Pisces Woman: Love, Personality Traits And More


The Pisces woman is dreamy and mystical. She’s a mermaid who goes with the flow while keeping her eye on the prize.

Many easygoing people are perceived as lazy. Although the Pisces woman isn’t outwardly ambitious, she is always observing the world around her, using her reflections to guide her. She doesn’t seek fame, success or fortune. Her mission is to uncover the deeper meaning in everything that she experiences.

Therefore, she can seem flighty to the untrained eye. When you get to know her, you’ll understand that she is romantic, inquisitive and connected with her inner desires. She lets her intuition guide her, and her path is clear to her even if others can’t see it.

Your Dreams Are Your Escape

As a Pisces, you may find yourself off in dreamland even in the middle of the day. Life can be hard, and you don’t like dealing with conflict. Therefore, you might turn to creative pursuits to get your mind off of the doldrums of the everyday.

People will often find you with your nose in a book or your headphones on. You might be meditating or immersed in the creation of a new art piece. You use creativity and fantasy to create a better world than the one in which you live.

This can make you look inattentive. You often have a faraway look in your eyes.

In reality, you have created a way to manage to live in a world that doesn’t always meet your optimistic expectations. From your perspective, creating an imaginary realm to hold your ideals is a way to find balance between harsh reality and utopia.

You Can See What’s Real

The Pisces woman is extremely intuitive. She may hear, see, feel, taste and smell things that are not coming to her from this world. She understands that tapping into these sensations can bring her messages from the universe or other dimensions. She uses her intuition as a stepping stone for deep exploration.

This is a benefit when it comes to listening to her gut. She often knows things before they make themselves known. Therefore, she finds it easy to make decisions and continue confidently on her life’s journey.

The Pisces woman can also read people easily. She can tell when you’re lying. Don’t try to fool her by pretending to be someone you’re not. She will see right through you.

On the other hand, you might not always see things so clearly. Having a Pisces woman in your life can help you understand your own emotions. A Pisces can often tell what you’re feeling because she feels it through you. If you’re trying to make a big decision or need advice about whether to take a new job or break up with your boyfriend, you can get good advice from a Pisces woman.

This strong intuition can be confusing for a Pisces woman. Although the truth is often in front of her, she may find it hard to discern when she’s feeling her own emotions or someone else’s. She can go from happy to sad at the drop of a hat with no clear impetus for the dramatic shift.

As a Pisces woman, you may feel like you’re always on a roller coaster. Your mood significantly affects the way that you engage with the world at any given moment.

The disadvantage to this is that you don’t always feel understood. Other people may walk on eggshells around you until they know what kind of mood you’re in that day. The advantage to your intense emotional variations is that you bounce back from negativity quickly. You don’t tend to stay in one emotional place for long.

You’re A Giver

The Pisces woman is generous, often to a fault. She will give her love, time and energy to those who need it more than she does. This can lead to burnout when she has given everything away before she realizes what has happened.

She doesn’t offer her generosity with reciprocation in mind. She’s a genuine person who feels compelled to help in whatever way she can.

However, she may give up her own priorities so that she can offer herself to others. If you have a Pisces woman in your life, you can be a great friend in return by reminding her to tend to herself from time to time.

If you’re a Pisces woman, make sure that people don’t take advantage of your compassion. You can feel when the energy flow is imbalanced.

Use your intuition to detach yourself from situations that feel draining. If you feel depleted, that’s probably because someone is sucking your energy. Take the time to assess the situation and tune back into yourself. You can’t give if you don’t fill your source first.

Are You A Worrier?

Because you have a clear vision of how everyone and everything fits into the universe like puzzle pieces, you can often see every possible path that there is to take. This can make it hard for you to make decisions.

You worry about the consequences, because you can predict what will happen in just about every scenario. When it’s decision-making time, you consider the butterfly effect, taking into account hypothetical consequences that could be ten steps removed from the choice that you need to make. This is overwhelming and often prevents you from making any moves.

Instead of projecting your vision into the future, you can benefit from living in the now. Focusing on the present allows you to tap into your intuition and live from a place of truth. When you look back on your past, you can see how everything you’ve done has led up to where you are now. Use that knowledge to trust that you always make the right decision.

You Need Companionship, And You Fear Rejection

You want companionship and love so badly that you can taste it. You’re not especially needy. You simply understand the magic that can happen when you find someone who sees life the way that you do.

The Pisces woman has a lot to give. She uses this amazing quality to invest in her relationships, assuming that other people have as much integrity as she does. She can be hurt when her generosity is not recognized or returned.

Still, she can have a hard time letting go of love when she realizes that she’s not with the right person. That’s because she is so willing to forgive.

She treats others the way that she would like to be treated. Therefore, she’ll always give her partner the benefit of the doubt. She is not usually the one doing the breaking up. Instead, she’ll drag things out until her partner calls things off.

This may leave her feeling insecure and rejected. If this becomes a cycle in her life, the Pisces woman may pull back from fully expressing herself. She believes that if she can hold back who she truly is, she might be able to escape rejection.

What she needs to realize is that she has the power in her hands. She can create the life that she wants. She can make decisions with compassion, even if they include moving on from certain people and relationships.

You’re A Hopeless Romantic

A Nicholas Sparks style of romance is what you dream about. You would love to be swept away by someone who was devoted to you. Your ideal partner will appreciate your inner as well as your outer beauty.

The Pisces is easily swept into a relationship that promises passion and affection. You’re swayed by the infatuation of new love, and you might have trouble handling things when the honeymoon period is over and real life begins.

For you, keeping the spark alive means staying in that romance novel whenever possible. Date nights should not become mundane. Small tokens of affection go far with you. Your lover should not be afraid to leave chocolate kisses on your pillow as an indication of how he wants to spend the evening with you or place love notes on the windshield of your car.

You also need a partner who can talk about their feelings as well as yours. You’re sensitive, and your significant other should pay attention to the words that offend you as well as build you up. Open communication is fine with you as long as you’re both careful about the way that you phrase things.

Give The Pisces Woman Her Space

It can be hard to understand what a Pisces woman needs. At one moment, she’s telling you how much she needs your emotional support. In the next minute, she tells you that she needs to be alone.

That’s because she needs to come to terms with her emotions by herself. Her mind is often wandering in the watery realms of another dimension, and that’s not an easy thing to explain to other people. She can only be a clear communicator when she understands what is going on inside of herself. To do that, she often needs to go inward.

If you’re a Pisces woman, you should strengthen your ability to ask for space when you need it. This may involve creating a location in your home that is yours alone. Developing practices to help you tune into yourself can help too. Meditating, journaling and playing an instrument allow you to be alone while you express yourself.

You’re Competitive In The Best Possible Way

Because the Pisces woman is so easygoing, many people underestimate her ambition. She does have a desire to do well in life, and she likes to be perceived as helpful, valuable and intelligent.

What makes her special is that she won’t push others down to get ahead. She is not hostile or aggressive.

Instead, she uses her competitive spirit to push herself further. She is not one to back down from a challenge because she knows that her determination will spur her growth.

She looks at competition with a positive attitude. The Pisces woman knows that her optimism can fuel her even if she doesn’t have all the skills to achieve what she wants. As she stretches her boundaries, she eventually takes on new abilities, which work together with her momentum to keep her moving forward.

Because she is self-motivated, the Pisces excels at anything she sets her mind to do. She will do well in almost any career. Although the Pisces can work in an office, she will be happier when she gets to use her creative talents.

This doesn’t mean that she has to be an artist, writer or musician, although she would probably be happy in those fields. She might work in media relations or as a doctor. She shines when she gets to help others.

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