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Most people know Scorpio men as attractive, complex, and utterly mysterious. Under the influence of the Moon’s movements, he can be even more of an emotional enigma. It can take a lifetime to truly know a Moon in Scorpio man, with new and exciting things coming to light each and every day.

A Moon in Scorpio Man’s Personality

Moon in Scorpio men are somewhat at odds with themselves, which can give them a sometimes explosive personality. Their ruling planet, Mars, holds influence over their lives with a strong and passionate masculine energy. The Moon, however, rules over our rich inner selves. It puts us in touch with our minds and souls instead of our bodies.

Moon in Scorpio men are deeply emotional, sometimes to a fault. They tend to lose themselves in their feelings and sometimes retreat into their own minds for a time. They love emotional extremes and tend to stew in strong emotions such as glee, giddiness, depression, and anger. They have a bit of a masochistic side and often make themselves the martyr in arguments.

Because they understand the inner workings of both themselves and others, Moon in Scorpios are compassionate and empathetic people. However, they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. Like most born under the sign of the Scorpion, Moon in Scorpio men are good at hiding their true selves. They rarely let their emotions show through, but instead, hide behind a calm and composed facade.

Often, Moon in Scorpio men come off as cold and aloof. Because they hide their true feelings so well, many around them see them as somewhat robotic. However, for those who know them well, nothing could be further from the truth.

It can take some time for a Moon in Scorpio man to learn to trust a new person, but when he does, he opens up completely. He’s willing to share his emotions with the people he loves, but in return for his vulnerability, he demands complete honesty. Moon in Scorpio men take honor and trust very seriously and expect the same from others that they hold dear.

Thanks to the influence of the Moon, Lunar Scorpios have vivid imaginations. Their passion manifests itself in fantasy, and sometimes, they may seem like they’re off in their own world. They’re prone to daydreaming, which can be frustrating to those around them.

Their imagination gives Moon in Scorpio men a unique way of looking at the world. They’re able to approach problems from a new angle, and often see novel solutions that no one else even dreamed of thinking up. They often take pleasure in creative hobbies and can create great works of art thanks to their passion, dedication, and deep cache of emotions. Many actors, singers, and other artists are Moon in Scorpio men, including Bruce Lee, Will Smith, Bob Marley, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Bono, and more.

Moon in Scorpio Men in the Workplace

Moon in Scorpio men also have the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced work environment. Their ability to take a novel approach to age-old problems makes them a valuable asset that often captures the attention of their superiors. Moon in Scorpio men rise quickly through the ranks, often making their way to the managerial level in just a short span of time.

Moon in Scorpio men make excellent leaders, excelling as bosses and managers in the workplace. Thanks to the influence of the Moon, they have the empathy and intuition to gain the respect of all of those around him, while the strong, masculine energy of Mars keeps him from getting too emotionally involved. He’s also able to remain calm in the face of an emergency and keep operations running smoothly.

When they’re climbing the corporate ladder, Moon in Scorpio men don’t always play fair. While they value honesty, they’re not necessarily above using manipulation and mind games to get ahead. They may make some enemies with their ruthless methods, but with their keen intellect and interpersonal skills, Moon in Scorpio men are often natural-born pros when it comes to office politics.

The only situation where Moon in Scorpio men tend to stagnate is when they’re subjected to monotonous or routine work. They crave stimulation, and without it, tend to stagnate. Instead of a stable desk job, they prefer the exciting and unexpected. Even if it means working in a high-stress environment, Moon in Scorpio men would rather be running around putting out fires than twiddling their thumbs at a desk.

Moon in Scorpio Men and Relationships

Moon in Scorpio men have a natural magnetism that attracts people from all walks of life. They’re confident, self-assured, and not afraid to put themselves out there. They often have large social circles, though they tend to have more acquaintances than close friends.

When Moon in Scorpio men enter into a serious relationship, they’re in it for the long haul. While they aren’t opposed to casual flings, deep down, they crave a stable emotional bond with someone else. Because they have trouble opening up, once they find someone that they love and trust, they’ve often unwilling to let go.

While their passion and intensity can be exciting for some, others may find their possessive nature somewhat oppressive. Moon in Scorpio men can be jealous individuals, even of strictly platonic relationships. They may even track their partner, go through their phone, or otherwise pry into their personal life if they sense even the slightest hint of betrayal.

When a Moon in Scorpio man is betrayed by his partner, he rarely takes it well. He considers a breach of trust to be one of the worst things a human can do to another. If a friend, lover, or even family member lies to him or deceives him in any way, he may never forgive them. In extreme cases, he won’t hesitate to cut toxic influences out of his life entirely. He may even go so far as to take revenge for a slight, real or perceived.

The Moon in Scorpio man will go to extreme lengths to ensure that he’s chosen a trustworthy, faithful partner in the early stages of a relationship. He often gives his partner small tests, such as tempting them to cheat, goading them into a fight, or even giving them the cold shoulder. If a potential partner passes all of his tests, he’ll be more than willing to dive headfirst into a lifelong relationship.

Scorpio men make strong, stable partners thanks to the unwavering masculine energy of Mars. However, the somewhat volatile feminine energy of the Moon also makes them compassionate and yielding. It gives them a nurturing nature that makes them excellent husbands and fathers.

The influence of Mars also makes Scorpio men deeply sexual beings. They exude an aura of sensuality that draws others in wherever they go, and they have no trouble connecting with others on a purely physical level. The movements of the Moon, on the other hand, bring out the often well-hidden emotional side of a Scorpio man, however.

In love and sex, a Moon in Scorpio man doesn’t crave just the physical. He desires an emotional and spiritual connection with his partner as well. Otherwise, the time that they share seems hollow and unsatisfying to him.

Moon in Scorpio men tend to heavily equate sex and emotion, and often have trouble separating the two. He has trouble opening up to others, which can make it difficult for him to find emotional security within a relationship. Instead, he relies on physical expression to connect with his lover on a deeper level.

Without satisfying, emotional sex, the Moon in Scorpio man may feel disconnected from his partner or the relationship. He may also begin to feel insecure in his emotions and withdraw in on himself, which can quickly lead to the decay of an otherwise healthy relationship.

A Scorpio man needs a partner who has the emotional intelligence and stability to deal with the turmoil boiling beneath the surface of his calm facade. His partner should be willing to compromise but also able to stand up for herself and call him out on his nonsense.

Whoever he’s with must also be an expert communicator. While Moon in Scorpio men are in touch with their inner selves, they have trouble with outward expression. They need someone who knows how to coerce them into opening up and who they know they can trust not to tease or judge them.

In the bedroom, his partner should be as open and adventurous as he is. Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship to a Moon in Scorpio man, and he may feel neglected or languish without enough of it. He needs someone who is giving, willing to step outside of their comfort zone, and who can keep up with his stamina.

In Conclusion

The movements of the Moon can have a significant influence over a Scorpio man’s life, from his personality to his relationships. Both masculine and feminine energy flow through him, helping to soften his natural strength, power, and poise. In matters of love, he’s just as passionate as in other areas of his life and seeks a partner with whom he can share his entire world.

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