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Last Updated on April 8, 2016

[heading color=”black”]Self Motivation and Success[/heading]

The biggest issue about self-motivation is that it can be overcome by other emotions. If you are not strong enough, you can easily lose your stance and falter. If you are not strong enough, you can lose what you have initially established. What is most important, therefore, is that you are able to keep whatever it is that keeps you going. You need to know how to hold on to that one thing that motivates you, so that no one and nothing can prevent you from moving forward.

What is Motivation?

Many believe that motivation often comes from somewhere else. It could be a friend or a family member, pushing you to do more. It could be mentors or superiors, helping you push forward into greatness. It could also be an unfortunate situation, that is strongly inspiring you to be more and do more.

These motivational sources are effective but they can be temporary. It is quite easy for one to lose grip of things, so you need to establish something strong and permanent. You need to learn how to do away with the external factors, and achieve the desired level of motivation on your own accord.

Enemies of Self-Motivation

If you often find yourself struggling with motivation, then something must be wrong. Maybe you have fears that are controlling you and causing you to move back. Maybe you are becoming a strong critic of yourself and you have already succeeded in discouraging your own self. Maybe you are just lacking true belief in yourself. You lack confidence and you are quick to back out on opportunities that you find threatening. Maybe you have failed before and you are afraid to make another mistake. If any of these issues are familiar to you, you have to start getting yourself motivated.

Useful Self Motivation Techniques

  • Set your goals straight. What is it that you want to achieve? Always, it is important that you know what you want, so that you can go for it. Always follow one direction of movement — and that is moving towards your goal. If you lose your way, just pick yourself up again, and move on.
  • Find inspiration. These may be people and events from which you can gain good perspective from. It is nice if you are able to surround yourself with these kinds of personalities because they are positive influences. They will help you become the person that you ought to become.
  • Learn to recognize rewards and blessings. Instead of focusing on the things that bring you down, why not look at the bright side of things and focus on what you have done well and have achieved. It is discomforting to have to look at mistakes, failures and errors, so why should you focus on that?
  • Visualize success. When you are able to see yourself victorious, it makes everything seem attainable. Do not limit yourself by saying “you cannot”. Instead, allow yourself to unravel your dreams, if only just with your mind.

[heading color=”black”]Maximizing Your Personal Growth[/heading]

As you grow older, do you think you will be pleased with how you have lived your life? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to proudly tell the world about what you have achieved? Well, if this is what you want, then you better start achieving personal growth as early as now.

Signs of Growth

How do you know that your life is going in the right path? Sometimes in your journey, it is easy for you to lose track of things, but you need to find a way to recollect and see how well or how badly you are doing. Being aware of your pace of growth and development is important because awareness is key, when change is necessary.

Here are some of the significant growth signs you need to lookout for:

  • Successful relationships. What kind of relationships do you have? Are you able to keep good and genuine relationships or are you still trying to determine who your true friends are? Do you have trouble keeping relationships? Do you have problems dealing with people, altogether, both in the personal and professional level? The truth is that relationships are tough to handle. Some people will be experts on it but not everyone will know how to do things right.
  • Survival against your struggle. Struggles come, and no matter how hard you try avoid it, it will come to haunt you and bring you down. How you react to struggles will define the kind of person that you truly are. Are you someone who works with grace, even when under pressure or do you lose control?  If you want to be able to survive life’s challenges, you must have the will, the determination, and control over your thoughts and actions.
  • High self-esteem. Not a lot of people have true confidence in themselves. Many will need a little push from friends and family, and others will require constant reminders to believe in their own capabilities. If you have true confidence and belief on what you can do and achieve, then you have truly grown into the individual that you ought to become. You do not need to seek the approval of others. You do not care about what others say about you. You are whole and no one can bring you down.
  • Completeness. One is complete when all aspects of his or her life is satisfied. You know that one has achieved the true level of growth that they aspire, when they got to where they ought to be, without needing to compromise anything. You are complete when you are satisfied; and you are satisfied, when you are truly happy.

