May 5 Zodiac Sign: Birthday Horoscope, Personality, Relationships


One’s Zodiac sign is a symbol of how one’s personality has developed and the direction in which people are going.  The zodiac sign helps you to determine where your strength and weaknesses lie and how to bring out the best life for yourself.  Focusing on the positive attributes of your zodiac sign may help bring you to your full potential and highest spiritual goals.

Those born on May 5th are born under the sign of Taurus.  The Taurus has a reputation for being charming, witty, and full of personality.  Practical, frugal, and narrow-minded are other attributes of the Taurus.  Some find those born under this sign to be stubborn, intolerant, set in their ways and difficult to shape.

Those born between April 20 and May 20 are under the sign of Taurus, and with May 5th landing as a median date in that month, having been born on this date brings you an accurate portrayal of the Taurus characteristics.  Occasionally when then birthdate is very close to the start or end of the cycle other attributes may arise.  In this case, those with a May 5th birthday resemble the characteristics of the stubborn bull.

Personality Traits

The Taurus is a dependable, stable person on which you can rely.  The Taurus makes a good friend, companion, and forever partner.  Since the Taurus is focused and determined, they take this effort into account in all areas of life.  The relationships of the Taurus are secure and held with high regard.

Those born May 5th are creative and a bit of a perfectionist.  They like to have their creations made to a certain specification and their ideas are shaped through a certain process known only to the Taurus.  Working creatively with the Taurus may bring you to be impressed with their imagination and influence, but leave much to be desired in terms of compromise.

Intelligence is strong suit of those born May 5th.  You are a curious person eager to learn more on most any topic.  Having a willingness to learn and develop allows you the chance to move forward in life while not being set back too much by challenges.  With your intelligence comes achievement, and the Taurus is able to find success in almost all areas of life.
With your creativity and intelligence combined, you are an innovator.  Bringing new ideas, thoughts, words, actions, and items into this world brings you great pride and success.  Inventing new ways in which to do things, serve people, or solve a problem brings you success at home and at work.  With the stubborn personality, you are able to stick with a project and see it until the end.  With this character trait, you are able to follow through on ideas and bring influence unto others.
Positive traits of the May 5th birthday:

  • Focused
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent
  • Resourceful
  • Good business skills
  • Artsy
  • Strong relationship
  • Meaningful
  • Powerful
  • Faithful

Negative traits of the May 5th birthday:

  • Stubborn
  • Shy
  • Greedy
  • Defiant
  • Intolerant
  • Narrow-minded
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Chatty, gossipy reputation

Learning how to counterbalance the good with the bad in terms of character traits is a skill all must have.  The Taurus must especially acquire these skills due to their brash and stubborn reputation.  Balancing the intolerance and defiant demeanor with one that is creative/open and willing to listen to the opinion of others may open the Taurus up for new experiences.  In regard to people, places, and experiences, one can only adapt to their quirks and not fight their influence too much.

As a person born May 5th, you have a gift of gab that can work in your favor.  The ability to communicate and verbalize your thoughts can help you to attain higher positions at work, make sales quotas, meet financial goals at home, and to build a stronger networking system.  Having strong communication skills helps you to retain your family and friendly relationships while building trust and fidelity.

The stubborn traits a Taurus is known for may be a result of their loyalty.  Being loyal to not only the people in their lives, but also to their thought processes shows us how those born on this day may be unwilling to waver in their thoughts and actions.  Deciphering between being stubborn or being loyal is key for the Taurus when making important decisions and having important conversations.

A Taurus may also find using their stubborn trait as a positive characteristic to work in their favor.  The Taurus can push through tough circumstances and persevere in times of challenge where many others fail.  Coupled with the stubborn actions, the Taurus can be friendly and curious, while allows for those born May 5th to acquire new friends and social skills without pushing too many away with their stubborn attitude.


Those born on May 5th have a lucky number of 5.  Not all people born on specific dates have their birth date as their lucky number, but the Taurus born this day does.  With this number as the lucky date, the Taurus is represented as being an inquiring mind.  The characteristics associated with this number and in line with the zodiac sign highlight the self-reliance, independence, and success that is derived from the astrological symbols.

The number 5 is deemed lucky for the Taurus and can be found in all areas of life.  From ages, phone numbers, addresses, money counts, and anywhere a number is associated, luck can be found.  Follow the number 5 to follow your astrological guides.  The methods of numerology are used by the universe to guide you.  Following the 5 will bring you towards the luck you need.

The lucky stone for the Taurus is the diamond.  The diamond is full of beauty and represents strength and wealth.  The diamond worn on the Taurus will remind them of the power they have within themselves and the beauty they offer the world.


