The Trendy Sunglasses You’ll Want to Buy in 2021


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Want to get a jump on the trendy sunglasses fashion girls will be wearing in the coming year? Your style will be made in the shade with these fashionable frames that are set to dominate street style. From the newest statement frames, to updates on our favorite classics, these cute accessories will upgrade your outfits, while protecting your gorgeous face from the sun.

Translucent Lenses

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Perhaps the biggest sunglasses trend we foresee (no pun intended) in the coming year is the arrival of clear lenses. While some pairs use advanced technology to offer extra protection from the sun’s rays, most are designed for street style, versus wearing to the beach or on the ski slopes, where you require maximum dimming ability. Think of them as more of an accessory, such as a necklace, that can dress up your cute spring outfits.

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