The 5 Best Thank You Memes to Use


Thank you memes might be one of the most earnest types of memes. Most are funny in a dry, sort of way, but don’t get as ugly and offensive as many of the memes out there. These memes are a creative way to thank someone when the words aren’t enough.

What Do Thank You Memes Mean?

They genuinely mean thank you in a non-snarky way.

How Are Thank You Memes Used?

Most of the time thank you memes feature well-known movie characters and actors. Sometimes they’re a spin-off of another meme, such as “hey girl.”

Examples of Thank You Memes

Example #1:
 Liam Neeson talking on the phone.
Text: I will find you, and I will thank you.
Meaning: Liam Neeson will go to great lengths to make sure you get your thanks.

Example #2:
 Ryan Gosling standing in a doorway.
Text: Hey Girl, Thank You.
Meaning: The Hey Girl meme gets thank you’d.

Example #3:
 Dr. Evil from Austin Powers doing air quotes.
Text: Thank you immensely.
Meaning: Even Dr. Evil’s thank you’s are insincere.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the five funniest thank you memes: 

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