The Aggressive Undercut Haircut


The Aggressive Undercut Haircut

Photo © David Alexander | Hair by David Alexander.

For this haircut on actor Christian Higgins, I took the hair aggressively high up the sides and back (shaved to the part on the sides and as high as the crown in the back).  The sides and back were shaved with a straight razor and a defined part is etched in on the parted side (as you will see more clearly in the next slide. The haircut is somewhat asymmetrical as the hair is shaved all the way up to the part on one side and there is a slight blend on the side opposite the part.  The hair is blow-dried with spray gel to give height and this style is finished with MENSDEPT. Microtech.

Ermin Bičakčić Undercut Haircut

Photo of Ermin Bičakčić © Getty Images.

We really like this variation on the undercut on soccer player Ermin Bičakčić (one of the coolest haircuts from the 2014 FIFA World Cup). For this style, the hair is cut with a number two blade all the way up just past the round of the head. This blade is also used to shave a shorter strip along there front hairline, which is outlined and continued around one side with a shaved part.  

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