Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You


Scorpio men are dark, intense, and primarily sexual individuals with secure emotional connections and immense physical desires. A relationship with a man like this can be thrilling, fulfilling, and profound. With passions ranging from head-over-heels in love to sincere hatred, a Scorpio man can make you feel things you didn’t even know existed.

If you’ve got your sights set on a Scorpio man but aren’t sure if he feels the same way for you, look for these signs. He’ll make it known to you whether he wants to pursue something more; you just have to know what to keep an eye out for.

The Typical Signs

These men are so intense in their emotions and feelings towards others that it’s not hard to notice signs a Scorpio man likes you. He is a bold pursuer with great intentionality and a winning approach to romance. Look for these clear signs, and don’t be afraid to match his passionate ways.

Relentless Pursual

Perhaps the most obvious of the signs a Scorpio man likes you will be his unending pursuing of you in general. As we mentioned, Scorpio men are very bold in their actions. When they have decided that they want something – or someone – there’s no stopping them from going after it.

You will absolutely know that this man is interested in you by the way he relentlessly pursues you.

This courtship, if you will, can take many different forms. He will undoubtedly take the lead in your blossoming relationship, serving as the brave one to make the first move and ask you on a date. He will try to spend as much time as possible with you, constantly asking you about your schedule and your free time.

A Scorpio man is someone who likes to plan special evenings and romantic date nights. He has romance down to a T, with the ability to organize unique and genuine ways to win your heart.

This sign is not afraid to put himself out there. While many people find it difficult to ask someone out on a date, he will do it any way he can. He will text you, call you, and even approach you in person. Not only is he willing to put himself out there, but he enjoys the excitement of it all.

A Scorpio man is one who enjoys the chase, as long as the whole thing ends up with a yes. So, don’t be afraid to leave him hanging for a bit. If he genuinely likes you, he won’t give up right away. Have a little fun with him, but don’t push him too far and break his heart and don’t toy with him if you have no intention of eventually saying yes.

A Deep Connection

Scorpio men have awe-inspiring emotional depth to them. They are by no means shallow people, and they long for deep emotional connections with those they are romantically interested in.

If a Scorpio man is into you, you will notice him trying to form that kind of bond with you. He will ask you thoughtful questions and push you to open up and tell him more about yourself. He will find similarities between the two of you and use them to connect more.

A Scorpio man will not merely have a casual conversation with someone he likes. Rather, he will turn every interaction into an opportunity to address life’s bigger quandaries. He will want to know about your thoughts, your fears, and your dreams, and he will share things with you that he doesn’t share with anyone else.

It’s important to realize that when a Scorpio man is looking for a relationship, he is looking for a partner. He wants someone who will complete him: a soulmate. In fact, he will likely put great effort into building this emotional connection with you before he even tries to move forward with you physically. To him, fostering a deep connection with someone is way more important than jumping into bed with them.

Shallow conversations are boring and meaningless to a Scorpio man, so if he talks to you about the deeper things in life, it’s a sure sign that he longs for a meaningful relationship with you.

Sexy Approach

Scorpio men are often the epitome of sexiness, especially when they are in love. Any Scorpio man who likes you will go out of his way to be extra sexy towards you. This might mean constant touching, intense flirting, and even stirring up a little jealousy.

While he may talk to other women, you will be the one that he introduces more and more physical contact with. He might start by giving you a hug when he sees you. He may playfully touch your arm during a conversation or place his hand over yours, even for a brief moment.

Before long, he’ll be guiding you through a room with his hand on the small of you back and stroking strands of hair from your face. These little touches may seem small, but they will set your nerves on fire. A Scorpio man’s skin-on-skin touches are the best, leaving you in a cloud of desire for him.

Every Scorpio man has a different approach based on his skills and interests. For instance, if he can dance, he will use his moves to showcase his sex appeal to you. If he can cook, he might make you an incredibly romantic dinner filled with sexy foods.

Flirting is a huge tell for a Scorpio man in love. If he’s into you, he will definitely flirt. He’ll give you all of his attention and tease you about little things you do or say. He will compliment you and do anything to grab your attention.

Because he’s definitely not afraid to come on strong and put his heart out there, a Scorpio man may even give you more obvious physical signs that he likes you. When you’re in private, don’t be surprised if he goes right for the kill and tries to kiss you. That’s just his bold nature.