Health is dictated by many factors.  Age, genetics, socioeconomic standard, country in which you live, etc.  Many do not take into account the strength of their astrological sign in regard to health.  Those born on May 5th may be more inclined to be impatient, work quickly, have high levels of stress and be tired.  These traits lead to fatigue, heart problems, and mental health issues.  Being impatient and tired can also lead to accidents that are detrimental or fatal.


When in a relationship with someone born on May 5th, be aware of their personality type.  How to approach the Taurus is important, given their less than flexible nature.  Those in relationships may find themselves with a fickle, flighty mate that seems stable and in love one day, then incompatible the next.  Managing their moods and their stubborn nature will allow you to remain flexible and not at their whimsy.

Many find the Taurus to be their true relationship match in life.  Outside of the bull-headed reputation, they are stable and reliable.  Their love life is often less stable due to their in-and-out of love attitude that changes often, but overall, the Taurus know what they want and how they want it, making them a good match for those who can tolerate them.

The date of May 5th has the ruling planet of Mercury.  This fact is significant in areas of love because the pull of the planet brings about the open, playful, emotional, talkative demeanor of the Taurus.  Having this positive power play balance the negative traits helps make a relationship with the Taurus more enjoyable and successful.  The planetary pull brings an even temper and enjoyable outlook on the future.

In relationships, those born on May 5th are spontaneous, curious, expressive, loving, loyal and good at listening.  These character traits are positive aspects in any relationship.  While not all those born on this date will exemplify each trait, the majority will have these as ideals.  Having a strong need for family and marriage, these traits will help to hold the relationships together as they evolve over time.

While the Taurus holds family in high regard, the Taurus does not especially wish for children.  Those born May 5th are not particularly maternal or paternal figures, rather active adult family members in an existing system.  Creating a new family or raising young children is not in the sightline of the Taurus.


Having a career is essential for those who are not born wealthy.  When deciding upon a career path, one must find a career that blends well with their natural disposition and circumstances.  Those born on May 5th may find that a career in which they can focus and pay attention to detail and creativity brings them the most satisfaction.  Knowing your strong suits can help bring out success in one’s career.

Those born on this date tend to be quiet and shy, but open and expressive when the need arises.  In this case, a Taurus may find themselves being a counselor or a teacher.  You are able to help others, teach others, and showcase your knowledge in a way that is verbal.  As a counselor or teacher, you are also in control of your demeanor, the advice to others, and the plan of your day.  This measure of control may give comfort to the Taurus and allow for employment stability.

Having a strong business sense brings the Taurus to have success in the business world.  A strong sense of conviction coupled with charm and intelligence brings a salesmanship skill to the Taurus that cannot be beat.  The Taurus is factual and determined, good with numbers, and analytical.  These features bring about the perfect combination for the business realm.

As curious thinkers, the Taurus may also find success within the field of philosophy or psychology.  Those born May 5th have the ability to think and feel while remaining undeterred by the opinions of others.  These traits can play together to bring the Taurus to find new ideas and way of thinking.  As lifelong learners, the Taurus may devote their life to thinking, reading, and sharing their thoughts with others.

With these personality traits positively impacting the lives of those born on this day, a Taurus could use their opinionated and stubborn demeanor in the fields of writing, news reporting, finance, or adventure.  Depending upon one’s preference, you could be a psychologist or a banker, utilize all of your strong suits but in a different way.  The outcome is the same and the skills are similar, yet the decision is derived from one’s preference, not their ability.  The Taurus is able to multi-task their skills to utilize the best of all their talents.

With the ability to focus and pay attention to detail, the Taurus is good with money.  Being good with money and having a strong business sense may lead you to find the future of a banker or money manager in your future.  Having these positive attributes will lead you towards the areas in which you are the best fit.

Elements and Symbols

All astrological signs have elements and symbols associated with them.  These symbols help to further account for the powers of the signs and how to best utilize the powers to your advantage.

The element associated with those born May 5th is the Earth.  Having Earth as your element implies you are a nature lover, gentle, stable, and practical.  Just as our Earth represents many aspects of life, so does our Earth.

Those under this element have a sense of freedom, but are grounded enough to know where their strength lies.  The sense of power one has when settled into the Earth brings confidence to the Taurus that may also be read as stubbornness to others.

The planetary symbol of the Taurus is Venus.  The planet Venus represents beauty and communication, social skills and intelligence.  These powerful traits are seen within the Taurus and are amplified when in line with Venus.  On the days Venus rules over, these days allow the Taurus to be even stronger in these attributes.  One may find their lucky day is one ruled by Venus.

Another aspect of the pull of Venus is the hard-working, dedicated attribute highlighted by the strength of the bull.  These attributes are furthered by the Venus influence.  Practicality and ease can be paired with the happy and content personality traits found in those born May 5th.

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