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The Capricorns moon sign discusses the emotional and spiritual nature of their behaviors and actions. It tells us a lot about the overall genetic makeup of a Capricorn, and we can learn many things about our qualities by understanding how the moon affects who we are and the things we cannot change.

Capricorn women are highly pragmatic and systematic with everything they do. These women enjoy tangible goals, and they do not often stray far from the beaten path. As a result, many may consider them to be the most down to Earth of all signs, and that could be because Capricorn itself is an Earth sign.

The goal of this article is to help you better understand a woman whose moon is in Capricorn, whether it be your sign or that or a significant other.

What Defines a Moon in Capricorn Woman Overall

To better understand the moon in Capricorn, we need to take a look at the personality as a whole. Here are some of the overarching characteristics that make up this person.

  • Acts as a shoulder to cry on but a kick in the pants when you need it
  • The first person you call when you need something
  • Focused on tradition
  • Needs stability in life
  • Determined to achieve all goals no matter what

All of these characteristics are true of Capricorns in general, but when the moon is in Capricorn, it takes them to another level. It adds another layer of responsibility and planning to the equation. While Capricorns are already pragmatic by nature, when we look at their moon sign, we begin to understand that it’s more than a personality trait; it’s genetics.

She Is Highly Responsible

These women are not afraid of responsibility, and there is a high chance they’ve had to take on many responsibilities from a young age. Maybe they had a parent who couldn’t handle their household roles, and as a result, this woman needed to carry that weight.

While this might sound like a bad thing, the moon in Capricorn woman isn’t afraid of that tall order, and they may even welcome it. She enjoys the responsibility and always lives up to the expectations that people hold her to.

One of the reasons she enjoys these responsibilities is because she feels that she has to support and “carry” the people around her. She doesn’t rely on anyone to take care of her and always believes if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

Since she is so responsible, many people may try to take advantage of her, but luckily, she doesn’t give her heart or helping hands out to everyone.

It will take a while for a moon in Capricorn woman to warm up to someone, and during that time, she is putting you to the test. Emotional involvement is a serious business to this woman, and remember that she is calculating your every move and taking mental notes of everything you do.

Some Might Call Her “Old School”

Since the Capricorn woman expects so much of herself, she applies the same rules and expectations to others. This woman is likely to value traditions, laws, regulations, and structure. If you don’t share the same values as her, she isn’t going to give you the time of day. While she might be open-minded to different ways of thinking, she isn’t planning to allow that mentality into her “inner circle.”

Moon in Capricorn women do not believe in eighth place trophies. They think rewards are earned and that status and social position are most important. Because of this, these women are conservative by nature, and they will not flaunt their bodies to try and impress people. Instead, she will use her strength and stability to her advantage.

She has such high standards of everyone, including herself, that it may sometimes burn bridges with friends and family. What she chooses to focus on is up to her, but she can let her own goals and objectives weigh heavily on the people around her. It’s important to understand that not everyone needs to want the same things from life, and some people may move at a slower pace.

She Serves as a Rock to Many

Women with their moon in Capricorn are some of the strongest and most independent women on the planet. She has spent her entire life building a strong emotional foundation so that she does not need to rely on anyone for anything. This feature will help her in life because she will never find herself in a situation that doesn’t work out in her favor.

While strength is usually a positive trait, it can also act as a negative. Many people will see these women as stubborn because she always believes no one can do anything as good as she can. In business or professional life, this can spell disaster if the moon in Capricorn woman finds herself in a managerial or supervisory role.

She will micro-manage and nit-pick employees until they resign, and this will serve as her greatest professional challenge.

On the other side of the coin, moon in Capricorn women are also the strong and stable foundation that you need in your professional and personal life. She is not likely to let her life fall apart, and you always know that she’ll be there when it counts.

She Is Realistic

While she is incredibly driven and self-motivated, her actions are realistic and follow a predetermined set of rules. You will never find a moon in Capricorn woman daydreaming or planning to do anything that doesn’t make sense. She is both patient and cautious with every step, and her strategies always have a beginning, middle, and end.

Creating a most stable life is what she desires at her core, and due to her traditional nature, she is usually seen as “wise beyond her years.”

One area that is somewhat uncharacteristic of a Capricorn woman is her desire for tight emotional bonds. The moon has this effect on her, and while she might try to fight it, she can’t help but crave an intimate relationship.

She does everything in her power to hide it, though. Her down to Earth nature will allow her to keep her emotions held under lock and key, and she will only reveal her deepest, darkest secrets to the people who earn that right.

Be Careful When Things Run Amuck

At some point, her life will fly off the rails, and she will need to make a choice as to how she gets it back on track. This is not an easy thing for the Capricorn woman to accept, and while she is always systematic about her approach, she will not have that luxury in this situation. Her emotions will get the best of her, and she may start to blame others for her problems. This is where challenges arise in personal and professional relationships.

The moon in Capricorn woman has a hard time accepting responsibility for her mistakes, and she is fiercely competitive, so she hates when people see her as the “weak link.” In fact, she won’t allow it. Thankfully, she has a strong moral foundation and principles that will prevent her from lying or cheating, even if it means admitting failure.

Of course, she will go to the ends of the Earth to try and prove that it was your fault, though. For this reason, it helps that the moon in Capricorn woman finds a partner who is diplomatic and communicative to try and offset this issue.

While She Is Stable in Nature; She May Get Emotionally Unstable

While she is reliable, responsible, trustworthy, and stable, she is both anxious and nervous. Much of her drive and motivation comes from her fear of instability. She doesn’t know how to handle herself when things go wrong, and this can lead to resentment.

Since the moon in Capricorn woman is so afraid of showing her weaknesses, she tucks her feelings away and may feel depressed or anxious because no one understands her.

They might feel lonely and excluded from situations. Friends and family members may even try to deliberately leave her out because they feel she “takes over” plans and gatherings. It’s important that this woman learns how to sit back and let other people take the wheel every now and then. This factor is crucial in both professional and personal situations.

Remember that she holds herself to an incredibly high standard, so she expects the same of everyone else in her life. If you aren’t meeting her expectations, she can quickly turn on you.

That said, moon in Capricorn women also believe in what is right and just, so she is more than willing to reward a job well done. Because of that, she often makes a great parent and partner who recognizes accomplishments but holds you accountable when you’re not pulling your own weight. You won’t get away with setting goals and continuously falling short if you have a moon in Capricorn woman in your life.

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