The Best Motorcycle Roads in America


Looking for the greatest motorcycle roads in America? American Motorcyclist took votes on their 230,000 member website and came up with this list of the best places to ride in the U.S.

See how many you’ve ridden in this list (in ascending order of greatness), and share your personal picks on the best roads in America!

Beartooth Highway, Montana and Wyoming

Beartooth Highway.
Carol Polich Photo Workshops / Getty Images

U.S. Highway 212—aka, the Beartooth Highway—connects Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana, and its nearly 11,000-foot peak can make it (pardon the pun) a bear to cross when the weather gets snowy. But this zigzagging route cuts through the Custer National Forest and Shoshone National Forest, offering some of the most eye-opening vistas on the planet. Perhaps the best part of Beartooth Highway is that when you’re done riding its challenging roads, it will lead you right to the northeast gateway of Yellowstone National Park. But remember to stay warm when you ride here: it can get seriously cold in these parts.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Linn Cove Viaduct – Milepost 304 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

U.S. National Park Service

For sheer scale and variety of scenery, it’s hard to beat the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway. Extending in Virginia and North Carolina mostly through the majestic Blue Ridge mountains, this is the most visited attraction in the U.S. National Park System thanks to its meandering path that traverses some of the most arresting breathtaking views in the country. Those in a hurry, however, should take caution: the speed limit never exceeds 45 mph and is lower in many spots.

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