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A Pisces woman is one who is very kind and compassionate. She cares about people and is very sympathetic to the feelings and needs of others. However, when combined with the moon, this same woman takes on an almost psychic nature with the ability to take in thoughts and feelings like a sponge.

A moon in Pisces woman has many unique traits that can be captivating, as long as you know what to do with them.

An Overview

Although very mature in her emotions, a moon in Pisces woman is often described as childlike. Some of her tendencies are a bit immature, like her immense fear of horror and pure hatred of any kind of cruelty. In both of these aspects and others, she is very sensitive and can sometimes portray herself as a victim.

Her natural state allows her to blend in easily. She doesn’t like to stand out, anyway. She can meld with a team, sink into the background of a public place, and adapt to any lifestyle. She particularly excels in areas of personal care, cooking, and arts and crafts.

A moon in Pisces woman can have a difficult time with her love life. She often goes after the wrong me, experiences intense emotions too quickly, and avoids marital commitment.

However, her intuition makes it easy for her to understand others, which is her source of strength in any relationship, be it friendly, romantic, or family. But since she is vulnerable to emotional trauma, she does require a very patient and kind partner.

Beaming with high levels of energy and enthusiasm, it’s not hard to please a moon in Pisces woman. It’s the little things that excite her, but it’s also the little things that scare her. She will anticipate a simple walk in the park with a loved one, but she will fret over an overly-aggressive individual.

Love Life

Moon in Pisces women are a bit of a conundrum in that they possess psychic-like qualities, but they often find themselves choosing all of the wrong men. They tend to make a habit of selecting every one except for the right one.

The reason behind this is that though they may be extremely intuitive in other areas, their emotions run so deep that they can overlook negative qualities that a man has. She so badly wants a reliable connection in love that she focuses on the good that she can see, rather than keeping herself alert for red flags.

In fact, most relationships that a moon in Pisces woman finds herself, in turn, out to be ones that will never end in marriage. These women are highly susceptible to being fooled by men with no intentions of a committed relationship. She loves the idea of love so much that she will let a man use her for sex, only to wake up in the morning and find he has slipped out in the night.

That being said, a moon in Pisces woman will often mistake sex for true love. Her innocent view of the world can quickly leave her hurt, confused, and alone.

However, once she finally finds true love that ultimately leads to marriage, this kind of Pisces woman becomes exceptionally comfortable and happy. She makes an excellent wife, a wonderful homemaker, and a superb mother to her children.

Though she may be in a steady relationship, she is still vulnerable to emotional pain. It’s easy to hurt her with your words, so it’s important that she finds a man who can handle her with great care and gentleness.

A moon in Pisces is mostly known to be very loyal, but she’s not immune to the temptation of cheating. Her love of love makes her easy prey for the ambitious. If someone continually pursues her with unrelenting affection and attention, she might fall victim to adultery. She easily succumbs to pressure, which is clearly not her most attractive quality.

A moon in Pisces woman whose Venus is in Aries, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Gemini may also be more likely to initiate an affair, cheating on her partner in her own rights.

Problem Solver

A moon in Pisces woman is an intelligent and innovative problem solver. She maintains this quick wit by constantly tapping into her inner child. This part of her is high-energy, enthusiastic, and joyful, leaving her with an adorable, irresistible personality quirk.

Although her childlike side is easily scared by small things, bumps in the night, and horror movies, she is still very ambitious and determined in her own way. While a male moon in Pisces is more prone to giving up, she is the complete opposite, proving that she’s strong and talented enough to make it on her own. It might take her some time, but she won’t back down until she’s victorious.

Because of her psychic nature, this kind of Pisces woman takes on the qualities of a sponge, taking in feelings, attitudes, and motivations. She can read people so easily that it helps her make and mend relationships.

In general, she is good at solving problems – even the most challenging ones. Her mind is creative, imaginative, and visionary. Though her ideas sometimes come across as wildly weird at times, they usually end up working.

And what’s more, not only can she solve problems, but she loves to do it. For this Pisces woman, connecting the dots comes naturally and allows her to use that creative energy that’s just about to boil over in her body.

Though they might be emotionally attached and dependent on their partners, moon in Pisces women are incredibly independent in all the other areas of their life. They don’t need anyone to help them succeed; they are just in love with love because they choose to be.

Emotionally Vulnerable

Emotional vulnerability should be high on your list of priorities when caring for a moon in Pisces woman. Their emotions are intertwined with their very soul, so when someone mishandles them, she can be deeply scarred.

Not only is she sensitive in general, but her high levels of empathy for others can make her take on feelings that she never had in the first place. She could be happy as a clam in her own life, but when she sees someone suffering, she suffers right along with them.

Empathy can be refreshing and comforting in a relationship situation, but sometimes this Pisces’ sensitivity can come across as an attack. If she gets too hurt by something little, you may feel that she has no basis for blaming you. It’s important that you know this about her ahead of time so that you can learn to not take it personally, and also help her work through it.

As we mentioned before, her vulnerability also makes her a prime target for cruel men. While she is brilliant in other life situations, she tends to forget her wits when a smooth-talking gentleman comes her way. Any man who preys on the insecure and vulnerable is instantly attractive to her, and she suffers a lot of emotional damage from this.

Don’t be surprised to hear about a long history of tragic relationships when you get involved with a moon in Pisces woman. But also, don’t forget to be as understanding and empathetic to her as she is to you.

Learning and Growth

A moon in Pisces woman has a lot of growth to do when it comes to emotional stability and self-worth. Her maturity in relationships is sorely lacking in that she has no problem overlooking red flags and bad habits early on.

One thing she needs to learn is that she is more valuable than a man calling her beautiful and sweeping her off her feet. It’s okay to be in love with classic romance, but not to the point where you’ll sleep with every guy who gives you the time of day.

Pisces women who don’t learn this lesson eventually usually end up disappointed, unmarried, or divorced. They reset their dating clocks far too often and can find themselves alone at a late stage in life.

Her sense of empathy can also be something to learn and grow through. Everyone will appreciate her caring and compassionate nature, but enduring so many feelings for so long can be exhausting and mentally draining.

A moon in Pisces woman needs to learn to take the day off every now and then from feeling so much. This can look like a day of pampering at the spa or an evening of mindless television and wine. Whatever it takes to stop thinking about others’ feelings, that’s what these Pisces women need every now and then.

It’s worth it to note that Taurus, Sagittarius, and Capricorn all make a great match for the moon in Pisces woman. These partners are suitable for supporting her strengths and helping her through her flaws. Though no relationship is perfect, these ones will have the magic of the moon on their side. With that, anything is possible.

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