Millennial Memes Reluctantly Approved by Generation Y


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Ah, millennials, also known as Generation Y. This generation reached adulthood at the start of the 21st century and have come to be associated with a variety of not-so-nice social and cultural attributes. This generation was born in the early 1980s, so they still recall what life was like in the pre-internet days, yet they’ve also come of age during a time when technology was developing at an incredibly rapid pace. They lived through the 1990s in its entirety, embracing “Friends” hairstyles and listening to 3 Doors Down on their brand new mp3 players. They were some of the first people to have and use an email address regularly. They grew up on Instant Messenger and were Facebook’s earliest users.

Since the dawn of time, previous generations have looked at younger generations with disdain and mistrust, yet these conflicts have never been more contentious than they are between Baby Boomers and millennials. Boomers think Gen Y is lazy, entitled, absorbed by their phones and social media, and wasting their money on weird stuff like avocado toast. Millennials think Boomers ruined the planet environmentally and left them with a huge mess to clean up across the board. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Let’s go to the memes.

Oh, How Times Have Changed

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Gone are the days when your mother warned you against sitting too close to the TV. Nowadays we’re getting closer and closer to actually putting the videos right inside our eyeballs… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mullet Cuts, Parachute Pants, and So Much Hairspray….

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But yeah, hipsters are weirdos, am I right? Skinny jeans and tidy facial hair? Psh. That’s lame.

They’re Not Wrong

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Hmm, the world’s environment is circling the drain, politics are more divisive than ever, and white supremacy is making a comeback.

Can’t imagine why they’re depressed.

Not a Sunny Picture

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Maybe if previous generations hadn’t sucked the world dry of its natural resources… but that’s none of our business.

Settle Down, Karen

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Why take no for an answer when you can just ask to speak to the manager?

Zombies Are People Too!

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Or at least, they were people. Once.

SnapChat Will Outlast Us All

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Grandpa, what big ears you have!


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“Sudden Clarity Clarence” has never been more spot on, and that’s saying something.

This Does Not Compute

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Why in the world would he ever assume that you’d be promoted at work simply because they’re short-staffed? What an antiquated notion.

Real Talk

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“I feel pretty okay about all of my other transgressions, but not being in crippling debt sounds next to godliness.”

Take That, Boomer

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Kill ’em with kindness, I always say.

Stop Being a Burden Already!

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Ugh, millennials! Thinking they have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and all that. So entitled.

Don’t Forget to Let Infants “Cry It Out!”

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They’ve got to toughen up at some point, right?

What’s the Rush?

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It’s not like we could afford to have kids before then.

Welcome to My World

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It’s nice here. Safe, warm… and we have cookies! You’ll find no FOMO here.

Won’t You Please Think of Gil?

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Yet another thing those pesky millennials are killing. And here you thought that the doorbell industry was too big to fail.

*Raising Hand Tentatively*

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Generation X reporting for duty.

You Got This, Bro

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May I offer you a hug? Some cocoa, perhaps?

The New Monopoly Sounds Like Fun

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Games can sometimes be too realistic. This is one of those times.

It’s an Emergency

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Calling over your low bank balance isn’t even the weirdest call those 911 operators receive.

Who’s Laughing Now, Pops?

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We have a certain set of skills that certain other generations might find… useful.

You’d Think I’d Be Thinner

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Student loan debt = breakfast of champions!

Every Job Interview Ever

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No wonder millennials are so broke all the time.

Keep your chin up, millennials. The world will belong to you soon enough, and then it will be your turn to pick on the younger generation!

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