These Are Our Ten Most Highly Prized Pokemon Memes


Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters, are animated creatures that players collect, trade, and pit against other Pokemon. Our ten favorite Pokemon memes are below, each ready to do battle against all other memes. 

What Do Pokemon Memes Mean?

The Pokemon slogan, “gotta catch ’em all,” affirms the inherently obsessive nature of Pokemon play. This notion is both embraced and mocked by Pokemon memes. 

How Are Pokemon Memes Used?

Players collect their favorite Pokemon, scour their neighborhood in search of rare Pokemon, and take pride in knowing the various strengths and weaknesses of their Pokemon. Pokemon memes revel in the joys and the pitfalls of this compulsion. Pokemon memes remind us that even the cutest of Pokemon can lead players down a dark path, and sometimes that’s okay.

Just like Pokemon are everywhere, Pokemon memes are everywhere. There’s a Pokemon meme Twitter account, a Pokemon meme Facebook page. You’re never more than a swipe away from feeding your Pokemon meme fix. That’s a good thing, right?

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