The 8 Best Sloth Memes


Who can resist sloth memes? Cute, cuddly, and always ready for a party, though be sure and provided ample warning, sloths are kind of slow and need plenty of time to get where they are going.

Sloths have taken the Internet by storm with a large number of memes in categories from cute to naughty, to very naughty and I do mean very naughty. We won’t be showing that last sloth category in this collection, instead we’ll concentrate on the funnier memes, and boy, can sloths produce funny meme topics.

What Do Sloth Memes Mean?

Sloth memes cover a wide range of social interaction. They can be used to convey pleasant and warm social comment, to downright nasty and unexpected encounters. The sloth imagery is predominately pleasing, given our attraction to cute cuddly animals. The sloth meme text however usually surprise us with the out of place references in relation to the images.

How are Sloth Memes Used?

Sloth memes come in two primary genres, inappropriate and funny, though sometimes the two categories have been known to merge together. The memes then are used to delight or surprise someone and maybe do both at the same time.

Examples of Sloth Memes:

Example #1:

Image: Sloth on a medical scale.

Text: Damn You Oreos

Meaning: No one likes their weight being taken, and that includes sloths. This particular sloth not only has a great expression but has assumed a classic pose of contemplation. 

Example #2:

Image: Slotherin.

Text: Slotherin.

Meaning: One of the lesser known houses of the Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Slotherin. To be sorted into this house you possess a keen sense of time allowing you to move slowly through life.

Example #3:

Image: Charged with P.O.T’M.S.

Text: Arrested and charged with P.O.T.M.S – Possession of to much swag.

Meaning: Wearing Blues Brother shades, and the appropriate attitude, this sloth is one cool dude just trying to get by in the world.

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