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When a woman’s Mars is in Libra, she feels a strong attraction towards very charming men who have good manners and appealing looks. At the same time, Mars in Libra woman exudes an air of warmth and elegance. She is a highly successful multitasker with the ability to wow a room. Learning more about a Mars in Libra woman can only benefit those who are in her presence.

Mars in Libra Woman: An Overview

A Mars in Libra can look at any situation or person and find something beautiful. To her, even the dimmest of circumstances can bring about something good, and she’ll be the one to see it first and help everyone else understand.

This woman’s general personality showcases an artistic, warm, and romantic. She dreams of the notion of her ultimate Prince Charming swooping in and whisking her away to her fairytale ending. And, of course, he’s the most handsome of all the men in the land.

She makes for an excellent partner, too. A Mars in Libra woman will tend to her lover’s needs, doing her best to anticipate them before they arise. Her constant attentiveness is an attractive quality that many find appealing and inviting.

Despite her fairytale daydreams, a Mars in Libra woman can be very content and even happy on her own. When she finds contentedness in solitude, she is at her most confident. Ironically, it’s these times that tend to make her most desirable to men.

A Mars in Libra has one main deal breaker when it comes to a relationship: her man must be utterly attractive and must take care of himself and take pride in his appearance. Anyone else means nothing to her.

Though her focus on physical appearance can make her sound shallow, this type of woman is actually quite intelligent. Mars in Libra women are often strong contenders in the world of politics and law. They are smart enough to stay away from things that are messy and ugly, and they have no use for the likes of violent acts and aggression. They are much better at strategizing and organizing peaceful events and effective initiatives to drive positive change.

The Mars in Libra woman does tend to be a bit of a gossip, so while she might be sincere in talking through a problem with you, you should be certain that you should trust her before spilling all the juicy details. Likewise, she has a tendency to flip-flop between sides and opinions.

All in all, don’t let her sweet, gentle, and sometimes ditzy outer shell fool you; on the inside, this woman is intelligent with a knack for strategic planning, deep feelings, and perceptiveness.

Love and Romance

When it comes to love and romance, Mars in Libra women tend to try so hard that they forget to actually feel and enjoy those feelings. They become so focused on romancing their partner and get caught up in the technicality of it all, rather than the natural feelings that come from spending time together. In this case, these women can seem very detached and difficult to connect with.

However, once a relationship solidifies and gets going, a Mars in Libra woman can be very relaxed, learning to take it easy and enjoy it one day at a time. The trick is letting her reach that point before becoming disheartened.

Mars in Libra women prefer men who don’t mind being dependent on her. Her man shouldn’t be lazy and use her for her wit, talent, job, or money, but she likes to have someone to care for. Her white knight should sweep her off her feet, but he should also let her guide the horse for a while, too.

Because this woman is always looking for her knight in shining armor, she has a tendency to give basically any guy a chance – as long as he’s hot and has a great body. She has an attitude of opportunity; she never knows which guy will be the right guy, so it’s okay to take them all for a test ride.

When she does find the man of her dreams, she’ll treat him like the king that she views him as. Independent men are not for her. She needs someone who will be cooperative and willing to please her.

The only downside to this attitude toward her man and her relationship is that she can come across as overbearing and clingy. Sometimes she forgets to give her man personal space, and they can quickly feel like they’re suffocating under her watchful eye.


Because of her tendency to view the start of a relationship as more of a strategy than a romantic development, Mars in Libra women can sometimes have a different approach to sex. They have more interest in building an emotional connection than ensuring their sex life is fulfilling and pleasurable. To them, it can become something of a side note if they aren’t careful.

Since they are so naturally beautiful, graceful, and easy to get along with, their lovers are often surprised to find that they are not as sexual as they seem. That’s not to say they don’t make good partners; in fact, they are so focused on the other person’s needs that they actually make excellent mates. However, they don’t live for the physical relationship that other signs long for.

Mars in Libra women are often turned off by rough and aggressive sex. They aren’t into being dominated and certainly don’t want any pain involved in the act. They view themselves as delicate flowers and want to be handled as such. It shouldn’t be aggressive sex, but rather sweet and gentle lovemaking.

Remember that Mars in Libra women are not objects, but treasures, and they will respond lovingly and can enjoy very pleasurable sexual relationships.

Organized Planner

Mars in Libra woman is likely to be notably successful in her career. While this may very well be in politics or law, she can really excel at anything she puts her mind to. She is a hard worker who doesn’t quit for anything.

That being said, she is excellent at switching from work mode to anything else, be it wide mode, mother mode, or host mode. These women are known for their ability to come home from work, put dinner on the table, fly through two loads of laundry, help the kids with homework, and still have time to discuss the day with her man.

Other women in this area are superb at planning and organizing elegant parties and intimate dinners in a snap. It’s no worry if her husband calls her on his way home saying that he invited his boss and his wife over for dinner that night – she will make it happen; and, she’ll do it with style.

It’s just as well that this is the woman planning these events and parties, as she is a natural-born leader. She is undeterred by stress and enjoys having people around. When everyone else is happy, she feels free to be happy herself. And if anyone else is organizing or hosting an event, she feels uneasy not being a part of the process.

Mars in Libra women are perfectionists. They have strong attention to detail and great consideration for those around them. She’s also very intuitive, so if something’s not right, she has the ability to think clearly, figure it out, and make it right.

Learning and Growth

Though the Mars in Libra woman has many excellent and admirable qualities about her, there are some difficulties that she could stand to overcome. One of these areas is her indecisive nature and tendency to procrastinate.

It’s true that these women can plan events, lead peaceful protests, and drive business strategies, but it’s likely that everything beforehand will be planned last-minute. She will make this work for her, but it’s highly inconvenient and frustrating to those she has to coordinate with.

In addition, this type of Libra woman can be very passive-aggressive. She desires peace and harmony, but the god of war Mars side of her fights that part of her spirit. While trying to hold off the aggressive nature of Mars, her reactions come out as passive.

Being passive-aggressive can be detrimental to relationships, but being passive in general causes these Libra women to miss out on speaking their minds and having their opinions heard. If someone contradicts what they have said, they would rather forget about it and move on rather than debate further. This kind of behavior can gnaw at a woman’s confidence and self-development.

While in search of her knight on a white horse, a Mars in Libra woman can have a difficult time finding happiness within herself. She often bases her happiness on those around her or her relationship status, taking advantage of other people’s efforts to satisfy her desire for joy.

A Mars in Libra woman should use the time she has while she’s single to intentionally build her own happiness. Doing so will make her more successful in her next relationship.

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