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How To Talk To Older Women? Whether you want to call it charming or simply capturing their eye, there are tips that will help you break through those initial few awkward moments to get comfortable talking with older women.

Here’s How To Talk To Older Women

If you’re going to do this successfully, you must know all your strengths and weaknesses before you take action.

Unfortunately, many guys believe they are the underdog when looking to talk or charm older women. Yes, there are some women in general that like older guys, usually for mature, financial or stability reasons.

However, younger gents have a whole whack of advantages over older men. Focus on what you are not what you aren’t. Take advantage of your strengths and you will learn how to charm older women with confidence.

Advantage of youth

Whether you are older or younger, the first step in charming a woman is to show her how interesting and fun-loving you are, according to The Art of Charm Experts.

Life can be stressful and older women are open to a little fun up front. They don’t want to dive into something serious, so a younger man makes sense. Show her your vibrant energy, ability to surprise, and your optimism in general about life.

Boyish charm is invaluable in learning how to talk to older women.

Steer clear of being immature playful

FACT – Be careful here because older women in the big picture aren’t looking to play games. Yes, they want to have fun but they do not want a man that is silly all the time. Does that make sense?

Older women know what they want and when they see it, they know.

Show her your self-confidence, that you know what you want, that you’ve got two legs to stand on and are ready to provide what she wants.

Make sure you make eye contact with her, that’s going to initiate the intimate contact and let you know whether you’ve got a vibe or not.

If you are a player you will lose, just saying.

Make her wildest fantasies reality

A “cougar” is what an older woman wants to be seen as. So when she knows she is capturing the attention of a younger guy, that pleases her, perhaps even turns her on.

Gather up the courage to approach her because even doing just that is going to impress her and give her ego a kick in the butt.

On top of that, she has probably already fantasized about being in the arms of a younger guy so you just being in front of her validates her thoughts.

The mind is a powerful thing and if you can tap into her secret fantasies, the ones that dance around in her brain, you’re going to be that much closer to breaking down the door.

Just a few take action tips to think about when you have your sights set on an older woman.

VIP Tips You Must Know To Date Older Women

Beware that older women make decisions fast. This could work in your favor or not.

So if you are looking to date and perhaps get serious with an older woman, here’s a few pointers you should be wary of.

Pointer One – Act like a grown man and not an immature kid

If you want to date an older woman, you’re going to have to bridge the gap and show her you’re not just a young punk looking to hop into bed with her. Doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, you better not play that card.

Don’t focus on the age gap, just show her you are indeed a man. Women like young men with experience.

For bonus points ,she’s already going to be drawn to you just because you are younger and that’s just plain flattering to an older woman. She will get excited about your spice for life and eagerness and energy in general.

If she plays the flirting card, make sure you do what you would with any other gal and ask her out. Don’t forget, older women move fast and if you’re not ready, she could run right past you.

Pointer Two – Never get serious upfront

In reality, it’s probably eventually going to end so there’s zero need to talk to her about a serious relationship. The last thing she is going to want is a guy that’s needy and wants to pressure her too soon.

Do not talk about your heartfelt emotions and how badly you want to be with her. Unless of course she does first and tread carefully if she does.

Facts are, you are a young man and she’s an older woman so she likely just wants to spend some quality time with you, feel beautiful and perhaps enjoy some of the physical many men her age aren’t capable of delivering.

She likely wants to enjoy some of your energy. So give it to her.

Pointer Three – Show her what you are made of sexually

Women tend to hit their prime much later than men which means she might very well be highly eager in the sex department. Older women are finely tuned, confident in their skin and they know what they want.

Again you’ve just got to let her take the lead and make sure you can step up to the plate when the time comes.

Pointer Four – Make sure you display your intelligence

An older woman has the advantage over you on the playing field in life. She has more knowledge and experience than you do because she’s been around longer.

That’s pretty straight forward.

Dating Advice reminds us many older women have been married and likely have kids. Make sure you know how to handle yourself in conversation. Get educated on what sort of things older women are interested in discussing and make sure you do it.

Women in general like substance and intelligence with the physical. They need to feel valued and see you have worth. You can show them by being interested in their passions and ambitions and being confident in who you are and what you want.

Don’t just talk about it, show her.

