Our Employees Proudly Served in the Name of Dr. King


January 23, 2021

From refreshing the grounds around a historic landmark to providing food and necessities to dozens of homeless people, the employees at FE Small Business Finance stepped up to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week.

  • In San Diego, we took part in the MLK Day of Interfaith Service at Balboa Park’s Marston House. We joined hundreds of volunteers at the historic home, which became a museum in 1987, to rake leaves and pick up brush, clearing the way for flowers and trees to be planted. 
  • In Riverside, we distributed totes for 50 homeless people. The bags included a meal, snacks, warm clothing, a first-aid kit and lots of toiletries like combs, soap and toothbrushes. Families joined in too, helping to assemble the bags.
  • In Irvine, we went to the Orange County Food Bank for the third year, thanks to Mark Hogan’s wife, Mary, who is an active volunteer at the charity. 
  • In Los Angeles, Marsel Watts supported one of our borrowers, Nay’s Tacos, at a parade in honor of Dr. King. Marsel volunteered as Nay’s, a food truck, served up goodies for one of the parade participants, Blue Cross.

Multiple times a year FE Small Business Finance gives employees the chance to band together to complete projects that benefit local groups in need. 

“ FE hires employees that value giving back to the communities we serve,” said Erin Hebert, executive vice president of administration and human resources. “Volunteering is a cherished part of our culture and we love working together as a group making a difference for others.”

Take a look at some of the scenes as FE Small Business Finance employees did their part on MLK Day 2021:

Balboa Park in San Diego

 FE Small business finance King MLK Volunteer

Rich Kraus, Laura Grasse and Kurt Chilcott.

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer MLK

April Vercammen and Natalie Moreno lift a tarp filled with brush and pine needles.

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Hannah Snowden, Nader Damerji, Natasha Barragan, Capree Waters and Jerralyn Davis plant a flowerbed.

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

James Toomey doing some heavy lifting.

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Letting off steam after a rewarding morning.

Parade for Dr. King in Los Angeles

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Marsel Watts with Naleisha Webb of Nay’s Tacos at a Los Angeles King Day parade.

Bags for Homeless People in Riverside

 FE Small business finance King MLK Volunteer

Some of our Riverside team with their families and the boxes of food to be shared. Left back, Kisha Gant, and Natalie Visk; center back, from left to right, Amy Vasquez in stripes, Patty Diaz, Kelly Kincade; back right, April Mitchell. Kneeling, on left, Dina Springer and Denise Garcia; kneeling, on right, Evangelina Vargas.


 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Families joined in to lend a hand in Riverside. (Note: the featured photo on the post shows the team distributing the bags.)

Support for the Orange County Food Bank

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Faces in the crowd, er, tree, at the food bank. From left to right: Shelli Hayman, Amy Du, Maribel Avena, Noe Castillo, Tina Henry and Stacey Sanchez. Watching over the tree: Mark Hogan, standing.

 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

Amy Du, front, with Maribel Avena, ready to pack some boxes.


 FE Small Business Finance volunteer King MLK

No tree for Mark Hogan – he stands alone as Captain Nutrition instead.

In case you missed it:


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