The Essentials Guide to Home Security


Last Updated on May 21, 2021

The tools for home security have gotten more impressive than ever in the last number of years and willing homeowners can shell out quite a bit every month in making sure that their home is secured against intruders.

Whether subscribing to a home security service or having a state-of-the-art system installed at the house, homeowners in high-crime areas can greatly reduce their risk of being broken into by taking some precautions. In some cases, depending on the property, homeowners can reduce their home-owner’s insurance costs significantly just by taking the proper preventative measures.

Alternatively, those who do not have the budget or the know-how can still protect themselves with some of the more modern technologies and older methods for staying safe. Tried and true methods like securing entry points are still important while newer technologies like motion sensors make it impossible for would-be thieves to gain access to your home without detection. If you are new to home security, understanding the basics can provide your home with adequate security while providing you with some much-needed peace of mind.

Continue reading to learn more about the essentials of home security to ensure you keep your home protected.


Securing entry points

While securing doors and windows might seem like a no brainer, homeowners have to think beyond the basics. Entry points that are reinforced with security doors and windows make it very difficult for burglars to trespass. In fact, it makes it nearly impossible. Furthermore, today’s security windows and doors are not the institutional looking ones of the past. Instead, homeowners can choose from a range of colours and styles that will be a great addition to any property.

Also, very important to securing entry points is the need to reinforce entry points with deadbolt locks. While latches and other bolts that might be on the outside of the door work well to prevent people from entering the home, there is something to be said about locks that cannot be broken by simply kicking in the door. Sturdy locks that go far into the structure of the door make it more difficult for burglars to enter the home.


Motion sensors

Homeowners should also look consider installing motion sensors. Motion sensors are light sensors that go off when anyone or anything moves in the environment. Motion sensors work in areas that are dimly lit or in front of the garage because these areas are great hiding spaces for would-be thieves.

Furthermore, the light from the sensors helps to ensure that homeowners get from their driveway to their front door safely without having to do so in the dark.


Security system

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Homeowners can create a home security system that includes many of the technologies that come included with a typical security service. CCTV and hidden cameras allow you to monitor your home and when used in conjunction with motion sensors, you can essentially guard your home and property yourself.

While it is always best to get the advice of professionals before trying to do any work, homeowners can do a large portion of the work themselves, saving money on installation fees in the process.


Locking up

No matter where you live, it’s crucial for homeowners to always be aware of their surroundings. For those who love to work outside with tools, consider securing tools and not leaving them outside where they are accessible to the public. One of the reasons is that they can be used to access the home. For example, crowbars, chisels, and hammers can be ready tools to open doors or break open locks.

They are also easy to sell second-hand and for good money making them a prime target for opportunistic thieves.


The basics of home security essentials

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While there are other things homeowners can do to secure their home, these are just a few of the basics. To keep your home protected, consider installing a security system, CCTV, motion sensors, security screens or any combination of these. Always be aware of your surroundings and if you notice any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood, be sure to report it.

Taking the right precautions will help you keep your family safe and will allow you to avoid any potential break-ins in the future.

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