Top 10 Movies Filmed on Long Island


You’re sitting in a movie theater and suddenly it’s deja vu. That mansion or that long stretch of beach looks incredibly familiar. Is it because you have been there before? Maybe, but it’s more likely that you’re just recognizing landmarks on Long Island. There are a number of locations on the island that are often transformed into fictitious estates or towns by Hollywood filmmakers. Here are the top 10 movies filmed on photogenic Long Island, NY. Buy or rent some of these films, sit back and the next time an out-of-towner tells you that the Glen Cove of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest features high cliffs, you can set them straight.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Focus Features

Jim Carrey’s character undergoes a medical procedure to erase memories of his lost love, but you won’t forget the scenes from this motion picture that were shot in Montauk.

The Godfather

Paramount Pictures

Harry Guggenheim was a fan of horse racing, but luckily, he never found a horse head in his bed. But during the filming of The Godfather, the living room of Guggenheim’s former mansion, Falaise, was the scene of that infamous equine head-in-the-bed shot.

Falaise is now open for tours and is located on the grounds of the Sands Point Preserve. This location was also the backdrop for scenes in Scent of a Woman, New Jack City, and Malcolm X.

Batman Forever

Warner Bros 

Take a close look at the shots of Wayne Manor’s facade, where Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman resides. Maybe you’ll notice that it’s actually the magnificent Webb Institute in Glen Cove. Formerly the property of Herbert L. Pratt, the original estate was called The Braes. It is now a college of naval architecture and marine engineering.


Warner Bros

In this movie by Martin Scorsese, the character of Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta, relaxes with Karen (Lorraine Bracco) at an idyllic beach club. In reality, it’s the​ Catalina Beach Club in Long Island’s Atlantic Beach.

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