Tips for Getting a Great Facial


Getting a facial can be a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate in addition to having your skin professionally treated. Just how much you enjoy your facial experience or not can hinge on a few important things that you should do before, during, and after your facial.

Tips for Having a Relaxing, Effective Facial

Follow the tips below, and you’ll have a great facial experience each time. 

Choose Carefully

Making sure you have a first-rate facial starts with choosing the right place to go to. If you have no idea where to go start by asking your friends if they have recommendations. Look on websites like Yelp to see reviews of spas in your area. Ask another beauty professional, like your hairstylist, if they have an esthetician they can recommend.  

Don’t think that just because a place is pricey that it is better (and vice versa). Don’t be swayed too much by how a spa looks. What’s more important is the service you receive from the moment you call on the phone to ask questions to how your esthetician treats you during the treatment. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

Come Prepared

Be sure to have a list ready (or know by heart) all the medications you are taking. Also, you need to share with your esthetician what allergies you have, if you have ever had a negative reaction to a skincare product or treatment, and if you are pregnant (or trying to get pregnant). Withholding any of that information can have a negative impact on your facial. Be honest also about what skincare products you use or don’t use at home.

There is no need to be embarrassed about sharing any of this information. Your esthetician is not judging you. And it’s important to arrive on time or even early for your appointment so you are not rushed.

Turn Off Your Phone

Before your facial begins either turn off your phone or put it on silent. If your phone is ringing or beeping or buzzing during your facial you won’t be able to truly relax and enjoy your treatment.  

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove. At the very least you will be asked to remove your shirt so it doesn’t get dirty from the creams and lotions used during the facial. You could even bring a change of clothes with you if you are coming from work so that your work clothes don’t get dirty. The more comfortable you are the more you will enjoy your facial.  

Speak Up   

If you are someone who wants to know exactly what your esthetician is doing during each part of the facial be sure to tell her that before the facial begins. If you prefer not to talk, let your esthetician know that at the beginning of the facial. It’s not rude to say “I’m just going to close my eyes now and relax.  I’ll talk to you again at the end of the facial.”  

Believe it or not, your esthetician will actually really appreciate your honesty; it helps her do her job better too. No esthetician is a mind reader so if you speak up and let your wishes be known the facial will go a lot better for both you and the esthetician.

During your facial, if you are in real pain from something that is happening be sure to say so to your esthetician so she can adjust accordingly. Pimple extractions won’t be a fun experience, but there is no reason to also suffer too much during your facial. If you have a low pain threshold, be sure to say so.

Remember to Bring a Tip

Hopefully, you will leave your facial feeling super relaxed so this is not the time to realize that you forgot to bring cash in order to tip your esthetician. Tips are an important part of an esthetician’s income so be sure to ask when you make your appointment if you can add the tip to your credit card or if you should bring cash for a tip. You want your facial to end on a high note and being prepared when it comes to tipping is a must for that to happen.   

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