November 18 Zodiac Sign: Birthday Horoscope, Personality, Compatibility


Realizing your true potential in life can be difficult for most but does not need to be impossible.  The true potential one is given is often outlined before your birth and granted on the day you are born.  With the zodiac signs and symbols, we are given the universal gifts to reach our true potential, if only we fully understand them.

Those born on November 18th are born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the symbol of the Scorpion.  The Scorpio sign can be seen as aggressive and influential and the symbol of the Scorpio brings mystery and power.  Those born between October 23 and November 21 fall into this range of personality traits.  As those born November 18th fall into the end of the spectrum, they may also receive gifts from the following zodiac symbols as well as the Scorpion.

When born on November 18th, you are a consistent and authoritative person.  You love the arts and are creative.  You wish to improve yourself and develop as a well-rounded person.  These qualities are wonderful to have and can be improved over time which makes you an attractive and interesting person that is sought after.

You are a focused person that has intent behind every action.  You know what needs to be done and how to reach your goals. Every action has an intention, and with this focus you are able to have a driven and motivated personality and reach your goals.

The strongest personality trait of those born November 18th is that of charm and social ability.  You are a friendly and outgoing person which many find appealing.  You are intuitive and focused, calm and serene. These personality traits allow you to be a good friend who is low key and drama free.

Planetary Powers

The planets Pluto and Mars rule over the Taurus sign and those born November 18th.  The planetary powers bring a creative and attentive disposition to those born on this day.   You can use the powers of the planets to aid you in your motivation and courage in the event you need a push.

The planets bring you the ability to make good judgements.  The pull brings you awareness and understanding.  When you are aware of others, and aware of your surroundings, you are able to exhibit good judgement.  With your good judgment you make decisions that impact your success and the happiness of those around you.  Bringing the planetary pulls to align with your natural temperament, you enhance your good fortune.

Elements and Symbols

Each astrological sign offers a series of elements and symbols that bring or enhance powers to those born on a particular date.  The elemental powers work with your natural tendencies but can only be enhanced when you acknowledge and work with them.

The astrological symbol of the Scorpio is the Scorpion.  The symbol fits the sign in this case, and the symbol can bring an element of surprise to those born under it.  The scorpion brings mystery, risk, aggression and power to those born November 18th.

While these traits are generally seen as negative, you can work them into positive traits when using in your favor.  You can gain power and control through focus and direction.  You can have the element of surprise by being spontaneous and adventurous.

The opposite sign of the Scorpio is the Taurus.  The Taurus helps to balance the elemental strengths of the Scorpio and keep the negative from veering to far behind the positive.  The Taurus bring a sense of resource and optimism to the Scorpio, disengaging the tendency to be wasteful and negative, aggressive and manipulate.  The Taurus can help the balancing of these traits among friends, coworkers or romantic partners.

The ruling element of those born November 18th is that of water.  The element highlights the power and purpose of the Scorpio, but the also the light and fluid disposition that will allow the Scorpio to remain true.  The element of water suggests a fluidity to life that brings flexibility, but the element may also freeze or melt depending upon its environment.  Similar to the Scorpio disposition, the balance must be in place to ensure the universal powers are in place.

The ruling house is the eight house and the ruling body is the planet Pluto.  These aspects bring a sense of materialism, transformation, influence and flexibility.  Being born on November 18th is a constant battle for equilibrium of positive traits, and this planetary and house pull bring you the balance needed to keep your path righteous.

Personality Traits

Each person has a general personality based upon their lineage and social status, your intelligence and the culture in which you live.  These traits rarely change but can develop positively over time.  Coupled with astrological gifts, one’s personality can be strong or weak, desirable or aggressive.

Those with the birth date of the 18th tend to have the motto of “I desire”.  The desire brings a passion for life, intellect, wealth, friendships and possessions.  The desire can be either positive or negative depending upon one’s natural disposition.  One who has a calm disposition may trust that their desires will be met through hard work and not become selfish and demanding.

On the other hand, the motto of “I desire” may lead one to become selfish and aggressive, controlling and domineering.  One should be careful to keep their desires true and modest.  Focusing on hard work and creative endeavors may bring the Scorpio the ability to balance the desire and the universal need of humility among men.

Those born on November 18th are hardworking and focused people.  With a strong drive and sense of motivation they become successful in all areas of life.  Charming and attentive, these people are sought after and enjoyed by all those around them.  Being born on this day, you enjoy your friends and not simply the attention you receive from them.

You are an artistic and creative person full of new ideas and innovations.  You are personable and happy, eager and graceful.  These qualities bring you to be strong and active, fit and healthy.  You have energy and bravery that bring you to be confident in most all things.  You are intelligent and intuitive.

