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Moon in Scorpio women are as mysterious as they are alluring, and they can be difficult to read at times. It takes time and dedication to break through the tough outer shell that they hide behind, but once you do, you’ll find that she makes a fiercely loyal and compassionate companion.

How Does the Moon Affect a Scorpio Woman’s Personality?

In astrology, the Moon rules over our inner selves. It brings forth feelings and desires that we normally keep hidden deep down, and urges us to wear our hearts on our sleeves. This is in direct contrast with Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio, whose masculine energy encourages strength and stoicism.

Moon in Scorpio women are often deeply in touch with their own emotions, even though they may be volatile and fleeting at times. She’s able to understand the inner state of herself, and by extension, others. She can be a very compassionate and empathetic individual and has no trouble putting herself in someone else’s shoes.

However, Moon in Scorpio women, like most Scorpios, try to hide their true feelings behind a calm, cool, and collected mask. Despite the whirlwind of emotions that may be brewing under the surface, Scorpio women almost always come off as composed.

Her calm demeanor is what makes Moon in Scorpio women often appear so mysterious. Because they tend to keep their feelings hidden, it can be difficult for those who don’t know them well to get a good read. For some, this can be an intimidating quality, while others find it alluring.

It takes time for a Scorpio woman to feel comfortable opening up emotionally to a new person, whether it’s a friend or a lover. The influence of the Moon may put them closer in touch with their inner selves, but despite their tremendous strength of self, Scorpio women are still vulnerable at heart. It’s no small feat to earn their trust, but once they put their faith in someone, they’re a loyal companion for life.

Instead of being open about their feelings with others, Scorpio women tend to express themselves more abstractly. They often prefer to use their natural creativity as an emotional outlet. Thanks to the influence of the Moon, they’re deeply in touch with their artistic and imaginative side.

Moon in Scorpio women also love to express themselves through dress. While the influence of the Moon gives her a vivid imagination and a unique fashion sense, her ruling planet Mars gives her the boldness she needs to embrace her style. Moon in Scorpio women aren’t afraid to break the mold and be themselves. Many are trendsetters, with some of the biggest fashion icons in today being Moon in Scorpio women, including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor, and many more.

In addition to her creative side, the Moon in Scorpio woman is also highly intelligent and analytical. She’s able to think critically while at the same time venturing outside the box. This makes her an excellent problem solver, and people often turn to her for advice in times of crisis.

Office Life for the Moon in Scorpio Woman

Thanks to her critical thinking skills, the Moon in Scorpio woman is a valuable asset in just about any workplace. She’s often able to bring a unique perspective to the table, and she’s not afraid to make her voice heard. Many times, her advice and her warnings turn out to be warranted. She’s an important voice in the office, and people tend to respect her ideas and her opinions.

Though Moon in Scorpio women can excel in any role, they thrive in management. They’re natural-born leaders. Often, they work best under pressure and love running from one fire to the next each day. They’re also able to maintain their composure even in a high-stress situation or an emergency.

Moon in Scorpio women prefer the excited and unexpected to the routine and prefer a position that challenges their sharp intellect at every turn. Instead of performing the same task each day, they like to dabble in a little bit of everything at work.

Unfortunately, the headstrong nature of the Moon in Scorpio woman can get her in trouble in the office. When she’s upset, she’s not afraid to rock the boat to make it known. She also has some trouble with authority. Scorpio women don’t always like following orders, and thanks to the influence of the Moon, they tend to trust their gut more than someone else’s word.

If she feels that her voice is valued, however, the Moon in Scorpio woman is able to settle into any workplace. Her confidence and magnetic personality win her friends throughout the office, and she tends to rise quickly through the ranks thanks to both her strong skill set and her personable nature.

How Does the Moon Influence a Scorpio Woman’s Relationships?

Often, Scorpio women prefer their own company to that of others. Though they’re alluring, they tend to be withdrawn. The influence of the Moon can help to draw them out of their shell somewhat, helping them to open up in social settings and be more amenable to the idea of making new friends.

The Moon in Scorpio woman has a magnetic personality thanks to her confidence and headfirst approach to life. For many, it’s hard not to notice her. She’s seductive, alluring, and at times can seem larger than life. This draws in a large social circle of friends and admirers wherever she goes. However, for some, the Moon in Scorpio woman can be intimidating, and so they avoid her.

Moon in Scorpio women are deeply in touch with their inner selves and their emotions, which gives them the tools they need to understand others. They’re highly intuitive and in tune with the emotional state of those around them. Their ability to read and understand people makes them even more popular.

While many potential partners might go after a Moon in Scorpio woman, she by no means dates around casually. She’s very picky about her partners and not afraid to turn down her suitors. The Mars in Scorpio woman is well aware of her allure, and she rarely worries about being able to find a suitable date.

If she has her sights set on someone in particular, it can be difficult for them to reject her advances. The Moon in Scorpio woman isn’t always traditional in her approach to dating, and thanks to her bold nature, she is more than willing to act as the aggressor in a relationship. She’s not afraid to pursue someone until she gets what she wants.

Moon in Scorpio women are looking to settle down for life, and as such, she’s often very careful in new relationships. She doesn’t want to waste her time on someone who will end up being a poor match. The smallest of slights can send her packing, especially in the first few weeks with a partner.

Women born under the Scorpio sign take trust and fidelity very seriously, and of all the mistakes a partner can make, they consider lying and deceit to be the ultimate betrayal. Scorpio women don’t forgive easily, and they can hold a grudge for a lifetime if given a chance. They’ll rarely return to a partner who’s deceived them in the past.

Often, Moon in Scorpio women will test out any new partner at the beginning of a relationship to see if they’d make a worthwhile partner. Either consciously or subconsciously, they need their significant other to prove their worth. Moon in Scorpio women are only willing to give their entire selves to those who pass their tests.

When they enter into a long-term relationship, Moon in Scorpio women can be some of the most devoted of all lovers. The Moon also imparts a strong nurturing nature that makes them strong and capable wives and mothers.

At times, however, their devotion can border on obsession. Moon in Scorpio women are prone to jealousy, but thanks to their strong composure, they’re good at hiding their true feelings from their partner.

What Moon in Scorpio Woman Want

Moon in Scorpio women need a significant other who complements their sometimes withdrawn personality. They need someone who can draw them out of their shell and get them to open up about their feelings. They also need a partner who they know they can trust, and who is as honest and trustworthy as they are.

Because Moon in Scorpio women approach relationships with intensity, they need someone who’s mellow enough to handle their somewhat extreme nature. Their significant other has to be willing to compromise, and sometimes, to step outside of their comfort zone.

While Moon in Scorpio women can be a challenge to handle in a relationship, they make each day exciting. They approach life with a passion and vigor that often energizes their partner and fills their entire home with positive energy. Though it can take time to get her to open up, welcoming a Moon in Scorpio woman into your life is well worth the effort.

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