Top 15 Graduation Songs For Every School Leaving Celebration


Selecting right graduation songs for every school leaving celebration is pretty much a big deal so try not to mess it up. If you happen to be a DJ(disk-Jockey) or simply hosting a graduation party, you want to be seen as a professional who delivers on every single track and would most likely be invited to DJ or host similar events.

Graduation songs are powerful and have the power to strike a chord or create a strong emotion in graduands seeing that they are about to face an uncertain future plus the fact that they may not see most of their cherished friends again or as much as they would like.

Therefore, to make your playlist is on point and ready the night, we have provided a list of top 15 graduation songs for every school leaving celebration to help you have a graduation night to remember.

Top Graduation Songs

1. Friends Forever (Vitamin C)

Just a few years after striking out as the singer of the alt-rock band Eve’s Plum, New Jersey singer Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick rebooted her career as the orange-haired dance-pop star Vitamin C. Her self-titled 1999 debut yielded a couple Top 40 hits, the latter of which, “Graduation (Friends Forever),” sampled a classical commencement ceremony staple, Pachelbel’s Canon In D, to pull on the heartstrings of seniors. The song peaked on the charts in May 2000, just in time for graduation.

2. My Last Semester (The Wonder Years)

Graduation songs

 The striking lyrics of this song released on the 25th of January 2010,(I’m not sad anymore/I’m just tired of this place) is sung by the Wonder Years singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell, who sings at the opening of this track about wanting to get as far from his school days as possible. The flip side of the graduation songs that promise eternal friendship. “My Last Semester” is a prideful kiss-off to a school’s wider populace, which includes the “fake-tan girls” to the “kids with guitars hoping for someone to notice.” it’s just a feel-good graduation banger.

3. Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)

Graduation songs

A year after Natasha Bedingfield broke through in her native England, the title track from her debut album, Unwritten, became her first Top 10 hit in the United States, with an inspiring gospel-choir refrain about the wide-open potential of the future. Bedingfield co-wrote “Unwritten” with Danielle Brisebois, who’d already contributed another song to the commencement canon as a member of the New Radicals, the band behind “You Get What You Give.”

4 . We Are the Champions (Queen)

Graduation songs

A song like we are the champions resonates loud to everyone who has had to pass through hurdles to get to a certain point in their lives. It speaks about the point of winning or finishing something started. This Queen classic is a hit no doubt never fails to provoke a warm, possibly tearful, sing-along in most graduation ceremonies.

6. I Can  (Nas)

Graduation songs

This song “I know I can” was an unexpected one from the rapper Nas as we are used to seeing him rapping about the ghetto and all that every day. According to the interview he granted to Rolling Stone, Nas said the reason for which he decided to make song like this was because he had a young daughter whom he didn’t want listening to most of the songs he made and felt he owed her and other kids something, something real, something real that’s up their alley, to show that he cared, that he is a human. Thus, the song is a half uplifting chant, half cautionary tale, which has Nas instructing ghetto children to do their thing while emphasizing their African history.

7.  Started From the Bottom (Drake)

Drake is one music artiste that has broken boundaries and emerged as a success from a career that seemed like of a one-hit wonder. “Started from the bottom now we’re here” is a chorus folks are eager to chant especially the graduating students during a send forth party. This song speaks of the hard struggles of starting from the bottom or a place of discomfort to a place of bliss. Basically, the song relates to Drake’s journey from childhood to mega-stardom. The rapper was chipper about the song post premiering on the 2013 blog as he said “I am proud of every part of my past and I’m excited for this song to find a place in your life as well.”

Therefore, if you are looking for a really cool song to play at a graduation ceremony, “Started from the bottom now we’re here” is one of the perfect songs for this occasion.

More Graduation Songs

8. Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)

Graduation songs

Clarkson’s songs never seem the miss the mark and “Breakaway is no doubt a confirmation of the singer’s star power.  Though this 2004 track was originally written for Avril Lavigne, it ended up being sung by the deserving Clarkson. The song’s lyrics talk about spreading one’s wings and taking chances. The fun is further heightened when more people join in to sing along. If not for anything, the song encourages all to push through to achieve whatever one dreams of. For graduating students, no motivation is better than this awesome song.

9. Am I Wrong (Nico & Vinz)

Graduation songs

One group who has managed to infuse the Afro-beat sound in their music is Nico & Vinz. They are a pair of Norway-based singers who bonded over shared West African roots.  They managed to have a massive worldwide hit with the Afrobeat-influenced pop song “Am I Wrong.” Thus this is a song that carries a lot of emotion especially when played at a graduation ceremony or party. The crux of the lyrics tells of the need to think outside the box to reach unseen limits.

10. Photograph (Nickelback)

Graduation songs

This Nickelback song “Photograph” is mostly built around the events that happen through the course of school years. This song was very popular and truck a nostalgic chord with pop audiences especially graduating students.

11. The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

Graduation songs

Miley Cyrus became a star at a very young age, acting as Hannah Montanna. She as both an actress and singer. She came through in 2009 with this big ballad which became an instant inspirational classic when released. “The Climb” speaks about keeping focused on the striving for achievement which happens to be the most important part of the journey to success. These songs further reinforce the emotion of accomplishment that hits a good cord with graduating students who are constantly reminded that of the struggles one must pass through to get to the top, of which only fierce determination and focus would guarantee great and lasting success.

12. I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

Graduation songs

Looking for a music group that can make you feel good at a night’s graduation party, look no much further than the Black Eyed Peas. I Gotta Feeling is a great song to kick off an evening of celebration. If you indeed have a feeling that the night’s gonna be a good night, this song is sure to be your confirmation.

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13. I Will Remember You (Sarah McLachlan)

Graduation songs

This soulful, heart-wrenching song by Sarah McLachlan, was written for the 1995 indie movie The Brothers McMullen. Before this time, Sarah McLachlan was not yet a household name when she wrote “I Will Remember You,” ultimately, it went on to become one of her signature songs. It also appeared on her 1999 multi-platinum live album Mirrorball. “I Will Remember You”  grew into a ballad that touched the hearts of many including a countless number of departing graduates.

14. I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly)

Graduation songs

This Grammy-winning song which was released in 1996,  is a  song that can touch the deepest part of your soul and make you believe you can do just about anything.
At your graduation ceremony, trying introducing a choir as this is the perfect song to give them to sing. Future feels more exciting with this song at your disposal.

15. Good Riddance- Time Of Your Life (Green Day)

Graduation songs

Graduation parties will never be the same with a song like this. It talks about the relief of leaving the tedious years of school behind and trust me, this goes well with any student who is eager to graduate. This song relates directly to the transitional events in life, it’s a song where the band toned down punk influences to create a timeless track that appeals to pop and rock fans equally.

In conclusion, the feeling gotten from graduation songs can be bitter-sweet reminders; bitter in the sense that you are saying goodbye to friends you made over the years plus the anxiety of an uncertain future. However, it becomes a sweet experience when you know you don’t have to deal with the hassles of school anymore, that for sure brings incredible joy to the heart.

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