Those born November 18th are able to debate most all topics and win with their convictions.  They have a strong sense of values and expect others to be esteemed as well.

Those under the sign of Scorpio tend to be ambassadors of social justice.  Between their intelligence and charm and their ability to debate, the Scorpio brings strength to those who are suffering disparity of treatment.

Those born this day are champions of change and work hard to allow for the positive attributes of life to come to all people.  Depend upon the Scorpio to hold fundraisers and clothing drives, or work as lawyers and social advocates for the less fortunate.

When born on November 18th, you are a calm and cool person.  You are willful and occasionally aggressive, but only in terms of self-defense.  You are able to use your aggressive gifts to win arguments or display control in tough situations.  During every day situations you are able to keep your cool and remain emotionally collected.  These traits bring you to be brave and courageous, not afraid of any one or any thing.

You are not an insecure person, which serves you well.  Without the burden of insecurity, those born on November 18th are able to remain focused and confident in all situations.  This focus brings you to do well in your life.

Others in your work and home life see your determination as a positive attribute and rely upon you to keep them safe and secure.  The confidence and security you bring the home and career brings you the respect and admiration you deserve.

Positive attributes of the Scorpio:

  • Great multi tasker
  • Confident
  • Caring
  • Secure
  • Determined
  • Focused
  • Adventurous
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Logical

Negative traits of the Scorpio:

  • Jealous
  • Aggressive
  • Surprising
  • Possessive
  • Spiteful
  • Resentful
  • Holds a grudge
  • Quick to lash out
  • Difficult to make friends

Bringing together the positive and negative attributes of one’s sun sign can help bridge the positivity of all areas of your personality.  Reigning in the possessive and aggressive nature of your personality can help to bring out the flexible and enjoyable areas of your personality.

Letting go of your hurt feelings or negative thoughts can allow more room for you to grow and develop into a person that is open, forgiving and honorable. Knowing how to utilize the best of each attribute will bring those born November 18th to the highest levels of universal peace.

Love and Compatibility

When born on November 18th, you are given the innate ability to be sensual, attractive, charming, and full of passion. Directing these traits towards a relationship allow you to be an attentive partner that keeps life interesting.  As a mysterious person, you must balance secret and deception with simple mystery and adventure.

To become a more sensible partner in a relationship you must develop a strong sense of empathy for those around you.  Thinking of others and focusing outside of yourself can be tough for those born November 18th but to be the best partner in your relationship, you must develop and hold these qualities.  You do not wish to seem weak or vulnerable to others but being empathetic and tolerant is not the same as being weak.

For those who wish to win the heart of the Scorpio, you must be able to adapt to change.  Yo must be willing to be spontaneous, be a bit of a risk taker, and be tolerant of a partner who may not show affection.  The Scorpio is a good partner in a romantic sense, but they simply have a personality that takes some adjustment.

The Scorpio means well, the potential partner must simply bring out their affections and they vulnerabilities without scaring them off by making them feel weak or judged.

Partners born on November 18th are joyful and passionate people.  While they may be difficult to fully understand and blend with, over time you will adapt to their personality and preferences.  Becoming friends first may help the Scorpio to adapt to a relationship in a non-threatening way and develop further from there.  Having a strong base of friendship first will allow the Scorpio to remain confident and trusting in their relationship.

Those born on the dates of 3, 5, 6, 12, 14, 15, 21, 23, 24, and 31 are the most compatible with those born on November 18th.  Having a strong celestial compatibility brings a luck to the relationship.

Luck and compatibility bring favor to all while helping you to reach your universal intentions.  Those born on these dates are seen as being directed by the universe to stick together. The powers of numerology bring numbers together to form a message or code from the universe.  These codes help you to determine the path set forth to you from the higher powers.

You may use these codes to your advantage when finding a partner.  When someone is born on these dates, you are being shown by the universe that you are a good match for each other and the higher powers agree.  With these universal matches you are best able to reach your relationship goals and remain at peace and with stability.


Those born on November 18th tend to make strong partners in a relationship, however, in friendships, they tend to have difficulty making friends.  Perhaps due to their aggressive demeanor, or their attractiveness, others may find the Scorpio to be intimidating.  Making friends is difficult for the Scorpio to their over bearing way of thinking and their aggressive attitudes.

Potential friends may also be put off by the Scorpio seeing weakness in others.  The scorpion symbol brings a sense of power to the Scorpio and these people do not wish to surround themselves who may lessen their strength or power, therefore making them weak.  The Scorpio may also tend to lash out at those who have varying opinions and attitudes.


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