Pointer Five – Make sure she see’s you as ambitious in the flesh

An older woman’s intelligence and life accomplishments are a turn on. If you want to win here, you had better get smart fast. Pulling the dumb card with an older woman will not work, no matter how cute-sexy you are.

Older women get bored of men sex toys so you better show her you’ve got substance. Have goals, dreams and desires that you can share with her. No doubt that will turn her on big-time.

Pointer Six – Open book and honesty all the time is priority

When it comes to detecting bullshit, older women are pro. Show her you appreciate her and you have excellent honest communication.

One thing for certain is if she catches you in a little white lie, she’s going to assume that’s your mainstay.

Just be straight up from the start and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Pointer Seven – Open your mind to let her show you all about coitus

It really doesn’t matter how much of a man you are, she’s better, or better versed in bed. It’s a fair guess to say she’s likely had more sex than you and is better at it. Give her the opportunity to teach you what she knows.

Trust me, any other woman you are with down the road, is going to be tickled pink.

Pointer Eight – There is no “I” in “we”

Two heads are always better than one and an older woman knows when you’re part of a team, a real partnership, you both win.

If you make the effort to work together as a team, she will be on your side regardless of what path you take.

Ponder that one for as long as you like.

Pointer Nine – Forget the numbers, according to experts in The Toronto Sun

Whether your age gap is 5, 10, or 20 years, you need to drop that thought by the wayside and not let it interfere with your “in the now” decisions.

Girls are often sensitive about their age to start with so if you mention it you are headed for trouble real fast.

If she decides to bring it up because she’s feeling insecure, make sure you remind her age doesn’t matter to you; it’s just a number.

You should be the guy that makes her feel like a woman, not the girlfriend of your moms.

Pointer Ten – Stay focused on the hunt

I don’t really mean it like that but if she is showing any interest in you whatsoever, you need to make sure you latch on and don’t let go. If she is insecure about her age and the age gap, tell her it really doesn’t matter and mean it.

If she thinks you’ll just leave her for a younger gal, tell her you wouldn’t be with her right now if you didn’t want her.

When you are with this older woman make, sure all eyes are on her.

Pointer Eleven – Make sure she never ever in a zillion years sees you checking out younger chicks

If she sees this, you are done. It really doesn’t matter how beautiful this older woman is because she’s always going to wish she was younger. She will worry no matter what you say about dumping her for a younger model.

She just can’t compete with the beautiful bimbos fresh off the turnip truck.

Just make sure when you are with her, you are “with” her. You get what I’m saying right?

Here are a few simple tactics to break the ice with women.

Icebreakers When Meeting Older Women

When looking for an older women it’s important that you have the easy peasy icebreakers in your brain. Each situation is different of course but these should get you started on the right foot.

Icebreaker #1 – Let’s talk pretty feet!

Experts agree women are flattered when you say they have pretty feet. It’s an excellent way to open up the conversation on a positive note, particularly if it’s sandal season. If it happens to be wintery out and you don’t get a glimpse of her feet, comment on how much you like her shoes.

There’s just someone sexy when it comes to older women and feet – Period.

Icebreaker #2 – Make her feel important and ask her questions

Sometimes it’s VIP to act on impulse without being a weirdo. So if you see a pretty girl at the coffee shop find a reason to talk to her. Even if it’s just to pay her a sincere compliment.

Definitely don’t try to be a “know-it-all” because that’s a definite turn-off. Open the door to create some sort of connection just by asking her a few questions. Everyone likes to feel needed right?

Icebreaker #3 – Ask her a question about her cell phone or tablet

This is another non-threatening all natural route to let a woman know you are interested in her. It will help you break the ice positively.

Even if you are a “Mr. Know It All” about all things technical, it should still be interesting to you to hear what she might have to say.

Does she like her iPhone?

How long has she had it?

Has she always used a MacBook?

Use your imagination and get the conversation rolling. The ice will melt fast.

Icebreaker #4 – Try to get her preference

This is another great tactic, particularly if you are at a bar or party and want to capture her attention. There’s really no pressure with this one if you have a little anxiety.

Be as natural as possible with this one and go with the flow.

Ask her about whatever she is drinking or eating.

Does she want another?

May I join you?

Which do you like best?

This is going to signal to this older woman that you would like to talk with her and are interested in what she says and thinks. That can be magnetic.

