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Astrology may seem a bit too far-fetched for today’s world. Astrologers’ careful study can show that planets, their alignment, and when you were born can actually hold bearing on your personality traits, habits, and life overall. If nothing else, it may answer a few outstanding personal questions you may have.

Astrology asserts that we are at the center of our own universes, and therefore the center of our relationships. Sagittarius is the sign of those who are lucky enough to be born in the last week of November and have birthdays through the first couple weeks of December.

Female Sagittarius Personality and Traits

Ruled under the symbol of the centaur, Sagittarian women have many similar traits to their male counterparts. However, females have their own spin on their sign.


Sagittarius females are straight to the point in their communication. They aren’t trying to pack any punches; they are just honest with you. Friendly and witty, the Sagittarian female sees everything around her for exactly what it is.

Even with that outlook, she remains a positive, happy person. She is very logical and tries

to apply her logic to everything in her life as well. You can count on a Sagittarian woman to never lie to you; she does not have it in her. She will always tell it exactly how it is in all facets of life.

Going toe to toe with her will be a mistake, though. She is a fire sign, after all, making her just as fiery as she is honest.


She is likely to live alone since she is very independent. Since she likes to travel so much, she may seem very distant from her family and not know them as well as you may think she would.

She likes to always be on the go and not stay in one place for too long. She is clueless when it comes to social mores, especially in family situations.

If you want her to do something, all you need to do is ask. There is no point in telling a Sagittarian what to do. It will not end well for you. While she likes to feel protected, she despises people telling her what to do, and it doesn’t matter who they are. If you do not want to know exactly how she thinks or fuels, too bad, she will tell you anyways.

Even though they are known for being blunt, Sagittarian women are also:

  • Naive
  • Clumsy
  • Flirtatious
  • Athletic
  • Drawn to the limelight
  • Prideful
  • Comical

However, due to their bluntness and devil may care attitudes, these qualities can go undiscovered. If they are recognized, these qualities are often misunderstood.


She loves to travel, eat good food and buy beautiful things. She does not comprehend the full value of money and will spend as she sees fit to supply her with the things that she wants and, more aptly, feels she deserves.


Since Sagittarian women can be tone-deaf when it comes to social situations, she will often be mistaken for what she says. Friends will need to learn that she does not mean the things she says, the way they come out, and learn to interpret her meaning on their own.

She is capable of getting her feeling hurt, primarily when she is not understood. Misunderstandings can lead to fire-filled confrontations. She will not dwell on these encounters, though. She will bounce back, brush it off and move on to the next thing. Spending time mulling things over in her head is useless to her.

She tends to leave out critical pieces of information when telling stories. These pieces of information are usually the parts that get her into trouble with others. She doesn’t feel the need to provide others with the whole picture, even though half a story can lead to more drama. These scenarios are mostly due to her pride.

Her pridefulness can be her downfall, as it can also lead to anger if she feels like she is being challenged. Questioning your Sagittarian woman can erupt into quite the confrontation if she feels pushed too far. Despite all these things, she can be very dependable and will always be there for friends and family.


Sagittarius women are incredibly flirtatious and have a hard time taking anything seriously.

She has zero interest in playing games or in causing any type of real drama. However, her nature tends to create a reputation that she is cold and aloof. That she does not have a heart, nothing could be further from the truth for this fire sign.

She, of course, has a heart. She just does not put it to good use. She is hard to pin down when it comes to marriage. You almost have to lure her in with other things that make her want to yes and marry you.

Your Sagittarian woman will often do as she wishes since she loathes being directly told what to do. She does want to know that she is yours, though. In certain circumstances, it is okay to assert your dominance and tell her precisely what you want; however, pick your time wisely.

Since she is athletic, she will often be hanging around with men making her “one of the guys.” Always being around males will also cause some misconceptions. She does not see anything wrong with being one of the guys and hanging out with them until all hours frequently.

In her mind, she is not doing anything wrong and frankly does not care about what others think. Likely it won’t even cross her mind. If you question her, you are likely to get a blunt response that will ultimately backfire in your face as she does not like having to justify her behavior.


She will be drawn to the limelight since she likes praise for her talents. She loves the cheers of the crowds and the cheers for more. Eventually, though, she will become bored with this environment as not much is real. She likes a variety of tasks and loves to put her talents to good use.

Mars Lunar Qualities

Mars adds to the fire and the passion of the Sagittarian female’s personality. It enhances their wild side and affects what they look for in a partner. It will add courage and highlight independence.

How Mars Influences the Sagittarian Female

Mars in Sagittarius can lead to a bubbling over of enthusiasm. Mars highlights Sagittarius’ already friendly personality. It also makes them even more convicted in their beliefs.

So much so, they will try and try to convince others to see their point of view, almost always to their detriment as it will cause people to become very annoyed.

Everything Mars in Sagittarius does is done at full throttle, but only for a short amount of time as they do not care too much for commitment and most certainly do not want to be tied down.


In her relationships, Mars in Sagittarius female will hunt for a partner who will be:

  • Fun-loving
  • Emotionally detached
  • Independent

These qualities mirror her take on love and will complement her nicely. Mars’s influence will enhance her need for independence, so she will not want anyone who is clingy or expects too much from her. She will crave even more the need for relationships to be light and airy and will avoid anything resembling attachment.


Mars in Sagittarius has the most significant effect on her love life. She is looking for a man who is:

  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Fun
  • Honest
  • Energetic
  • Sense of humor
  • Down to earth

She doesn’t want anyone who is egotistical or full of himself. She likes someone casual and not over groomed.

The Mars influence makes her very romantic, and she will turn to passionate adventures with her partner. Their need for adventure can make them sexually uninhibited and free. Mars also brings a certain amount of promiscuity to a Sagittarius woman, which makes them prone to going home with strangers as they are trying to live in the moment. It amplifies their you only live once edicts and can have a whole relationship play out in a day.

Longer-term relationships are possible with this impulsive creature, but she may make you wait for action in the bedroom as it serves her purpose of keeping things interesting. For her, waiting will keep her involved in the relationship and bring an added sense of excitement to the experience.

Overall Take Away

While their honesty can be off-putting to some if you find a way to decipher their meaning, your Mars in Sagittarius woman will be a fun companion on any adventure you throw her way. Whether it be just as friends or as romantic partners, you are sure to have a lighthearted good time with plenty of fabulous stories to tell.

However, the stories will have to be told by you since the Mars in Sagittarius female is likely to leave out details she feels are too unimportant to recount, even if they are the heart of the story.

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