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You probably already know about your sun sign. It’s what people typically want to know when they ask you, “What’s your zodiac sign?”

However, there’s a lot more to your zodiac than you may realize — including your moon sign. If you’re a man and your moon is in Taurus, this article will help you better understand why your personality is the way it is. If you’re someone else trying to understand how a moon in Taurus man operates, use this article as your guide.

What Does “Moon” Mean in Zodiacs?

You have your sun, moon, and rising in astrology.

  • Your sun is your main zodiac sign. If you were born on August 24th, that means you were a Virgo. If you were born on May 15th, you’re a Taurus, and so on. Your sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, so if you were born under Taurus, you might be more prone to stubbornness than someone with a Cancer sun would be.You can tell what your sun sign by looking at the dates on a zodiac chart and seeing where your birthday lies.
  • Your moon sign determines your emotional world. It’s a bit harder to calculate, so it’s often best left to online calculators. You’ll need to know where and what time you were born, though.So if you have a Leo sun and Taurus moon, you’ll probably have the traits of a Leo mixed with the emotional nature of a Taurus, so you can be a natural leader and love compliments (Leo) while having a prickly-yet-sweet emotional nature (Taurus).
  • Your rising, also known as ascendant, is also best determined by an online calculator. Your rising sign governs the way people see you, how you compose yourself, and the general impression you leave on others.

If you’re not sure where you were born or at what time, ask your guardian as they’re likely to know. Then plug that information as well as your birthday into an online calculator, and you should know the results. They all roughly work the same, so any pick is fine.

Moon in Taurus for Men Meaning

Your Personality Facilitates Attracting Abundance

Yes, you can be a little abrasive and rough around the edges. Perhaps you’re not the friendliest at first when you’re having one of your moods, or you tend to maintain steadily manicured disorganized chaos in your room or office. These are the traits that others can find a bit annoying but worth getting past because of your dazzling inner world.

Your inner world is filled with kindness, selflessness, and care for others. You can put on airs that you don’t care about the people around you — a younger coworker who acts annoying. But if someone strikes your soft-spot, you will love them and be there for them no matter what. You might fall into a mentor role for that younger, spunky coworker, for example.

This intrinsic care and concern for others breed positivity because people like knowing that you give a crap about them. This leads to more positive thoughts and actions in your favor, which boosts your vibrational frequency.

The Law of Attraction works on the foundation of vibrational frequency. You’ve probably already heard of the Law of Attraction — likes attract likes. So if you surround yourself with positive energy, you tend to attract positive results in your life, such as a good partner, job, or living situation.

You cultivate this positive energy in two ways: your thoughts and your actions, as those are the only two things in life that you can control.

Your thoughts are perhaps more important than your actions as your thoughts subconsciously influence your actions. If you think positively about yourself, you tend to feel more confident and act as such. Your positive thoughts alter the way people see you upon first meetings, which can lead to later interactions that work in your favor.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your mental space is the most positive and helpful to your goals as possible so that you can attract abundance. But even if you still had self-deprecating thoughts sometimes, you can still control how kindly you treat others.

For Moon in Taurus men, kind actions to others come naturally to you. At a restaurant, for example, you would share your food with a friend who can’t eat because the cooks messed up their food. You wouldn’t think twice about having a slightly worse situation so that someone else can be more comfortable or happy. It’s why people are able to look past your prickly exterior.

That’s why your personality makes it easier for you to succeed in life. You don’t have the negative cloud that makes people not want to support you and help you on your journey to success. People like you and want to do favors for you because you’re such an intrinsically good person.

Your Self-Worth is Connected to Your Material Possessions

Let’s face the facts — you like things. Big things, small things, expensive things, affordable things because they were on sale, all sorts of things. You like going shopping and coming home with bags filled with new things.

And the more expensive those things are, the more you feel like you made it in life. You idolize people who have expensive houses and clothes and watches and phones because you know that they had to have a lot of money to buy those things. You want to have a high-paying job so that you can feel wealthy and afford to buy all the items you want.

Not being able to buy things makes you feel bad and like you’re still a child. You don’t want to feel restricted. You want to have no restrictions for your materialistic wants, so you work hard to be able to live comfortably and not fear looking at your bank statement the next time you go shopping.

You Find Comfort Through Bodily Pleasures

Others like cerebral pleasures, like reading a complicated book or having philosophical debates with others. While you can engage with such activities once in a while, they’re not your preferred mode of pleasure.

Instead, you’re a hedonist, which means you like things that please your body instead of your brain. You like things that look, sound, taste, smell, and feel good. You like expensive chocolates because of the sweet, airy taste behind them. You like high-quality clothes because of the softer feel against your skin.

While others can get by with just a mattress on the ground and a chair to sit in, you need more plush living arrangements, which is why you carefully craft your home environment to be the most comfortable. You’re not able to grit your teeth and bear discomfort, which is why you work hard to ensure the most lavish life possible.

It’s Hard to Move You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Because of your affinity to material and bodily pleasures, it’s hard to make yourself do things that don’t feel good.

If you don’t like jogging, for example, it’s hard to make yourself start because of the uncomfortable state of being out of breath, your strained muscles, and stitch in your side. It would take one kick-ass runner’s high to make you continue. Though you know it’s healthy to exercise regularly; it’s not easy to make such a drastic shift out of your comfort zone.

You like familiarity and dislike interruptions, which is why you usually order the same few things on a restaurant menu and watch the same type of movie. You like knowing how things will end because surprises tend to make you uncomfortable.

This is why you being a Moon in Taurus man makes it hard for you to self-actual and grow. Growth necessitates discomfort so that your brain and body can adjust. If you can’t make yourself get out of your comfort zone, you might find yourself falling into a rut later in life.

Dating a Moon in Taurus Man

Now that you know a bit about how you operate, here’s the best way to date.

Go For the Classic Date Spots

When you were younger, you probably fantasized about going on dates with people like they did in the movies — at cafes, at the movies, on the beach. You like tradition in that sense and don’t like out-of-the-box date ideas. The traditional location means you’re less worried about what crazy thing will happen next and focus more on wooing your date.

You Prefer Slower-Moving Relationships

There are some people who can progress their relationship quickly and be fine. We’re talking about practically moving in by the third date. You need more time and distance at first before getting closer with your partner.

This means taking time in between the initial few dates and having some emotional distance before building that deep bond. Fast-paced relationships can make you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

You Need Monogamy

Moon in Taurus men tend to give all their energy to one romantic partner. You can split it up among other people the way others can do. You need to know that your partner will be loyal to you in return.

Those were some of the most important things to know about Moon in Taurus men. We hope you found it helpful.

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