The X’s and O’s of Drawing Up a Content Marketing Game Plan


Last Updated on October 20, 2021

A content marketing strategy requires a number of different activities. Types of content will include blogs, newsletters, infographics and social-media posts. However, you shouldn’t decide to go full-bore into your strategy without carefully considering the environment. By determining your audience and their attachment to your products and services, you can derive the most benefit from your digital assets without getting lost in the shuffle.

Some businesses are adept at using their high-quality content to generate necessary leads. Others need a bit more practice. High-quality content will contain information and insights that are of extreme importance to their target audience. Before allotting your marketing budget towards more content creation, you should monitor your online reputation and take the most practical approach.

Dynamic and engaging content in the forms of text, photos, videos and infographics can lead customers to keep coming back to your site – especially if it’s tied to your Google+ profile. But a website or blog is just one part of your online marketing plan. You must treat every piece of content like a valuable asset that will assist in your sales and customer retention.

Instead of being a small fish in a large pond, set yourself apart with interesting and engaging content. Your aim should be to create content that both current and prospective customers will enjoy reading. Aim to develop messaging that will address the consumer’s interests and issues.

For the most part, traditional forms of advertising and marketing are quickly being replaced by items such as videos, infographics, images and other digital assets. A few content techniques will help steer your brand towards the shore – even when the path to better sales and customer loyalty isn’t necessarily smooth sailing.

Reward Your Audience for Their Readership

Publishing information-rich content on your website, blogs and other online locations will help to establish your brand as a reputable industry leader and can boost your rankings. More importantly, it can introduce you to a whole new audience who might be interested in what you have to say and what you can offer in terms of products or services.

If you currently have an active community, think about creating a contest or giveaway exclusive for your social-media fans and followers. It’s sure to act as incentive for them to keep coming back to your Twitter or Facebook page on a regular basis.

Be Nosy About the Competition

Examine the latest content posted by your competition by reading their website and social-media channels. Perhaps you can take one of their creative ideas and put your own spin on it.

The purpose of observing their activity is to stimulate your imagination and use their ideas as a launching pad for your original content, whether that be in the form of articles, photos or infographics. Spend some time exploring content relevant to your business and industry so that it will help stir up some innovative ideas.

Examine Statistics of Your Social-Media Channels

Take a peek at your Google Analytics and what it suggests about the content you’ve published. On social-media channels, you can find what content has been most popular by checking out your re-Tweets, “Likes,” and plus-ones. This is an important gauge of what readers are finding relevant and interesting.

Once you’ve determined your most popular content, you can approach your online marketing strategy with better insight. In the future, you’ll be able to post more photos, videos, infographics, or whatever form of content works best for your business. Use these lessons to create something new and worthwhile.

Give Up Text-Heavy Content and Get Visual

Writing is a vital aspect of online marketing and SEO. If you communicate clearly and effectively to your audience, you can drive their purchasing decisions. Keep in mind though that visual content will likely impress your readers more than just text-only messages. Graphics can grab the attention of an audience and engage them in your content.

Try Not to Be Pushy About Your Products

When you develop content that helps to create a sense of community, you’ll need to devote less time to promoting your services or product. You must build a true connection with your audience, not worry about pushing your agenda on them every day. A brand that concentrates on establishing an audience first instead of simply peddling their services and products will find itself as an industry leader with a loyal following.

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