The Top 10 Songs by the Rock Band Oasis


Oasis, the Manchester, U.K., rock band led by songwriter Noel Gallagher and his frontman brother Liam, strung together a series of memorable singles during the 1990s that were powered by their love of The Beatles. Although Oasis’ popularity declined after 1997’s disappointing album “Be Here Now,” Oasis continued to come up with the occasional brilliant track from time to time. Here are their 10 all-time best songs.

Heathen Chemistry — Oasis.

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Because it appeared later in the band’s career after its superstardom had greatly diminished, “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” hasn’t gotten the credit it deserves as one of Oasis’ strongest ballads. Kicking off with a plaintive piano figure, the song soon morphs into an increasingly beautiful ode to holding out hope even when things look bleak. The song captures Oasis at its mature-period best.

Be Here Now single — Oasis.

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The lead single for the heavily anticipated “Be Here Now” was as epic as all the hype surrounding the album’s release. Even more impressively, it lived up to the hype. “D’You Know What I Mean?” announced the ascension of a band that could stomp as powerfully as their hard-rock peers, and the solo near the end is particularly inspired. Too bad the whole album wasn’t this fantastic.

Definitely Maybe — Oasis.

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Though never a single from the album “Definitely Maybe,” “Slide Away” is one of Oasis’ most beloved songs, deservedly included on the “Stop the Clocks” greatest-hits compilation. Noel Gallagher has a knack for love songs that bristle with energy, juxtaposing electric guitars with ambiguous lyrics about relationships teetering on the edge of disaster. “Slide Away” demonstrates that friction between optimism and wariness, resulting in bracing, exuberant rock.

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