Physical growth, which is the more obvious kind of growth, is easy to measure. What is difficult to measure is personal growth, and it is the one that truly matters. Personal growth is important because it will help you achieve great things in life. More so, it is the one that defines you, for who you truly are.

[heading color=”black”]Personal Growth and Self Awareness[/heading]

When you look at your life, are you happy with what you see? As you trace your history from the beginning to the present, do you delight at what you have achieved or do you look down at what you have done? People are not expected to be great but they are expected to grow. As little children, you were expected to flourish and develop into a better version of yourself. It may sound silly but some people are not able to experience true growth because they are not aware of who they truly are.

Importance of Self-Awareness

Before you can effectively achieve some transformation in your life, it is important that you are self-aware. Self-awareness is the first step to change; you have to make yourself aware of your current situation, your problems, your strengths and your weaknesses. It is important that you know yourself completely so that you can make proper changes, where change is needed. It is important that you know yourself and you know what the problem is, so that you can address the situation better.

How to Develop Self-Awareness

It is not easy but it is not impossible to develop self-awareness if you do not have it yet. There is no shortcut that you can take, for sure, but there are strategies that you can take:

  • Learn to observe and monitor your life. Be more aware of what is happenings and study how these things are affecting your life.
  • Think more of yourself, for a change. Stop looking at other people; stop looking at them and comparing yourself because it will not do you any good. Instead of focusing on other people, look at your life and see what could be done to make things better. Think of yourself, focus on what you can do and not what others are abl to do for their lives.
  • Learn to embrace everything about yourself. May it be the bad or the good, you will need to learn to accept yourself for who you truly are, because when you are able to do that, then you will see that it will be easier for other people to embrace who you are, as well. It is not easy to accept one’s self completely. It is easier to pick on whatever you see about yourself but you have to learn to embrace everything so that you can move on, move forward and use it, for your own benefit.
  • Explore your strengths and weakness. People have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people will have things that they are good at and you have to be aware of them; and some people will have things that they are insufficient in, and you have to face these, too, however difficult. It is important for you to face the truth because when you know yourself through and through, you can enhance your strengths so that you can use it and you can improve your weaknesses, so that you can seek to become so much better than who you are today.

[heading color=”black”]Living a Happy Life[/heading]

People dream of things they don’t have and that is normal. Unfortunately, there are some people who seem to never get the satisfaction they desire. They constantly want for things and when they get it, they will want something else. It is a vicious cycle of wanting and wanting even more.

How to Be Happy

If you are having a hard time getting some satisfaction, then you can endeavor to go to the root cause, which is to find true happiness. People who are happy tend to have better lives, in general; and if you want to change the course which your life is treading, here are some tips that you can use:

  • Stay away from stressful situations. Stress can come from people, events and activities. If you know where you stress is coming from, it may be smart for you to stay away from it, so that you do not have to deal with it every day.
  • Choose to be happy. When given an opportunity to react about something, choose to be the better person and just be happy. Be happy for the small things. Be happy for the good and bad. Be happy for all that you have in your life. Have an attitude of gratitude, and endeavor to find something about your life that is worth being grateful for.
  • Surround yourself with happy people. Why should you waste your time on people who will only bring you down? Instead, choose to surround yourself with people who will, all the more, make you realize how great life is.
  • Do things that you love. If you do things that you are passionate about, you do not feel like you are working. When you love your work, you will perform better and you will find no reason to complain or feel pain. At the same time, it is nice to be able to do something you love, outside work. Do not exhaust all your energy on work because it will drain you. Take some time to relax, have fun and be reminded of the things that you love.
  • Maintain good relationships. The relationships you have with people will also determine the kind of life you live. When you are often at war with the people that you deal with; and if you are constantly having an emotional battle with someone else, you will be drained of your energy.

The Importance of Happiness

Life goes on and on. You can try as hard as you can but you will not be able to control what is going to happen to you. Hardships will come and discouragements will attack you, but when you are truly happy, it will be harder to for you to be put down. A happy person will have achieved true peace in himself, and he will not need to depend on the material things that he has. You choose to be happy because when you learn how, you will realize that things will just follow and your life will be so much better.

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