MrBboy45 Call of Duty: Warzone Settings, Keybinds & Setup


MrBboy45’s real name is Quentin D. MrBboy45 is a gamer . One can find on its chain horrifying adventures, videos on various FPS (alone or with the COD, a group of friends Youtubers), but also on Minecraft. He is very active on Twitter and sometimes competes on it. He participated in the creation of the LevelDown stream platform.
On July 7, 2015, it reached the milestone of 1,000,000 million subscribers. But, unfortunately, that day, he received many negative opinions on the video he had just released.
MrBboy45 has still not shown in real life but we can see his girlfriend MsBgirl45 appear in one of his videos (the E3).
He has a live replay channel. This channel named MrBboy45 In Live has 493,567 subscribers in September 2021 for 52,643,346 views and 768 videos in September 2021.

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