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The Mars in Virgo woman can be dominating. She’s a strong character with a need to make things perfect. This doesn’t mean that she always has to have her own way, but it does indicate that she has thought things through well. It’s difficult to change this woman’s mind because she is so good at looking at every perspective before she makes a decision.

It’s this quality that makes her a great person to be around, though. She is diligent about making sure that she is on a consistent path for growth. She will also support others who want to work on themselves.

She Takes Action Toward Perfection

Mars is a planet that is all about action. The Mars influence encourages this woman to move forward with everything in life. She is not content to sit still.

If someone else isn’t taking on a project, the Mars in Venus woman will step up for the cause. She doesn’t mind if other people don’t want to help her with group tasks. The Virgo in her sign means that she has a particular attention to detail. She knows that she will get the job done to the best of her abilities, and she doesn’t always trust others to be as methodical as she is.

Because of her drive toward excellence and precision, this woman loves to learn. She will create opportunities for gaining knowledge whenever she can. She doesn’t back down from new prospects because she knows that they will help her with her personal development.

She also enjoys taking physical action. She believes that exercise is one of the best ways to achieve perfection. A regular exercise regimen is important for her. It helps her feel grounded and settled. She prefers pounding out a run on the treadmill to a therapy session.

Because Virgo is fanatical about wellness, this woman can be preoccupied with taking care of herself. She doesn’t go out of the house looking disheveled. She eats well and moves her body regularly. She doesn’t feel comfortable around people who are lazy or unhealthy.

The downside of this personality trait is that the Mars in Virgo woman can be hard on herself. She doesn’t want to “let herself go.” If she misses an exercise session, she can be very judgmental toward herself. She should learn to go with the flow. Her determination won’t allow her to veer from her routines for too long.

She Is Successful

The Mars in Venus woman always has a lot on her plate. She wears many hats.

She might be a key player at work and the head of the household at home. She is the friend that people turn to when they need honest advice. She likes to serve, and she helps out her community when she can, whether it’s attending PTA meetings or volunteering for a charity that she’s passionate about.

This female takes on a lot at once. She doesn’t procrastinate because she is driven to be productive. But sometimes, she can get caught up in the details and avoid finishing what she started.

Still, she is successful at just about everything that she does. She can’t accept leaving things unfinished or making mistakes. She always wants to put her best foot forward.

This woman remains calm even in the face of failure. Even though she has fiery Mars behind her, she uses its influence to move forward instead of getting stuck in the past. Her failures serve as opportunities to do better the next time. She always sees the lessons in catastrophes and tries not to make the same mistakes twice.

She Is Looking for a Strong Relationship

It can be hard to capture the eye of a Mars in Virgo woman. First of all, you have to present a clean, tidy appearance. This woman will overlook you if you are too relaxed and casual. Most of all, she isn’t attracted to sloppy people. If she walks into your apartment for the first time and the sink is filled with dishes and the floor needs to be vacuumed, she might be turned off.

This woman probably isn’t into casual sex. She would be more likely to be friends with you before she slept with you. She does have deep-seated passion, but she portrays it subtly.

She probably won’t open up until she really gets to know you. Once she feels comfortable, she can be a powerhouse in the bedroom. However, she can also be reserved and technical.

If you’ve been with a Mars in Virgo woman for a long time, you’ll probably recognize that she falls back to the same techniques in bed every time you’re with her. She wouldn’t mind trying something different, but she wants to do it well. You might have to explain the process to her instead of surprising her with a new intimate maneuver that she’s not ready for.

All in all, she is looking for security. She wants to be with someone who is confident and financially stable. However, she prefers to hang out with people who are somewhat understated. Arrogance, brashness, and bossiness are turn-offs for the moon in Virgo woman.

If you respect and appreciate her, she will want you to stick around. You can create a long, loyal, and devoted relationship with a Mars in Virgo woman if you’re willing to put up with her criticism and learn to communicate rationally with her.

She Can Have a Good Time

Even though the Mars in Virgo woman likes to control everything in her environment, she knows how to cut loose. She always has control over herself. Therefore, she can put herself into just about any situation and make the best of it.

She is most likely to be spontaneous when she has a purpose. If someone challenges her to do something risky, she’ll learn all about it. Once she decides that the risk is worth taking, she’ll plan how to do it in a way that minimizes the hazards. When she has all the information that she needs, she feels more comfortable letting herself go.

She probably won’t throw caution to the wind, though. She’ll just come along for the ride. The Mars in Virgo woman always seems to be the “chaperone” when you’re out with your friends trying to have some fun.

The Mars in Virgo woman doesn’t need a lot to be happy. She wants to enjoy herself and being surrounded by good people, great environments, and delicious food can keep her satisfied.

She also doesn’t ask a lot when it comes to a relationship. She can have a good time watching a movie at home or going out to dinner. Her partners don’t need to plan extravagant dates to impress her.

This woman can also have a great time in bed. She tends to be somewhat insecure about her sexual nature. Therefore, sex with her could seem boring. But she’s likely to have some fetishes that make her feel more comfortable in the bedroom. If she’s acting out a fantasy, she can detach from her everyday life and make the most of the moment.

How Can You Tell if a Mars in Virgo Woman Is Into You?

A Mars in Virgo woman is usually reserved. It’s not easy to tell when she has a crush on you or wants you to seduce her.

She often demonstrates her affection through acts of service. If she offers to bring you a meal when you’re sick, pick up your dry cleaning, or help you out on a project at work, she might be flirting with you. She’s not the typical coquettish woman. She will try to turn you on with her intelligence and practicality.

This woman knows what she wants. If you ask her out and she’s just not into you, she’ll let you down gently and respectfully. If she is interested, she won’t hesitate to say yes.

But don’t expect her to be frisky on the first date. She still has to check you out and make sure that you’re right for her.

She keeps tabs on your behavior. If you get too drunk and act raucous, she will remember it forever. Be responsible on your first few dates so that you don’t turn her off. If you want to keep her in the long-term, you should probably be kind and responsible moving forward too.

If she likes you, she’ll ask you plenty of questions. That’s part of her assessment plan. She doesn’t like to move forward without a lot of data. She needs as much information as possible before she makes a decision. So if she’s grilling you on your date, assume that she is considering you as an addition to her life.

Once you take her home, this woman will want to please you. She can be seductive when you tell her what you want. She will remember those things. If she likes you, she will want to do what you say. But don’t expect her to back down too much in bed. She knows what she likes, and she can dominate you if you say the word.

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