The Best Cold War Quickscoping Class


Quickscoping has always been a weirdly iconic part of Call of Duty and its wider community. It is one of the most impressive trickshots, but it also has in-game benefits. It is quicker, and more effective than sniping the traditional way. Quickscoping is a move that is even tied to grinding XP in-game in Cold War. So how do you do it? The main thing is actually having the skill and practicing it. However, some classes are better than others for quickscoping. The best Cold War Quickscoping class can make it quite a bit easier to hit those shots. This is what you need to know about quickscoping and building the best class for it:

What is Quickscoping?

Quickscoping is a technique for getting kills in Call of Duty without spending time lining up your sights. You spot another player, then very quickly ADS and kill. Obviously what makes it special is that you do it very quickly. You essentially don’t use the sights to aim, just to finish off the shot. A quickscope shows off how quickly you can get the kill on an enemy going just by your general view rather than your ADS. It has been around in Call of Duty for a long time:

In terms of Cold War, a quickscope is officially counted if you get your kill within 2 seconds of aiming down your sights. This does set some specific limitations of the best Cold War quickscoping classes. It needs to be able to get a one-shot kill to make it possible. Beyond that, your class can do some things to make it easier. Faster bullet velocity and quicker speeds make it significantly easier to get a quickscope kill. 

The Best Cold War Quickscoping Class

The Best Cold War Quickscoping Class – Weapons

Pelington 703

When you’re choosing a weapon specifically for Quickscoping, the pellington 703 is the clear standout. It has that one-shot kill that is a necessity but it is smooth and simple to handle. This means you have to work less to get great aim with it, which is pretty important for pulling off quickscopes. Being able to move it around easily is going to make those millisecond adjustments much easier. It is a great choice for the best Cold War quickscoping class.


The attachments for your Pellington 703 are going to make just as much of a difference for how successful your Cold War Quickscoping class is. There are two ways you can approach this. The first is to use the standout amount of attachments and generally try to build up your sniper rifle quite a bit. These are some attachments for that:

  • 26.2” Tiger Team 
  • Stabilizer .308
  • 7 RND Speed Mag 
  • Speed Tape 
  • CQB Pad

The second options however, is to use the Gunfighter Wildcard. This allows you to equip extra attachments and really make the Pellington into a monster. However, the majority of the work for the best Cold War quickscoping class is all set up with the standard five for the Pellington. So if you don’t want specific laser or sights, you might be better off running a dual-main-weapon-loadout with an SMG.

Rest of the Best Cold War Quickscoping Class

The rest of your class isn’t as important for the best Cold War quickscoping class. Because it just doesn’t factor into how you use your weapon as much. However, these are some options you can use that are generally helpful that you might want to stick with:

  • Perk 2 -Scavenger
  • Perk 3 – Ghost

While the rest of the slots won’t make hitting those shots any easier, this is a combination of gear which compliments the rest of your loadout. Since being able to do something other than quickscoping is pretty important in games too. 

  • Wildcard – Lawbreaker
  • Secondary – MP5
  • Perk 1 – Tactical Mask

That’s everything you’re going to need for the best Cold War quickscoping class. If you want to improve your general performance on top of quickscoping, then our other Cold War guides to help you out with that:

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