The Six Deadly Sins of Business Growth


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Why’d you choose to develop a business? Was it to grow into becoming the best of the best? Probably. With that, you understand that the purpose of your company is to grow and develop into something wonderful, whatever that might mean to you specifically.

Creating a business that is going to grow into its full potential isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world, you know that you need to create innovative strategies, you know you need the best services and products and you know that you need ways to sell them to others. There are six reasons that this can be extremely challenging for you as a business owner.

Although many people are ready to go and make mistakes they believe they can learn from, it’s best to understand your risks before you try an aggressive business plan that might not pan out the way that you were hoping for. If you can learn to avoid these annoyances, you can grow your business into everything that it needs to become.

1. Not Making a Clear Brand – Running Away From Your Mission

If you don’t have a very concise and clear objective for your company to achieve, you’re not going to get very far. From experience, I have learned that taking in too much at once gets you absolutely nowhere. Your customers will dislike having too many products, services and solutions to choose from.

They will not want to use your company if they do not feel like you have a goal in mind you are set on them achieving. Not to mention how your shareholders and employees will feel without having a clear path from A to B. Not having a clear objective will make it impossible to make even simple decisions for your company’s future.

2. Focusing on the Potential

We all want to believe that our companies are going to make us billionaires quickly. We all see the potential that our businesses hold for us, but having a dream and making decisions are completely different things. However, there is danger is thinking too low of your company’s potential as well. If you underestimate where you want to be, you will be holding a lot back and not be willing to try new ideas. Understand that in time your company will grow, and when it does allow it.

3. Having One Product

While you never want to have too many products to offer, it’s always important to have some ideas or concepts when your sales start to decline. Your product might be gaining you success right now, however it will not be that way forever. Keep in mind that trends change, people change and needs for your customers and employees are going to change. Understand that eventually your business will slow, and when it does you need to be ready. Don’t wait until it’s too late to create the products of tomorrow, if you do that you might be left behind without the funding to do it properly.

4. Not Integrating Technology

Although you might have been using the same software for a decade, and it seems to be working great for you and your employees, not seeing when change is occurring is dangerous. When you make the choice to not upgrade, or to learn new technologies, you’re only hurting your company.

Take for example my personal setup. I’ve been comfortable with my desktop, but a year ago I saw the benefits of moving to a portable laptop. Although this change may seem small, it has helped me grow and made my life easier.

When it comes to upgrading you systems, or expanding on pre-existing technology it is important that you learn what the trends are, and where technology will be going in the future. It can be hard to not buy into a trend, in order to save money on a more reliable and solid solution that will be around for longer, and have more popularity. You will also be able to train new employees on newer software and systems much more easily.

5. No Cultural Change


When it’s time to start changing the way you do business, don’t forget about the culture of your business. It’s vital to your success to understand that as you change your values, strategies and plan, you need to change the culture of the company itself. Don’t catch yourself making this mistake.

6. Relying on Acquisitions

There is nothing more risky to your company than waiting on, or making too many acquisitions. When you do this you’re leaving your company vulnerable to bad business decisions. This plan will almost always cause a business to fail. There are operating costs and issues when you make an acquisition, and this costs quite a bit more than you might expect. Sometimes making too many wrong acquisitions will force your company to use up every fund you have left trying to fix problems.

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