Icebreaker #5 – Use your manners please

Women are drawn to gentlemen in general. Sure, we also love the rebel sexy biker guy. But that’s more fantasy than anything else for most women.

If you see a girl you would like to get to know better, you should open the door for her, maybe pull her chair out.

If she’s grocery shopping, ask her if you can help her with her bags. At least this will give you the opportunity to actually talk to this girl. From her response, you should be able to figure out if you should push for more.

Icebreaker #6 – Genuine compliments are VIP

If this girl is wearing a sexy dress or you like the way she has her hair pulled back, tell her for crying out loud.

Just make sure you are very specific about what you are complimenting or it will not come across as sincere.

A genuine compliment will capture her undivided attention. If she’s interested in you, it won’t take long for you to figure it out.

Icebreaker #7 – Tag questions work wonders

When you are skilled in opening the conversation with a general non-invasive question, you will break the ice with a girl.

“The bands are always great here, don’t you think?”

“The burgers here are the best in town, don’t you think?”

“I love the Martinis here, do you?”

Make sure the tag questions are light and inviting and you will break the ice nicely.

Icebreaker #8 – Eye contact is something you’ve just got to do, reports eHarmony

If you are shy and nervous, you’re just going to have to get over it pronto. When you make eye contact with a girl, you are showing her your confidence and interest. If she makes eye contact back, you are on the right track.

Understand that just because she doesn’t make eye contact with you, doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t want to get to know you better. If she is shy or you caught her off guard, she might not have the courage to look you in the eye.

All you need to do is look her straight in the eyes and go from there. This is the most direct route to show her she has your undivided attention and that’s magical when you want to get to know a woman better.

Icebreaker #9 – A smile works wonders

Practice makes perfect with this one and when you are smiling, you are showing her that you are open and happy and looking to reach out and touch her. If you didn’t want to meet her, you wouldn’t be looking at her and you certainly wouldn’t be smiling.

Behavioral studies show people that smile are more successful in life and have better relationships in general.

Now if you aren’t confident with your smile or you’ve got bad breath or something, you need to do something about it.

Get your butt to the dentist so you can find confidence in your smile. Take action, make a plan and just get it done.

Smile, smile, smile and keep on smiling and you will break the ice with the right gal.

Icebreaker #10 – Slow the pace down just a bit

If you are a rusher and don’t know how to move with ease and deliberate action, you’re communicating you aren’t settled in yourself, not comfy in your skin. If you want to tap into a woman’s curiosity, you need to move slowly, not cautiously but show you aren’t in rush to get it done.

Each of the icebreaker moves are going to help you get your foot in the door with women. The rest is up to you!

Next Up…

When All Else Fails Take A Look At These Pickup Lines says using a pickup lines successfully is a sensitive thing. Sometimes they work and other times you’ll get a good smack.

Truth is, there are lines that work wonders on women and others that will fail you miserably. A little bit of a trial and error process for those bold enough to try.

Line 1 – Let me guess, your name must be WiFi? Cuz I’m feeling a nice connection

Yes, this one is a little cheesy but some guys swear by it. If you’ve got an easy and open personality and you’ve already got the girl smiling, this one just might work. However, if you just pull it out of your hat, you might get a good slap.

Line 2 – Wow…If looks could kill, you’d be a lethal weapon

This is another pretty light line to use but again you’ve got to be careful because if you pull it out at the wrong time, you could be headed for trouble.

A clever line that sends your message straight up. You think this gal is gorgeous, you want her to know it and your’e jumping in with both feet to show her.

Line 3 – Please tell me you have a couple minutes for me to hit on you?

This one makes me laugh. Talk about straight to the point and then some!

Once again, you are taking a risk with this line but if you’ve got the charm and charisma, you might be able to pull it off. Also depends what type of girl you’re trying to pick up.

Tread carefully with these one-liners and they might just work for you!

Final Words

There’s really nothing easy when you are looking to successfully talk to girls. It’s even more complex when you are focused on how to talk with older women. Whether you are looking to develop a friendship, one-night-stand, date, or life partner, it’s important you use these experts tips, tricks and strategies to makes sure you get what you want.

Time for you to step out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable to get comfortable.

You CAN do it.

Best of luck!


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