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The new season of Warzone has brought map changes, new secrets dotted around, zombies, but most important some actual new weapons to play with. There are a few on offer in this game, but the LC10 is a stand out. This is a great all-rounder SMG. However, as with most Warzone weapons it can be made even better with the right loadout. The LC10 is a powerful arm up close with a fast speed. When you’re using the best LC10 Warzone loadouts though, it becomes something even better.

This guide covers some recommendations for the best LC10 loadouts in Warzone. This LC10 Class setup is designed to make the weapon effective at a longer range, and genrellarly tailor your gameplay around the speed and lethalness of the weapon. 

The Best LC10 Loadout

The LC10 is an SMG, which means it comes with some pretty clear pros and cons already. The best LC10 loadout in Warzone doesn’t try to fashion it into an AR, but works within the SMG shape to make a better weapon. This loadout is built as an all rounder, to improve upon and compliment the LC10. These are some recommendations for attachments:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 13.9” Task Force Barrel
  • Raider Stock
  • Field Agent Grip
  • STANAG 55 Rnd

This build for the LC10 can help fix any problems with recoil, to make this SMG into a more effective weapon. It also increases your bullet velocity, speed, and damage range. So you’re going to be faster and even effective at a slightly longer range. 

While this LC10 loadout isn’t making the weapon into anything radically different, it improves on it in a number of ways and can generally help out any aspects of it which are under-developed.

The Rest of The Best LC10 Loadout in Warzone

Your attachments are the most important part of your loadout, but there is more to think about. You’ll need to be running perks and equipment that compliment your choice. For an SMG, your main weapon has some pretty clear drawbacks. You’ll need to compensate for these with the rest of your loadout. These are some recommendations for the best LC10 Loadout:


  • Kill Chain
  • Overkill
  • Tracker

Overkill is a pretty clear choice when you’re using an SMG in Warzone. It allows you to run a second weapon and defend yourself at a longer range. The LC10 might have some usability beyond just really close u-, but you’re still going to need a bit more protection.  For a secondary weapon with overkill, an AR is a good choice. Something like the recently released FARA can go down pretty well. 


Your choice of equipment for the best LC10 loadout is quite a bit more down to personal preference. However, this particular build is going to be bolstered by these choices:

The heartbeat sensor is really going to help you out when with up close combat. So naturally it suits an SMG’s play style pretty well. The thermite is also a strong choice but it can be substituted out for something else.

Other LC10 Loadouts

The Best LC10 Loadouts in Warzone

That’s the best balanced LC10 Warzone loadout. However, as a weapon that works best in specific situations, there are other options. You can use the attachments for the weapon something quite different to the way this gun normally runs. These are some alternative LC10 attachment builds. if you want to use something a bit more adventurous:

The Best LC10 Loadout for Range

Building an SMG to help with a weapon’s range is sometimes a bit of a self-defeating move, especially when there’s perfectly good ARTs already in the game. The LC10 does lend itself to a longer range though, so this loadout might be useful:

  • SOCOM Eliminator
  • 11.9” Reinforced Heavy
  • A mid range optic (Potentiall SnapPoint)
  • Field Agent Grip
  • STANAG 55 Rnds

The Best for up Close Combat

An SMG works best up close and personal, so why not lean into that? This is the best LC10 loadout if you’re using it exclusively as an up close secondary weapon:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 13.9:” Task Force
  • No Stock
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Salvo 52 Rnd Fast Mag

That’s everything you need to create the best LC10 loadout. Some of these selections of attachments are more specialist, but the all-rounder class should suit most players. Our other guides to Warzone can help you improve in other areas for the new Season:

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