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Tactful, pleasant, stiff, and opinionated, the Moon in Libra woman combines the fine charms of a Libra with the seductive nature of the Moon. With twists and turns throughout her personality, a Moon in Libra woman can walk away from a man leaving him hooked without even trying. This balance-seeking individual has good taste and won’t settle for less than someone who can match her half of a relationship.

Moon in Libra Woman: An Overview

The Moon in Libra woman is one of high class and superb taste. You won’t find them in a drive-through or wearing anything less than name brand clothing. Their good taste also extends beyond material things and to their relationships as well.

While extremely sensual, a Libra Moon woman looks for an ultimate life partner. She is very secure and stable, so she doesn’t want someone to “complete” her. Rather, she wants someone to be her equal in all ways.

Moon in Libra women can come across as very critical. They desire truth, but they also seek peace and tranquility in their lives. These two vital traits often clash, given that the truth can reveal some very unpeaceful situations. It’s easy for these women to see potential, along with finding faults in something or someone.

One of the upsides to having their Moon in Libra, these women often turn to their inner child to re-evaluate old fears. Doing so allows them to reach a more mature inner balance and contentment, making it easier for them to handle love, commitment, and fulfillment.

As we mentioned, trust is essential for Moon in Libra women. She values justice, balance, and fairness, and if she can see those things in someone, she will feel safe with them. However, once her trust is broken, there’s no turning back.

Strong sensitivity, kindness, and charm are all characteristics often attributed to Moon in Libra women. They love places of beauty, and they enjoy them even more when they can bring their friends along to host a fulfilling and entertaining evening. She will live her life to the fullest and always find a way to have a good time. Between her emotionally confident attitude, her kind spirit, and her impressive mind, some may find that the Moon in Libra woman has the whole package.

Love and Romance

Libra women in Moon are often referred to as pragmatic lovers. They have strong intellectual fervor and like to push the boundaries of their minds. This probably doesn’t sound very sexy, but don’t be fooled; the Moon in Libra woman is a highly sensual and flirtatious individual.

In fact, these women have the capability to be extremely naughty and dirty if they so choose. They have the innate gift of being able to seduce men without even trying. Men are drawn to the Libra woman in Moon, and it’s the whole picture that grabs their attention. From her natural beauty and their charming personality to their kind and fun attitude and confident demeanor, she can give a man a single look and have him chasing after her for more.

Although the beginnings of a relationship with a Libra woman in Moon may be fun, playful, and highly emotional, these women look for more than just a physical relationship from men. She needs both physical and intellectual stimulation to make her feel secure and stable.

When in a relationship, this woman needs someone who can match her wit, spontaneity, and stability all at once. She needs to be able to express her personality through her love and have a good time, but she also has to feel like she’s growing and developing through the relationship.

Because of this, a man looking for a permanent place in her life has to be there for her at all times, highly involved in her life, and overwhelmingly appreciative and supportive.

It’s not just enough to be physically present for this Libra woman. Her partner has to be authentic in their involvement. Someone who can take a genuine interest in what she does and says will win her heart. To her, it’s the real stuff that matters over the superficial.

That’s not to say she doesn’t appreciate other more worldly gestures. In fact, given her luxurious and extravagant taste, it’s likely that this woman will love to be showered with expensive gifts and romantic plans. When it comes to wooing a Moon in Libra woman, your best bet is to go all out.

A successful relationship with a Moon in Libra woman involves a man who reassures her, validates her feelings, and displays that he is trustworthy. If you can do all of that, not only will you get to tag along on all of her outings and adventures, but you will open the door to the depths of her heart.


Though a relationship and a partner is what a Moon in Libra woman truly wants, she has a tendency to let her flirting get a little out of control sometimes. She is a naturally seductive and sensual person, so it’s no great shock that she has a knack for flirting.

She also loves the attention that men give her. So much so that she sometimes lures them in just for the fun of it, and not because she has any real interest in them. Many might see this as a lack of principles, and her partners can find these traits concerning for their relationship. This woman is the cause of a lot of jealousy among men.

Though a Moon in Libra woman prefers a much deeper connection than just sex, that doesn’t mean she’s not invested in your physical relationship. In fact, her sensual nature makes her libido soar, and she’ll likely want you often.

However, like the rest of the relationship, sex has to be mutually enjoyable. If you’re looking for pleasure for yourself and forget about pleasing her, you might as well not have done anything physical with her at all. This Libra woman wants to please you, and she will go out of her way to do so, but she expects you to do the same for her. Otherwise, she won’t go out of her way next time – if there is a next time.

On top of this, a Moon in Libra woman desires an intense emotional connection during intercourse. She needs to feel loved and wanted on the emotional level as well as physical attraction. These women love to feel as though she and her partner become one during sex.

Indecisive Perfectionist

The Moon in Libra woman has two conflicting character traits about her. She wants to be a perfectionist, but she can be highly indecisive. It’s a tough challenge to achieve perfection when you can’t decide what you consider perfect. With ever-changing desires and opinions, this woman can, quite frankly, become very annoying.

The perfectionist side of the Libra sees flaws and downsides in every situation and every person. She can be very negative at times, though she feels she is just thorough and honest. She believes that she deserves the best, so her observances can be pretty critical.

In a lot of cases, this individual might even try to solve the issues that she sees, becoming a “fixer” of sorts. But, there are times when she is able to see a problem and then move past it, as long as it doesn’t disrupt her goals or daily life.

Of course, her indecisive nature takes up a lot of her time. Moon in Libra women are infamous for overthinking everything. They analyze the smallest details and try to predict every possible outcome before making a decision. While this kind of attention to detail can be good and even considered thorough in some instances, most of the time, it’s just frustrating to others.

Learning and Growth

A Moon in Libra woman would do well to learn to control her sensual nature a little bit, at least when she’s in a committed relationship. While she may view her natural desire to flirt as harmless, it can be hurtful to those who trust her and remain loyal to her.

In turn, it’s not uncommon for this woman to inadvertently flirt with another woman’s man. This, too, can cause conflicts among friends and strangers alike. Some couples agree that flirting with another individual is the same as cheating, so she might decide to work on that personal trait so as to save others from emotional pain.

A Libra woman in Moon’s perfectionist nature can also be a negative quality. It’s okay to want to do your very best, but being a perfectionist can cause her to have a low opinion of herself when she fails. This trait also causes her to be very critical of others, making her undesirable to be around at times.

Some positive thinking and relaxing exercises might help this woman learn to calm down and re-evaluate what is truly important in life. Love, understanding, and inner peace have many more benefits than perfection.

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