Photos That Look Like Accidental Renaissance Paintings


Renaissance artwork is instantly recognizable for characteristics like dramatic composition and a striking contrast between light and dark. Sometimes, these elements unexpectedly pop up in modern-day images. Reddit users have created a subreddit called Accidental Renaissance to share these striking photos. Here are some of the best examples of accidental Renaissance paintings.

Shrouded Man in Repose

Via Reddit

According to the Redditor who shared this photo: “Friend took this photo of me napping the other day, was told I should post it here.”

The Selfie

Via Reddit

If it weren’t for the woman holding the cell phone, we would say with absolute certainty that this image really came from the Renaissance period.

“The Passion of the Slice”

Via Reddit

The composition and lighting (not to mention those looks of ecstasy on their faces!) make this the perfect example of the meme.

“13th Attempt to Break the Gaza Blockade by Sea”

Via Reddit

The pose captured in this photojournalistic image suggests classic Renaissance paintings of war heroes.

“Saint Dad, Our Father of Newborn”

Via Reddit

Parents everywhere will recognize the exhaustion depicted in this image.


Via Reddit

The look of anguish on the husky’s face is timeless.

“Brokering the Candy”

Via Imgur

Trading Halloween candy is a fairly modern activity, but this scene looks positively historic.

“Signing Their Wedding License in a Bar”

Via Reddit

All four of the people in this photo are in such dramatic poses that the scene almost looks posed.

“Supper at Home”

Via Reddit

When a casual meal at home becomes a work of art.

“The Ballet”

Via Reddit

These soccer players’ synchronized movements are the epitome of grace.

“Exhausted Boyfriend in the Jungle”

Via Reddit

Michelangelo would be pulling out his paint brushes to capture this scene.

“The Battle of Walmart”

Via Reddit

This Black Friday image could easily be a massive battle scene.

“War of the Melon”

Via Reddit

The poses make the melon look like the world’s most valuable treasure.

“Friends Helping Newly Engaged Couple After Ring Drops Into a Pond”

Via Reddit 

This unexpected engagement shot might just be the most unique photo in their wedding album.

“Victorian Mob”

Via Reddit

This photo looks so much like a painting that we don’t blame you for doing a double-take.

“We’ll Be Home Soon”

Via Reddit

Classic cat ladies never go out of style.

“The Modern Mona Lisa”

Via Reddit

Mona Lisa is alive and well, everyone.

“My Son and I Caught in a Storm”

Via Reddit

This mother and child scene is Renaissance at its finest.

“The Storyteller”

Via Reddit

Renaissance painters would kill for composition like this.

“Home Run Ball”

Via Reddit

The agony and the ecstasy of the ball game.

“The Fall of the Tower”

Via Reddit

Jenga has finally earned its place on the art museum’s walls.

“The Sub-Aquatic Struggle”

Via Reddit

The glory of the water polo game.

“The Shredding of the Painting”

Via Reddit

In this compelling scene, art auction-goers witness a Banksy painting being shredded—right after it was auctioned off for millions of dollars. Their expressions are timeless.

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