Generosity and Sharing

Scorpio men who have feelings for someone will want to be incredibly generous with them. They will share everything they have with their love interest. This includes their home, their clothes, their money, and their time.

This is an important sign to take notice of because Scorpio men, in general, are not known to be super generous. Their worldly possessions are important to them, and they tend to keep their things locked down tight. If he’s sharing them with you, he must really like you.

These actions come mainly from his desire to make sure that you are taken care of. He wants to know that you have everything you need in this life, and he wants to be the one to give it to you. He also wants his feelings for you to be crystal clear, so if that means letting you borrow his car for the day, then so be it – no questions asked.

In addition to sharing his physical belongings with you, a Scorpio man who likes you will also share his interests with you. Scorpio men have lots of interests and are usually involved in many different activities. Because he wants to connect with you and share his time with you, he will want to bring you along to as much as possible.

This can mean practically anything. If he’s a hiker, he’ll guide you up a mountain. If he’s really into a certain book at the moment, he will want to share every detail the chapter he’s reading. If he has a specific taste in music, he will take you to a concert. Whatever it is, he wants you involved and a part of it all.

Again, this is essential information because Scorpio men are known for being very private and even sometimes secretive individuals. They can be hard to read and don’t trust easily, so it’s one of the best signs he likes you to see him sharing so much with you.

Competitiveness and Protectiveness

Along with a Scorpio man’s flirting, emotional connection, and sex appeal comes competitiveness, protectiveness, and extreme loyalty. It should already be pretty clear by now that if a Scorpio man likes you, he will do just about anything for you. This kind of loyalty can quickly translate into a sense of protectiveness.

One of the signs a Scorpio man likes you is that he will stand up for you when you need it. He is fiercely loyal and will have your back through even the nastiest situations. He does this by your side through everyday life, but he will also showcase this in public.

For example, if you’re out to dinner and a waiter is rude to you, he won’t be afraid to call the man out on his behavior. If you’re out at a bar and a creepy guy touches you, your Scorpio man will certainly have no problem causing a scene to defend your honor.

His loyalty doesn’t simply extend to protecting you, though. You will find that a Scorpio man who’s interested in you will do things like hold your hand in public, support your decisions, voice his loyalty, and boast about your accomplishments. He’s the type to post a picture of you on his social media pages just to tell everyone how beautiful you look. He’ll also be the first one to offer you help when you’re facing something challenging.

If someone else has caught your eye, he won’t be afraid to compete a little bit for your affection. He knows what he wants, and if it’s you, he will go out of his way to prove that he’s the better choice.


While it’s perfectly possible for any of the signs to form a strong, lasting bond with one another, some signs are simply more compatible than others. This is true of Scorpio men and their compatible counterparts. Knowing your level of compatibility can help lead you to a successful relationship with a Scorpio man.


Scorpio men are highly compatible with Virgos. As someone who values trust and personal space, a Virgo can get along swimmingly with a Scorpio man. Likewise, because Virgos tend to be shyer and more reserved, they will find a Scorpio man’s boldness and attentive nature refreshing. A Virgo needs someone like a Scorpio man to get a relationship going, while a Scorpio man can depend on the integrity and honesty of a Virgo.

Because Virgos are more reserved in all areas of life, they have no problem handing over control to a Scorpio man. Scorpio men like to take the reins, and a Virgo is someone who will happily let them do so.


Cancer also makes an excellent romantic partner for a Scorpio. With high compatibility across sex, communication, and interests, a Scorpio man and a Cancer sign can form a lasting bond filled with deep emotions, strong loyalty, and loads of love.

Cancer signs are highly attracted to the strong personality of a Scorpio man. While both of you can be a little controlling in a relationship, Scorpio men can typically make Cancer signs feel comfortable enough to let go a little bit and let them take charge.

Scorpios and Cancers can bond over the fact that they both prefer privacy and intimacy over social outings and public events. Both signs have such intuitive natures that their communication together is seamless and easy.

A relationship between these two signs is like a romantic whirlwind, making it easy to commit to one another. Both signs value the idea of a soulmate and an emotional connection and will be thrilled to find the one they love.

A bonus, a sexual relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio, is nothing but fireworks. The bedroom of these two is filled with passion and emotions, leading to intense interactions that never get boring. These signs get to know each other well and can deliver the exact pleasure that the other is looking for.

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