Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Keep A Girlfriend


You would rather go to the strippers than hang out with her.

Sometimes it’s just more obvious to other people than it is to yourself why your girlfriends don’t stick around. Many times the issues have to do with them, but sometimes it has to do with you. I want to be brutally honest with you (and tell you things your girlfriends may not tell you) so that you can stop losing girlfriends and start keeping them!

How do you know if it’s you? Well, if you find that you are in a pattern of not being able to keep a girlfriend – then it is probably you.

It’s okay to not be a perfect boyfriend! But if you want to keep a girlfriend around, then you are going to have to change. And the only way to change is to admit the truth. Once you open up your eyes to the issues you are having, you will be able to see them clearly, deal with them, and start keeping the girl you want in your life.

Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Keep A Girlfriend

1. You don’t show you care about her feelings

Man Laughing At Woman With Tissue While She Is Crying

You tell her that she does look fat in that outfit when she asks, you blatantly look at other woman while they walk by, or you laugh at her when she feels bad. You are hurting her feelings instead of making her feel good about the way you view her. A woman wants to know that you care about her and one of the ways to do that is by making her feel good about the way you view her.

You may not be doing obvious things like tell her she is fat. You may be hurting her feelings in other ways that you don’t currently understand. That is why it is important to learn what women need and desire in a man so that you can satisfy her needs and make her feel valued and loved.

It is also important to learn how to make a woman feel better when she is down or angry. You will really show her that you care about her feelings when you do this.

2. You don’t do what you say you are going to do

If you call her and tell her that you want to go on a date tomorrow, then you don’t call her at all the next day, you are never going to keep a girlfriend around.

When a woman spends time getting ready for a commitment she is not only just getting ready for it but she is also looking forward to it! When you cancel or don’t bother to call then you are taking her excitement and literally crushing it. Do this enough times and she will leave you.

3. All of your friends are girls

Why you can't keep a girlfriend: You have all female friends

This may seem like a shallow thing, but if all of your friends are girls then women are either going to be jealous and not able to handle it or wonder why you have no guy friends. Either way it will weigh on their mind and eventually could cause them to leave you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your friends, but you do have to be honest and open with your girlfriend. Let her know that your friends are just friends. Moreover, you have to keep a high level of trust with your girlfriend so that she doesn’t start to wonder or worry.

4. You lack manners

If you eat your food with your mouth open in front of her parents, she may start to find you disrespectful and completely oblivious to other people around you. We display manners because we don’t want to offend other people, and whether you like it or not, it is a part of being a part of society. So, when you are without manners,  many women will not put up with it.

5. You don’t put in any extra effort towards making her happier when you screw up

If you forget her birthday, and she confronts you about it, you say “sorry” and do nothing else about the situation. You have to make her feel better about the fact that you didn’t care enough to remember (which is what she thinks). If you just say sorry without trying to make it up to her, then you are reaffirming that you don’t really care. It’s the extra effort, where you go out of your way to make her feel better, which counts towards how she will view you.

6. You have no idea what she likes

Why you can't keep a girlfriend: You forget everythingShe has told you a thousand times that she likes comedies and that she hates horror movies and you still ask her if she wants to go see a horror movie tonight. If you are not paying attention to what she likes then you are never going to be able to please her and make her happy, and she will eventually recognize that.

7. You forget everything, always

This is annoying to even the most patient person. It may be funny on comedies, but in real life it’s idiotic and frustrating. If you can’t remember the big things, never mind the little things, then she will take that as a sign of you not being that interested enough to remember things that she says, does, or wants. That doesn’t make for a great boyfriend!

8. You can’t please her in bed

Cannot keep a woman because you are bad in bed

You may think you are a stud in the bedroom because no one has ever told you any different, but women are not going to tell you that your kisses are wet, sloppy, and just plain disgusting. And if you have no idea what you are doing with her body, even if she tells you what to do, then she may search for someone else who can please her. Sexual satisfaction, whether it’s kissing or orgasms, is a huge part of relationship satisfaction.

9. You are not trustworthy

You tell her that you are a pro-skater and it’s obvious that you are not.

You tell her that you don’t go to the strippers and she see’s you coming out of the strip club one night.

You lie about things that you shouldn’t be lying about and she keeps catching you in the act. This will guarantee a girlfriend breaking up with you before you can tell another lie and hurt her again.

10. You are all about the sex

If you are all about sex and not about an actual relationship then you may have problems keeping most women around. A relationship is about communication, trust, laughter, encouragement, AND sex. If you are really good at the sex part but don’t really care about working on the rest, then you can kiss your unhappy girlfriend good-bye!

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