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The Moon in Capricorn man is someone who is likely to surprise you with the hidden facets of his personality. Though his exterior presents a strict, calm, and sometimes angry front, deep down inside, he is an extremely caring individual with a down-to-earth view on life.

A man of comfort, not many will get the pleasure of enjoying the latter side of him unless they take the time to get to know him. He needs to feel comfortable with a person, and once that happens, all of his qualities come rushing forth.

Moon in Capricorn Man: An Overview

Emotional security is very important to a man whose Moon is in Capricorn. He obtains a sense of safety in his life through his career, his reputation, and his accomplishments. If he can achieve greatness, he will consider himself secure and stable.

The Moon in Capricorn man is very much into the student-teacher type relationships – but not in the way that you’re probably thinking. He sees lots of value in learning and teaching, especially across different generations. He loves when he can show others something new, and in the same way, he enjoys gaining knowledge from someone else.

Because of this teaching and learning trait of his, this Capricorn man has the ability to make anyone feel seen or interesting. You may think you’re boring, but he will be intrigued by anything new you have to offer him.

Though very practical, the Moon in Capricorn man is also persistent and can be a bit of a perfectionist. He sometimes lives his life with very high standards, using his massive amounts of creativity and determination to bring him to success.

As ambitious as he may be in certain areas of his life, this man is also very patient and kind when it comes to the people he loves. Simplicity is all he needs in a relationship; it doesn’t take much to keep him happy.

Not only does he appreciate his romantic partners, but he has a strong admiration for his friends as well. He demonstrates his caring nature through all of his relationships, from coworkers and acquaintances to lovers and family.

A Perfect Reputation

Above all else, a Moon in Capricorn man values his reputation. He works hard at whatever his craft is, so it’s important to him that others can see only the best in him. This need to have a perfect reputation can sometimes consume him, causing him to think he’s never finished or never reaches a peak point.

This is why he loves the teacher-student type relationships. If he’s with someone who’s from a different generation, he knows that he will be able to continue to learn and grow from them while also lending his knowledge in return.

He loves big goals, but he loves achieving them even more. His perfectionist tendencies can also drive him to be a workaholic, keeping him tied to his desk or business late into the evenings. He puts his entire soul into making his dreams come true. In turn, he feels doing so will make him look accomplished and successful to others.

Obstacles are frustrating to this perfectionist of a man. Though he generally has the drive and ability to knock them down, they only serve to stand in his way. Therefore, if a person creates an obstacle for him, it’s likely that he will hold a grudge for a very long time.

In this Capricorn man’s mind, he has developed his own personal path towards success, so anyone who gets in the way of that and threatens to disturb the reputation he worked so hard to build is no friend of his.

While his relationships are important to him, the Moon in Capricorn man will make sure that anyone he spends time with has a good reputation, too. Even if he cares about you, he won’t risk damaging his image to hang out with you. You must have a solid reputation, and you also have to care about and contribute to his.

Love and Relationships

Moon in Capricorn men make excellent partners. This is a man who will always be there for you and will love you forever. He wants the world to know that his life is perfect, so when he finds the perfect mate, he will brag about you any way he can.

His ideal match is someone who takes care of herself and maintains a good reputation. She shouldn’t make a bad name for herself if it’s going to have a negative impact on his hard work. Likewise, he needs a woman who is going to support the image that he’s created for himself.

This man will fall head over heels for a woman who loves being a homemaker. Family is important to him, so a woman who shows a promising maternal nature is automatically attractive to him.

As a man who is constantly reaching for more and more achievement and success in his life, it’s likely that at some point, he will realize that he is not happy. That’s what will usually drive him to find his perfect match.

He needs someone waiting for him at home at the end of the day to tell him she’s proud of him. He has a deep need to be appreciated. Early on in his life, it might be easy for him to recognize his own success, but as he gets older, he needs a partner who will support him and show him his work isn’t for nothing.

Pure and sincere love is all this man needs to be happy. Someone who makes an effort to understand how his driven mind works is the best match for him. This woman will require patience and compassion.

With such a rational mind, this Capricorn man may struggle with deeper emotions. Sometimes his emotions don’t make sense to him, so someone who has a firm grasp on her emotional understanding can be a game-changer. He is loving; he just needs a little encouragement and a whole lot of support.

When a woman offers the Moon in Capricorn man love and assurance, she discovers a man who is passionate, romantic, and extremely caring.


In line with his obsession over his reputation, the Moon in Capricorn man is not a fan of PDA. And so, he needs a woman who can respect that. Anyone who’s looking for a man to fawn over her dramatically in public will need to move on because he won’t tolerate the idea.

Though a Moon in Capricorn man can have difficulties relaying his emotions to his partner, he suddenly becomes an open book in the bedroom. Verbally, it might take him a while to get there, but when he’s making love to you, he does so in a way that lets you know exactly how he feels.

He may seem reserved in most settings, but his hidden sensuality is a pleasant surprise. Of course, his emotions are attached to his sexual energy, so don’t count on him to be the type of guy to jump into bed on the first date. Like most other things in his life, he likes to set a course that’s going to lead to the most success. To him, getting to know someone and developing deeper feelings is the best way to lead up to sex.

Sex is super meaningful to a Lunar Capricorn man. His sun sign would usually tell him to be more promiscuous, but the nature of the Moon causes him to be extremely thoughtful. He always wants to do the right thing, and that pertains to sex as well.

Of course, he is also a super romantic guy, so when both you and he are ready, the sex will be emotional, passionate, and very enjoyable. He cares about his partner so much that he will make sure she feels the love he’s filled with for her in the bedroom.

Learning and Growth

The Moon in Capricorn man will strive for excellence at all costs. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like an area that could use any improvement. However, his need for perfection can cause issues in his life.

For one, he will often spend extended hours working in order to accomplish new goals and exceed expectations. He will offer to help on a special project or work alongside his boss in order to have his strong work ethic noticed. He’ll do what it takes to get that raise or promotion.

When this man has a family, these extra hours can be heartbreaking. He might initially view his efforts as a good thing for them, but in hindsight, he’ll see all of the things he’s missing out on.

His other downfall is his lack of connection with his emotions. He wants so badly to be the perfect man that he can actually forget to get in tune with his emotions. For many men, this is already a struggle. The Capricorn man in Moon makes it even harder on himself by focusing so much on his strengths and reputation.

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