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You might know what a Virgo is like — a perfectionist who’s constantly organized, ambitious, hardworking, and likes to have their way. But you might not know what Mars in Virgo means, especially for men. Keep reading to find out more.

What Does Mars Do in Astrology?

If you’re into theater at all, then you’ve probably heard this quote from the musical Hamilton in which Alexander Hamilton questions Aaron Burr’s ambition and purpose in life.

“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for?”

Well, if Burr knew what his Mars sign was, he would have known what he would spend his life fighting for.

Mars in astrology tells you how people fight and what they would fight for. Mars, the planet was named after the Roman god Mars, who was mainly known as the god of war but also controlled agriculture and the growth of nature.

Mars, the planet has some of the attributes as the god it was named after. It controls anger, passion, assertion, war, and separation. Where Mars is placed in your birth chart influences who you go after and achieve your goals, how you defend and attack yourself when confronted, and how you cut off people or circumstances (such as in a breakup).

Note: Ares is the Greek name for the god of war. Mars and Ares are similar though unique in their ways. But it makes sense that the zodiac sign Aries is ruled by the planet Mars (and why that sign is generally so combative!). Scorpio’s ancient domicile also used to be Mars, but Pluto usurped that position to become the modern ruling body.

If you’re new to astrology, you might not have heard that Mars was an important planet in your birth chart unless you were an Aries or Scorpio. But it’s actually essential.

You can think of our solar system as looking like a big clock with the sun in the middle. Each of the zodiac signs is like the numbers on the clock. Looking at this photo, Virgo is 12 o’clock, Leo is 1 o’clock, Cancer is 2 o’clock, and so forth throughout the zodiac chart.

All of our planets circle the sun — including Mars. So no matter what your sun sign was, Mars was in Virgo when you were born, giving you certain traits upon your birth. Not only that, but Mars moseying on over to Virgo throughout the year can also strengthen certain parts of your personality long after your birth.

That’s why it’s important to know what happens when Mars is in Virgo and what it means for you if you’re a Mars in Virgo man. You might notice that you have some of the below traits, or that those traits strengthen at a certain period in the year.

You’ll Do Whatever You Can to Achieve Your Goals

There are some people who can’t ever seem to finish a project. They start the project with enthusiasm and passion, but it soon fizzles out halfway near completion, leaving a shell of an empty project abandoned at the metaphorical artist’s desk.

You’re not one of those people. Whether it’s a work project, personal hobby, or just a one-off task you have to complete, you do it to the best of your abilities. And not only that, but you see it through to the end no matter what.

You can’t stand the idea of an unfinished product. You take it personally in those rare times that you don’t. That unfinished project is like someone saying you’re not good enough, you’re lazy, you’re disorganized, and not good enough. It feels like a failure, and you hate feeling like a failure.

That’s not to say that you don’t like failing. After years of resisting, you’ve learned that failure can be one of the most beneficial lessons a human can receive. It’s feeling like a failure that you can’t stand and actively work to avoid.

So you set your standards high and aim to be the best person in the room. That’s in terms of what you’ve accomplished and then some as well. Virgos, in general, are into self-reflection and self-improvement. It’s the perfectionist in you. If you don’t learn from your past mistakes, how else are you going to improve in the future?

You set the bar high for yourself and respect others who do as well. You work to read more, write more, work out more, build a better mindset, and whatever else you deem is important — in addition to the other professional goals you set for yourself.

Since you’re a Mars in Virgo man, you won’t let obstacles stop you. No matter what hardship you may experience, nothing is better than the sweet victory of winning the war against adversity. Whether it’s hardships in your life that the universe put in your way, your mental health, others sabotaging you, or whatever else, you will always work hard till you succeed.

Not many things in life are certain, but your work ethic is one of them.

You Struggle with Sex

Mars is not only the planet of war, but Mars the god is the masculine version of Venus. Venus is the Roman god of desire, lust, and sexual passions. While you get some of that sexual energy from Mars, it comes at odds with its Virgo placement.

The virgin symbolizes Virgo. Virgos tend to go one of two ways: they’re either so obsessed with their work and professional lives that they don’t prioritize sexual relationships or they go the other way and find immense hedonistic joy in the pleasures of the body.

You’re not one for one-night stands unless you’re overcome with a sexual mood (which might happen when Mars, the planet rears its ugly head). In general, you prioritize the intellectual capabilities of someone over what physical pleasures they can immediately offer you.

Therefore, sex requires a strong emotional connection for you. It might be hard to get when dating has mostly moved to dehumanizing dating apps, and everyone is so busy with their lives that they rarely have time to meet people. You can get lonely sometimes, wishing you had a stable partner when you’re single.

However, once you find that emotional connection with someone, you become quite the sexual being. Your libido increases immensely, and the passion from Mars really shows. You’re a considerate lover who makes sure your partner’s needs are met before your own. And wouldn’t you know it if you’re not a perfectionist in bed too?

Virgos are pretty rational and heady people. You need to think about everything to be able to understand it. But emotions and thus sex aren’t rational, which is why you can struggle with it sometimes. You can’t think your way into or out of a sexual attraction to someone, so you need to have that solidly in place before you tap into that passionate Mars sexual energy.

You’re Prone to Perfectionism — And All Its Faults

That Mars assertive energy goes into your standards for what you think is best. You have high standards, so you have to make everything as high-quality and impressive as possible.

You need everything to be exactly how you envision it, which means you often spend a lot of time on projects making sure everything is just so. You receive high approval from your peers and bosses as a result. In some ways, your perfectionism ensures you consistently submit high-quality work, which employers notice.

However, that perfectionism combined with masculine Mars energy means you can be controlling at times. It’s either your way to the highway, which means you often butt heads with co-collaborators on a project. You think your vision is the best one, so you find it difficult to compromise with people because you think their idea is worse than yours.

That controllingness can bleed into your relationships as well. You want to improve the people around you — even if they might not be inclined to do so. You want to bring out the best parts of people just as you do yourself, but your desire to change them can often come off as rigid assertions that you’re right and that other people should bend to your will.

You’ll turn off potential long-term partnerships unless you learn how to control your perfectionism and let people assert their position — even if you deem it worse than yours. Life is all about compromise, and you can’t win every battle. Even if you think it means a project or person being worse for it, you have to accept the flaws as they come.

Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Lost in the Details

You often want every minutia to be perfect so that you often miss the forest for the trees. Zoom out your perspective and see what grander things are important in your life. One little flaw in a project won’t hurt you — it’s the relationships and attitudes you have in your life that improves its quality.

Those were some of the best tips you need to know for understanding Mars in Virgo men. We hope you enjoyed reading.

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