The 12 Most Petty Memes You Can Use


Petty memes express our less-than-kind thoughts or feelings about a situation, behavior, or person. When you are all out of sugar and spice, have no energy left to be nice, and just can’t even… it’s obviously time to break out the petty – the petty memes, that is.

What Do Petty Memes Mean?

No matter how sweet and kind a person is, we all have those moments where the sugar-coating has all cracked and chipped away. Insert the petty meme. Petty memes have a range of undertones, such as sarcastic, shallow, annoyed, patronizing, condescending, rude, playfully snarky, or sometimes just downright mean. Yet, somehow, they’re always incredibly funny too.

How are Petty Memes Used?

Most people use petty memes as a way to “blow off steam” when they’re just too irritated to deal with a person or situation. Generally, petty memes are not used to call out a specific person, but rather to release frustration to the masses (or at least your friends list) and possibly have a laugh to break the tension. While secretly, a person might hope the undisclosed target of their petty meme will realize their behavior matches the meme and make changes, this rarely (read, never) happens.

Examples of Petty Memes:

Let’s break down some examples of petty memes to explore this concept a little further.

Example #1:

Image: Willy Wonka (a.k.a. The Condescending Wonka)

Text: Please tell me more

Meaning: The person this meme is intended for is likely incorrect, lying, or babbling total nonsense in way that is humorous or displays them for the foolish show-off they are.


Example #2:

Image: Woman rolling her eyes

Text: I just rolled my eyes so hard… I saw my brain

Meaning: The person this meme is intended for has done or said something so annoying or stupid that the resulting eye rolling reflex is strong enough to (figuratively, of course) cause the eyes to flip back far enough to view the brain.


Example #3:

Image: Animated man in a suit holding up one hand as if in warning

Text: Hey, train wreck, this isn’t your station

Meaning: Mind your own business. Nothing to see here, move along. You were not invited to this situation.

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