The Most Expensive Snowboards Ever Sold


Most riders experience sticker shock when shopping for the perfect new snowboard, and while it’s easy to pick out a board that’s exactly what you’re seeking, paying for that board can be a little more challenging, with price tags ranging from $200 to $500.

The following 10 snowboards, however, are the most expensive ever to hit the market, and they’ll probably make you feel better about plunking down that $400. Typically, the most expensive of these are experimental prototypes and limited editions of brands like Burton, Pogo, and Kessler.

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Burton Mystery—$1,189

Burton Mystery.

Many top-end boards add length and expensive woods to justify their high price point, but Burton took a different approach to modifications with their creation of the Mystery. It’s Burton’s lightest weight board, but the low weight also means high-tech features. Burton’s description of the board is a bit ambiguous, but terms like “Methlon Base” and “Mystery Glass” are part of what attracts their big-spending audience. We do know that this board has a standard camber and true twin tips, so it can be ridden anywhere on the mountain. The Burton Mystery once sold for $1699.

Boheme Swallow—$1,660

Boheme Swallow.

Boheme, a French ski and snowboard company, has been hand-crafting boards since 1998. The $1,660 Swallow is their top-end freeride board, crafted for the highest level of powder riding. The solid wood core and top sheet constructed from 15 different kinds of wood lets you know you’re at least getting some style for shelling out that amount of cash. And if you ever get a chance to test out the Boheme Swallow, you’ll find that it slashes through powder like a dream.

Pogo Maverick Powdergun.

Pogo is no stranger to extremely high-priced snowboards, and the Maverick Powdergun will definitely burn a hole in your wallet. This top-of-the-line powder freerides board measures in at a whopping 230 centimeters, which means you float higher and fly faster than ever before. The Maverick’s swallowtail helps you maneuver where you want to go, and the rocker on the nose and tail keep you from diving head-first into the fluffy stuff. A walnut veneer, maple stringers, and mother of pearl inlays make the Maverick look more like a piece of fine art than a snowboard.

Burton Experimental Prototype—$33,131.13

Burton Experimental Prototype.

You may not buy your new boards on eBay, but the most expensive snowboard ever sold was found there. This 1977 Burton Experimental Prototype was sold on eBay on July 1, 2014, for the unbelievable price of $31,313.13. The board was sold by Vintage Winter, a ski and snowboard company that focuses on selling antique and vintage equipment. Most other Burton Experimental Prototypes had been overly used, abused, and thrown in the trash can, which is what made the existence of this board so valuable. Vintage Winter representative Jeff Hume stated the company had never sold a board for that much before.

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