The Power of Self-Investment: Low Risk and High Return


Last Updated on October 17, 2021

When was the last time when you sat down with a hot cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other? Writing represents a method of relaxation or free therapy: do you keep a journal that allows you to liberate your mind and remove stress? Learning is a lifelong process: do you remember the last time when you developed a new skill? What have you done to better yourself in the last month?

Do you attend seminars or conferences to meet influencers and experts who can guide you professionally? If the answer to all or a part of the questions mentioned above is “no”, then you should reconsider your attitude towards self-investment.

People across the globe invest their money, time and patience in houses, cars and other material assets thus overlooking the most important thing – their true needs. Do you feel like you do not deserve more self-care? Are you the type of person who pays great attention to others’ wellbeing and neglects herself?


Build self-worth and exploit your potential

Well, you should know that self-investment represents the wisest strategy because it offers high return with low risk. It does not matter if you decide to learn something new like a foreign language or an artistic skill, challenge your creativity, hire a life coach or develop yourself personally and professionally, the most important thing is to practice self-care and self-love instead of keep giving to others and expecting or receiving nothing in return.

Of course, helping each other unconditionally has great benefits on our physical and emotional health, but sometimes being too helpful can hurt. For this reason, you should start allocating more time to developing your talents and gifts. If you believe in your potential, it would be a shame not to exploit it. Otherwise, you will never grow.

Do not consume your energy pointlessly. Try answering the following question: can you make a difference between the things you need and the things you want? Do you want to have that new pair of jeans that you saw yesterday in store or do you need to change the air filter in your home’s HVAC system?


Embrace your flaws and trust your inner voice

It might sound absurd, but this helps you realize if you care more about your physical appearance or your health. Most people do not want to admit their obvious superficiality, but what they do not know is that you should never apologize to anyone for who you are.

Each person has positive and negative traits, qualities and flaws. Trying to hide a part of them is a mistake because they make up the totality of your being. All these small pieces combine perfectly resulting in a unique “you”. Whether you posses a minimum or healthy dose of self-esteem, never cease to boost your confidence because it will give you the power to speak when everyone else remains quiet, raise against injustice and stand up for your rights.

Listen to your intuition and trust your inner voice because even though reason might tell you the opposite, most of the times it proves to be wrong. Visualize your personal and professional objective and work hard in order to achieve them. A self-imposed plateau is not enough for a satisfying life meaning that you should never be afraid to aim higher, overcome your limiting beliefs and fight your fears.


Enjoy simple pleasure in life and find the recipe for success

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You have the power to set an example by acting with integrity, regardless of the circumstances and strive to reach a level of excellence. Richness does not necessarily equal money; it also refers to knowledge, perseverance, passion, wisdom and compassion, which can help you overcome unexpected obstacles in life with ease. Because of their hectic schedule, people never find the time to enjoy simple pleasures or engage in precious activities.

You have a choice; nobody forces you to spend eight tiring hours in the office eagerly waiting for the moment when you get home to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Furthermore, you should never postpone actions that relieve stress like reading a few pages from that book you abandoned on the nightstand or spending the next weekend hiking.

Contrary to popular belief, mixing business and passion is possible and it represents the recipe for success. For instance, if you possess graphic design skills, you should focus on landing a job in this field instead of pursuing a career that simply does not suit you. Even more, you should invest your time and energy into acquiring other characteristics necessary for becoming a successful designer.


Ways to invest in yourself; do not overlook the importance of health

After reading this article, make sure that you always remember the main ideas or the ways to invest in yourself, which refer to setting high but realistic goals, honoring your intuition, building or improving your self-esteem and nourishing your creativity, reading educational books and engaging in recreational activities, attending seminars and workshops, adopting a positive mindset, understanding that happiness is a choice and possibly investing in a life coach. However, we did not approach probably the most important subject of all, namely taking care of your health.

Yes, the boring but healthy stuff that you read or hear everywhere should become your number one priority. Therefore, how would you describe your diet? Are you fueling your body with enough nutrients? Does your home represent a “wellness” retreat? If you do not ensure proper maintenance, you have to be aware that you home could become an unhealthy place to live in.

For this reason, tasks like performing regular inspections in order to impede mold growth and investing in swimming pool water treatment become crucial. Even if you are in a hurry, do not fall in the trap of drive throughs and processed foods.

If you want to have plenty of energy and a good mood, then you should eat organic and exercise daily. Even a short walk in the park has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. After all, you cannot accomplish any of the goals mentioned above is you are not healthy.

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