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The Moon governs our inner emotions, bringing deep-seated feelings and desires to the surface. Pisces men under the influence of the Moon are deeply emotional, and, like the waxing and waning of their ruling planet, their feelings can be ever-changing. Here, we go over how the Moon governs the personality of Pisces men and influences how they choose to live their lives.

How the Moon Affects Pisces Personality

Pisces men are naturally emotional and empathetic, but thanks to their easy-going nature, they’re able to keep their feelings in check most of the time. Under the influence of the Moon, however, this can be more of a challenge. Moon in Pisces men have strong, fleeting emotions that can be difficult to understand. They’re prone to bouts of sadness and melancholy and tend to let negative emotions take a stronghold during tough times.

However, Moon in Pisces men also love to laugh. They have a strong sense of humor and enjoy seeing others smile. The little things in life delight them, and they never pass up an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

Because of his own emotional nature, the Moon in Pisces man is deeply in touch with the emotional state of others. He has a strong sense of intuition and sometimes knows what people need or how they feel before they themselves know.

His ability to walk in the shoes of others with ease gives him a unique outlook on life. He’s empathetic, understanding, and when it comes to conflict, he makes an excellent mediator. He’s able to look at a problem from multiple perspectives and sympathize with everyone involved.

His sensitivity can be a double-edged sword, however. His empathetic side has no off switch, and he can have trouble separating his own emotions from those of others. He absorbs negative energy from everywhere around him and often loses himself in the pain and suffering of the world. Even just watching the news can stress his kindhearted soul.

Because of this, some people see Moon in Pisces men as an easy target for cons and trickery. They’ll almost always be touched by a sob story, whether it’s a relative seeking an imposing favor or a friend demanding a large loan. Moon in Pisces individuals often get taken advantage of because of the naturally compassionate and trusting nature of their star sign.

Fortunately, because the Moon’s influence gives him a strong sense of intuition, the lunar Piscean knows when he’s being strung along. He can easily tell the difference between a person in need and someone trying to manipulate him. Still, he’ll try to help out wherever he can, even if it’s a burden on his shoulders.

Despite the stress it may cause him, the Moon in Mars man feels a strong need to help those in need. The influence of the Moon gives him a nurturing nature, and he feels most fulfilled when taking care of others. He’s influenced by the feminine energy of not only his sign but also that of the Moon.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are naturally creative. They excel in the arts, from drawing and painting to singing and acting. When they feel burdened by their emotions, they often take solace in channeling negative emotions through a creative outlet.

The influence of the Moon adds a touch of dreaminess to the world outlook of a Pisces, which can make them seem detached from reality at times. They’re prone to spacing out, which can be frustrating to those who don’t understand or appreciate their unique point of view.

However, their vivid imagination is a key part of the Moon in Pisces man at his very core. It influences all aspects of his life, including his relationships, his sex life, his passions, and his job. Though he’s not always rational, the Moon in Pisces man is able to think outside the box and solve problems critically.

Moon in Pisces Men in the Workplace

Pisces men are often at home in office settings. Their compassion and emotional intelligence make them adept at playing office politics and climbing up the corporate ladder. They’re also creative and talented individuals who are able to earn attention on merit alone.

Unfortunately, the non-confrontational nature of Pisces men can make it a challenge to earn promotions, raises, and more in the workplace. It’s easy for them to slip under the radar even when giving a job their all. The influence of the Moon only compounds on their emotional insecurity, and so Moon in Pisces men can have trouble succeeding in their chosen field.

If they’re able to get over their initial fear, however, Moon in Pisces men make very capable workers in just about any industry. They tend to excel in the arts, however. Many of the world’s most famous actors, artists, and musicians were born under a Pisces Moon, including Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Prince, and even Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

As Moon in Pisces men rise through the ranks, they tend to find themselves less and less satisfied with their job. Most don’t do well in a high-pressure setting. They also don’t do well in a job that forces them to compromise their ideals or integrity. Moon in Pisces men tend to avoid jobs they see as predatory, such as sales, marketing, and more.

Moon in Pisces men can also have trouble in a managerial setting. Though they’re able to win the respect and admiration of their employees, their emotional and empathetic side can often get the better of them. They have a tendency to get too emotionally involved in their employees or coworkers.

Instead, Moon in Pisces men often thrive when left to their own devices. They prefer to work in solitude, and often find teams tedious, time-consuming, and challenging. Thanks to their strong critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creative approach, they can often achieve great things with little oversight.

Pisces Men, the Moon, and Relationships

Pisces men are kind, friendly, and get along easily with others wherever they go. Thanks to their empathetic nature, they’re understanding and accepting of people from all walks of life. They’re able to see aspects of themselves in others, and as a result, they have an impressive ability to connect on a deep level with friends and strangers alike.

Moon in Pisces men enjoy socializing, but they also value their “me time.” They can be shy and reclusive, often retreating from the world for days or weeks at a time to focus on themselves. However, they always return to their loved ones when they’re ready to do so.

Oftentimes, Moon in Pisces men need to take a break from the people around them because of the toll that each relationship takes on their mental and emotional state. They feel deeply for others, and as such, empathize and sympathize with even the most minor of problems that their loved one faces. They’re constantly impacted by the emotional state of others, and after some time, it can become too exhausting to handle.

When they’re in the mood, however, Moon in Pisces men can be social butterflies. They have a keen sense of humor and revel in making others laugh. They have no trouble making those around them feel valued and included and are very in tune with their wants and needs.

In a romantic relationship, it can be a challenge to keep a Moon in Pisces man in one place. Lunar Pisceans can be as fleeting in their trysts as they are in their emotions, often falling into new relationships quickly and intensely. He may even find himself involved with multiple partners at once.

Though seen by some as cheaters and womanizers, Moon in Pisces men are fiercely faithful when they meet the right person. He needs a partner who has a positive, upbeat attitude, and who can weather his emotional storms. With his ever-changing emotions, he also needs someone who can offer the stability and support that he lacks.

Moon in Pisces men are also looking for a partner who’s as deeply emotional as they are. They need someone who can understand how they feel and keep up with their complex, fleeting whims. His partner must be not only as compassionate as he is but also strong enough to keep both sets of emotions in check.

The influence of the Moon gives the Pisces man a very nurturing nature, especially in long-term relationships with a person that he cares about. When he finds the right partner and settles down, there are few better husbands and father figures than the Moon in Pisces man.

In Summary

Men under the influence of both the Pisces sign and the movements of the Moon are able to tap into their feminine side, embracing emotion and intuition above rationality. They are dreamers and romantics, though sometimes their wide range of emotions can be overwhelming to those around them. They need a partner who understands them to bring out the best of their personality.

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