantly trying to sexually satisfy this man and getting nothing in return.

If he feels like you’re not meeting his expectations, he will kick you to the curb and happily move onto his next victim.

The ideal partner for a Mars in Capricorn man is someone who enjoys kinkiness, creativity and domineering in the bedroom. This man will take over and force you to do his bidding. Some people enjoy that type of behavior, and if that sounds like you, you’ll be right at home with this man.

His constant desire for thrill and excitement is what leads to this type of behavior. The feeling of euphoria is something he chases, so if he isn’t excited in the bedroom, that can lead to him abusing drugs and alcohol as well. These men are adrenaline junkies.

Financial Growth Take over This Man’s Life

The only thing that can get in the way of a Mars in Capricorn man’s time in the bedroom is the money in his wallet. He’ll happily give up sex for weeks if it means he has to spend a few extra hours a day at the office. He is an ambitious workaholic who will never let anything interfere with his chase for financial prosperity.

These men typically succeed more as business owners and independent contractors than they do as employees. They don’t listen well and will usually step into a leadership role from a young age and sit comfortably there.

We’ve said that Mars in Capricorn men will lie and cheat their way to the top, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If he can find a situation where there is a strong foundation to build on, he won’t have to push his morals aside to gain financial success.

Just keep in mind that the tables can turn in a second. If he sees an opportunity to get a leg up over someone, he will open the window and throw all his morals out there to die.

It’s All About Power

When we take a look at everything discussed so far, we realize quickly that it all comes from his desire to gain power over everyone. Whether it’s in the bedroom or at the office, the Mars in Capricorn man wants to be the strongest and most powerful person in the room at all times. Once he feels threatened or if someone has the skills to take something away from him, he does into defense mode.

Once he’s playing defense, he will do whatever it takes to prove that the other person isn’t better than him.

The same rules apply to the bedroom. You don’t have sex with a Mars in Capricorn man; he has sex with you. If you don’t enjoy being controlled, restrained, and even mistreated, then he will have a hard time feeling intimate with you.

Power is his ultimate aphrodisiac, and he doesn’t care how powerful you are as long as he has the majority.

After someone experiences sex with a Mars in Capricorn man, they often say that it’s not the same with anyone else. He’s likely had many relationships and sexual partners over the years, and he will compare each new partner to the last.

While this zodiac might be deceitful, morally crooked, and downright dangerous, he can be a great friend, lover, and partner if you treat him with respect and show him that you can be trusted.

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